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Fundamentals of Mathematics (MAT 180 3.0 Cr)
Arts & Sciences

Course Description

This course explores basic concepts in mathematics, including whole numbers, fractions, decimals, percents, estimation, ratios, proportions, systems of numeration, signed numbers, rational numbers, graphs and elementary logic. It is designed for students who have had two or more years of high school mathematics and who have not recently studied or used formal mathematics.

Learning Objectives
After completing this course, students will be able to:

• Understand and operate with whole numbers
• Understand and manipulate fractions
• Understand the principles of decimal and percent representations of fractions
• Know the basics of measurement as applied to two and three-dimensional geometry
• Perform basic operations in algebra

Breadth of Assignments
This course relies on a variety of assignment types including textbook reading and exercises, flash based presentations, quizzes and exams, discussions, and individual assignments using word problems, number problems, and real world examples of the uses of mathematics.

Required Resources
Van Dyke, Rogers and Adams. (1999) Fundamentals of Mathematics (7th Ed.). Saunders College Publishing. ISBN 0-030-22473-X.

Fundamentals of Mathematics
Arts & Sciences

Module 1: Basics of Arithmetic
• Working with whole numbers (Rounding, Inequalities, Adding/Subtracting, Multiplying/Dividing)
• Computing exponents and understanding their relation to powers of 10 and representations of numbers
• Using the rules for orders of operation to perform series of arithmetic operations
• Computing averages
• Reading and interpreting tables and graphs

Module 2: Basics of Geometry and Measurement
• Thinking of measurements as numbers times units of measure
• Converting measurements between English and metric units
• Finding perimeters of two-dimensional polygons
• Finding areas of common two-dimensional polygonal figures such as triangles, and rectangles
• Finding volumes of common three-dimensional geometric shapes

Module 3: Factors and Multiples
• Deciding whether one number can be divided by another
• Determining when numbers are multiples of other numbers
• Finding the factors of a whole number
• Understanding the notion of and uses of prime numbers
• Finding the least common multiple of two numbers

Module 4: Fractions
• Understanding how fractions represent parts of a whole
• Adding and subtracting fractions
• Multiplying and divide fractions
• Using fractions in measurement

Module 5: Decimals
• Understanding how decimals are used to represent parts of whole numbers
• Reading and writing decimals
• Converting between fractions and decimals
• Adding and subtracting decimals
• Multiplying and dividing decimals
• Working with powers of 10 and scientific notation
• Working with and converting units using decimals

Module 6: Ratios, Proportions, and Percents
• Understanding and working with the concepts of ratio and rate
• Solving problems involving proportions
• Understanding and use percents
• Converting among fractions, decimals, and percents

Module 7: Basics of Algebra
• Adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing negative numbers
• Understanding absolute value
• Applying the principles of solving equations for unknown variables
• Knowing which operations to perform on any equation to find the value of a variable

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