Succesful graduate

July 12, 2015. Fredy Mauricio López Romero, graduate of AIU’s Bachelor of Science in Psychology program has been working as a Psychologist, has been a volunteer and is the founder of the Psychology Department at the Regional Hospital in Honduras. He also completed a Master of Arts in Leadership Training at Mid-America Christian University. Currently he is undertaking a Masters in Education at European Atlantic University. He is a professor at two Universities: Universidad Tecnológica de Honduras (UTH) and Universidad Pedagógica Nacional Francisco Morazán Lastly, he states “All these accomplishments wouldn’t have been possible without Atlantic International University. You are a blessing in my life.”

Graduated with Honors

June - August, 2015. These graduate students completed the majority of the requirements to obtain honors, which included a 4.0 GPA, published works, recommendation from their advisor, patent a product, etc. Congratulations to all of them!


June 21, 2015. AIU wants to congratulate one of our graduates, Michael Oluwadare Idowu for his recent success. Michael wrote his work on: “Short-Term Funding”, which he developed during his studies at AIU and it has been published as an e-book through Grin Publishing. Michael completed a Doctorate program in Accounting and Finance at Atlantic International University.

Latin Honors

Just like AIU, many other institutes confer three levels of Latin honors, as follows:
• Cum laude. Means “with praise” or “with honor”
• Magna cum laude. Means “with great honor”
• Summa cum laude. Means “with highest honor”


From: Idris O. Kamara
Sent: May 16, 2015
To: AIU Magazine
Subject: Campus Mundi

Thank you so much for making me part of Campus Mundi. I am very much impressed with all publications and the latest information about the current events at AIU especially the graduations which have been taking place in the institution. I am also working towards mine.

From: Emmanuel Musonda
Sent: May 16, 2015
To: AIU Magazine
Subject: Contribution

Studying online has given me chance to divide time for my organization works, time for my family, and also time to read and write assignments. I’m looking forward to complete my Bachelors in Development Studies so that I can continue helping the communities in fostering development in Mpika of Muchinga Province (Zambia) and also the Nation at large.



Winstone Changwe
Masters in Public Health
April 18, 2015

“I ‘ve had a wonderful time with AIU. I was supported by my tutors and advisors at the school from the word go till I completed my program. I like the philosophy of empowering students with coming up with their own curriculum and the emphasis on submitting monthly assignments and payments. My graduation was planned for December 2015, however because of the marvelous support from the institution; I managed to complete my program eight months before schedule. Thanks to my tutors and my advisors and the entire AIU team. I am currently working as a Provincial Public Health Officer and by completing my Public Health program; I will definitely enjoy my work and looking forward to a brighter future. I wish I could have my degree as soon as possible. Thank you,


Ubia Uwemhanson
Bachelor in Mechanical
March 22, 2015

“It is my pleasure to write this letter to Atlantic International University (AIU), to state my experience at AIU. After the completion my mast diploma I wanted to pursue my bachelor degree, but since I took my job it was difficult to work and attend the studies classes at the same time. I did contact lots of Universities and college but all went in vain, either I had to do the job or higher study. I tried to search part time bachelor degree study but here also nothing worked out for me. One day while I was looking for Distance bachelor Education College and Universities, luckily, I found AIU and decided to enroll here. When I joined the AIU, I realized I had made the right choice. Particularly, I was stimulated very much with the Phase I of the program, which was mainly focused on background information of the prospective candidate. First of all, AIU whole study curriculum is online. Online you can submit your assignments and resolve the problems. AIU staff and course advisor are very good and they reply all the questions very easily and quick. AIU online login portal is very good. You can access your study related all academic information, question, comments, feedbacks, assignment, progress and document details. The main advantage this AIU program has been that the university has come to my place instead of me going to the university. This has saved me time and money. AIU has huge library system to find your study related material to successfully complete your educational program. Most of the important things is Turnitin validate portal, which one give you the good quality of your own thoughts to complete your assignment program. Some time its make me nervous to validate my assignment because it give me challenge to improve my assignments. AIU has good policy about payments plan. It is mind blowing because mostly college has policy to deposit your all fee at first time or eighty percent but has good policy to deposit you fee at monthly base. Honestly I can’t afford all of payment at one time but AIU has made it possible for me to complete my study. Thanks to Atlantic International University (AIU) has made it possible for me to regain my future plan, studying online while still working, that does not disturb me from any other activity of my life, seen that aspect of education now you must prepare yourself to spend a lot of money for your education, but I am happy with my present condition AIU is ready to help me achieve my goals by giving me chance to develop my future and to have better work at the end of my graduation. I am very thankful for AIU academic support and my academic advisor supporting me during my time in the program.


Muhammad Saleem Khan
Doctorate in Education
June 21, 2015

“AIU came at times when I badly needed a university where I could complete my doctoral degree and future plans while looking after my family and job simultaneously. Today, I am happy to see my dream came true because of AIU’s existence and wish of Allah Almighty. It’s also due to the teaching faculty and administrative staff at AIU who are extraordinarily helpful, supportive and polite. I had wonderful experience of research studies, cooperation, coordination and collaboration at AIU. AIU is an entity which is spreading peace and tranquility in the world through educational endeavors and it has succeeded in it up to great extent.

