Mission & Vision

Mission & Vision

AIU believes in the balance of education within the broader context of life, empowering individuals to utilize their unique strengths in solving humanity’s pressing issues. Academic freedom is a key component of the AIU program making higher education as a human right attainable. Open learning initiatives, free access, andragogy and omniology enable the realization of the university mission and vision of purpose-based learning to address global challenges.

AIU Mission

Our mission is to be a higher learning institution concerned about generating cultural development alternatives in order to lead to a more efficient administration of the world village and its environment. We aim to do this by exerting human and community rights through diversity with the ultimate goal of the evolution of the world.


AIU Vision

Our vision is to see to the empowerment of our students towards the convergence of the world through a sustainable educational design based on Andragogy and Omniology.

Our Board Members

Dr. Franklin Valcin
President/Academic Dean
Dr. Jose Mercado
CEO/ Chairman of the Board of Trustees
Dr. Ricardo Gonzalez
Dr. Ricardo Gonzalez A.
COO/ Mkt Director
Dr. Miriam Garibaldi
Viceprovost for Research
Dr. Edward Lambert
Academic Director

AIU Vision

AIU offers educational opportunities in the USA to adults from around the world so that they can better themselves using their own potential to manage their personal, global cultural development. This is actualized through the evaluation of their credentials towards a bachelor’s, a Master’s and/or a Doctorate degree, and this also implies a capability for sustainable results-based performance.

The foundational axis of such a philosophy lies upon self-actualized knowledge and information, with no room for obsoleteness, which is embedded into a DISTANCE LEARNING SYSTEM based on ANDRAGOGY and OMNIOLOGY.

The ultimate goal of this paradigm is to empower learners and help them take advantage of the enormous array of resources from the world environment in order to eliminate the current continuum of poverty and limitations. To this end, depending on the circumstances, students are able to convert their past into a self-propelled growth module constantly on the move, away from the accredited, traditional systems that foster limitations and caducity

This will become a crude reality with respect for, and practice of, human and community rights through experiences, investigations, practicum work, and/or examinations, according to an independent student’s individual idiosyncrasy at AIU. Everything takes place in a setting that fosters diversity with more than 16 millions full texts, 34,000 books, and about 108 millions bibliographic references in more than 400 languages; while advisors and consultants with doctorate degrees and specializations in Human Development monitor learning processes; in addition to a worldwide web of colleagues and associations in different academic areas; so that they can reach together the satisfaction and the progress of humanity with peace and harmony.


AIU is on a mission to regain what we believe to be the very essence of education. The word education derives from the root Latin word “educare”, which means “to pull out”. We aim to break loose from the paradigm of most 21st century universities, who tends to focus on drilling and feeding students’ knowledge, without employing the need for critical thinking through learning. Based on the method of teaching at some universities, some students never feel a desire to “change the world” or the current status quo; instead, they adjust to the environment, and live lives at the bare minimum.

At AIU, we believe that knowledge and information is evolving and it is our duty to focus on each of our students as the key players in their destiny. This century’s university must generate new knowledge instead of directing so much energy on the publicity concerning the size of their campuses, their libraries and more commonly their accreditation and/or academic standing. AIU thinks that a university should be increasingly integrated into the “real world”, society, the economy, and the holistic human being. As such, it should concentrate on its ultimate goal, which is the student, and get him/her deeply immersed into a daily praxis of paradigm shifts.

AIU students must accomplish their self-learning mission as the core of daily life values through the type of experiences that lead to progress when information is converted into education. The entire AIU family thinks of the university as a place that values diversity and talent in a way that trains mankind for the present and future, and calls every day for professionals to empower themselves in academic and professional arenas. We shall not forget that at AIU, students are responsible for discovering their own talents and potential, which must auto-develop in such a way that the finished product reveals itself as a flower tat blossoms more beautifully with time.
AIU students must also show interest in topics not immediately related to their careers. This will allow for more creativity that can be used to enhance different kinds of solutions with a trade mark of effectiveness and efficiency.

The AIU stance is on that goes against the idea of the campus as a getaway from day-to-day pressure. We believe reality is the best potential-enhancer and that one truly learns through thinking, brainstorming ideas; which leads to new solutions, and ultimately the rebirth of a human being fully integrated in a sustainable world environment. Self-learning is thought to be actualized from within as opposed to a top-down vantage point. We need to create a society where solidarity, culture, and life, are prioritized instead of political or economic rationalism and techno structures. In short, the characteristics of AIU students and alumni remain to be independence, creativity, self-confidence, and the ability to take risk towards new endeavors. This is about people’s worth and is based not solely on what they know but also on what they do with this knowledge.

Let us remember that people, and not the professions, are the true ultimate goal of education. It is critical for our culture to shift paradigms by steering their focus way beyond the simple duties of a job. In other words, success in a position is measured by much more than the parameters of the job description and the salary associated with it. Other criteria that must be considered are the percentage of people who make a living from the results of professional performance, an economic contribution to the world community, intellectual production, and solidarity with others. It is the hope of AIU, that its student body develops long term goals not only for its organizational spirit but also for its human endeavors.

AIU Success Stories


Albert Einstein

Intellectual growth must begin at birth and cease only at death.

Mahatma Gandhi

There are two days in the year that we can't do anything, yesterday and tomorrow
Everything we know about Elon Musk's brain chip

Elon Musk

Traditional schools are useless because they do not teach how to solve problems and focus only on teaching about the tools necessary to solve a problem.


A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step

Cicero Roman

Advice is judged by results, not by intentions


Being does not mean accepting what one is, it means creating another self that does not exist


Our greatest glory is not in never failing, but in getting up every time we do

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