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Introduction to Civil Rights and Discrimination

- Role of the legal system in protecting civil rights
- Ethical duty of lawyers to uphold justice and equality
- Understanding Racial Discrimination
- Laws prohibiting racial discrimination
- Ethical issues in legal representation of minority clients
- Gender Discrimination: Breaking Stereotypes
- Laws against gender discrimination
- Unique ethical challenges faced by women in the legal profession
- LGBTQ+ Discrimination
- Evolution of LGBTQ+ rights through legal challenges
- Ethics of representing LGBTQ+ clients and navigating biases
- Landmark Civil Rights Cases
- Ethical principles illustrated through landmark cases
- Role of lawyers in shaping civil rights jurisprudence
- Ongoing Challenges to Equality
- Ethical obligations of lawyers in tackling systemic inequalities
- Balancing competing rights and ethical considerations
- Daily Examples and Interactive Discussion
- Ethical dilemmas from real-life examples and case studies
- Applying ethical reasoning to discrimination scenarios
- Conclusion: Striving for Equality
- Strategies for ethical advocacy and promoting equality
- Importance of a diverse and inclusive legal profession
- Discussions

Date: Thursday, May 09th, at 10:00 a.m., US Eastern Time.
Topic: Legal Studies

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