Leadership in Project Management

Introduction Xiong et. al (2008) affirms that effectiveness and efficiency should be integrated into the project leadership skills if any private or public company has to be successful in the day to day operations. However, this overview makes available a comprehensible thoughtful on how effective leadership skills can be integrated into the project management, predominantly in the private sector. Project management fosters on planning, organizing and leading.

Leading includes coordinating, directing and motivating in order to finish a particular one time task. Furthermore, the connection between project management and project leadership set the paradigm of the successful projects and spell out the leadership styles of good project leaders. Thus, leadership is dynamic and not static. Leadership is narrower than management. Leadership focuses on change and not policy. Additionally, project leaders should be innovative and see what other managers cannot see. Although, leaders are born; project managers can be trained into leadership. Therefore, companies that embrace leadership skills are globally successive and attain cost benefits in various projects while companies that are not able to integrate its project managers into the leadership skills bare high risk of failures and accumulate a lot of losses within their specific projects. More than 70% private companies headed for failure in 1991 when the second president of Zambia Dr.

Fredrick Chiluba embarked on liberalise of economy. Although we had qualified managers but they could not quickly foresee and handle the pleasure of foreign products and services that were coming from developed countries. Zambian local products were inferior in terms of quality and therefore they could not competitive favourably on the free market. Leadership skills play a major role in manager’s day to day operations because they can see what other executive directors cannot see. Up to now Zambia is living in the Chiluba’s error. Only fewer Zambian manufacturing companies are strangling and initiating change in the free market (Sakamba, 2015). Leadership skills must exist at every level of management or department in order to enhance project corporate governance and strategy. Turning any company into the learning organizational enhances leadership skills and styles. Learning organization aspect enables project managers to acquire new skills and specializations. Employees definitely become effective leaders and become more efficient in the day to day project operations. They will be able to out fight competitors and reinvent new services and products. Depending on the project situations project leaders will be able to apply contingency approach in order to attain organizational goals. Thus, they will automatically become entrepreneurs or innovative, team prayers, risk takers, motivators and focus on change. They will be able to perceive what other executive directors cannot perceive. Good project leaders are able to set accurate paradigms in an organization such as Chreso University is one the most successful Christian University in Zambia. It has trained its members in various skills, indeed Chreso University is the open system ready to adapt to any new technology. Although the institution is young our management has been successful because our emphasis is on leadership development such as formal training, coaching, and career advancement and enhances team work. The findings suggested that leaders gain authority mainly from their personality strengths. Thus, personal traits in leadership skills themselves cannot be acquired by training, but they can only be modified by training and experience. However, other private universities in Zambia headed for failure in their projects because they could not effectively outline the importance of good governance in project management and furthermore they could not effectively implement the total quality management (TQM) aspect and main features of good governance such as equity/ fairness, accountability, rule of raw, social responsibility and transparency in their project management. Governance is the course of action of decisions making and implementation (Sakamba, 2013).

Projects managers must identify the factors that affect project management and make quick decisions. Decision making includes non programmed decisions making and management decision making. Thus, if project managers possess leadership skills will effectively apply personal decision making or non-programmed decisions making without difficulties in their endeavours projects activities. Some of these tools of non-programmed decision making are decision tree and force field models. However, management decisions making have less implication in the executing of project activities because they are applied in accordance with the laid down policies of an organization.

Study is not an easy walk

Interview with Sonja Kickmaier, AIU graduate

Sonja, tell us about this educational experience. How has the learning process based in Andragogy impacted your life professionally and personally?

As I have decided to earn degree at AIU –I know the American way of study. It is quite different to Austrian and other European countries. So therefore also my experience was on a high level. It was strongly asked for discipline as well as time and work management. The impact which I got, and by the way always get, is a very high scientific understanding. Respecting all requirements took me to become a severe and specially performed person.

Academically speaking, tell us the level of AIU as compared to other Universities.

AIU has a high quality level and is much respected in other universities. Not only the fact of English speaking and writing, but also the structure and requirements are more specialized than in all other universities in Europe. “Learn if you want –if not, do not go to AIU!” To me it was especially important being respected and having assistance all the time –if you really want to learn. Self-service and discipline is very much important. High standing level is reached on discipline as well as respect on a scientific approach.

Was it easy for you to do your program by yourself?

Yes, for me it was easy. I am used to learn by myself. How is your AIU Degree helping in your professional career?

AIU Degree has been essential for my professional career. I am responsible for clinical studies –therefore a degree is helpful because you have learned to discuss critically and you are looking forward to scientific use.

Have you been able to help your community?

Yes, of course! Tell us about your actual job and how has the knowledge that you have gained at Atlantic International University helped you.

I am responsible for managing clinical study at Medical University in Vienna. I take care of new chemotherapy regimens tested by phase I-IV at patients. Treatment controlling, documentation a safety management is also my task as well as hearing contracts and business facts like recruitment, skills and clinical management. Next month I will start as a clinical representative to find missing links between clinical management and business. To discuss protocols also belongs to my business.

What achievements have you obtained after completing this program?

I have published some articles, performed some presentations and got the position of university assistant. Next month I will start as a business representative between clinic and industry.