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Edward Tsai, Bachelor of Counseling Psychology - 02/22/2018
My experience with Atlantic International University has been very int.... View More

Dacia Alzira de Augusto Correia, Doctor of Environmental Engineering - 02/15/2018
A pleasant and encouraging education surprise: In few words this is ho.... View More

Samuel Sule Ajanson, Bachelor of Public Health - 02/07/2018

Dacia Alzira de Augusto Correia, Doctor of Environmental Science - 01/30/2018
I am really grateful to AIU, because beyond the Doctorate degree it va.... View More

Christopher Licata, Bachelor of Facilities Engineering Management - 01/22/2018
My experience at AIU was nothing short of a world-class education....... View More

Prince I Williams, Bachelor of Sociology - 01/16/2018
My experience studying Sociology at AIU was valuable....... View More

John Patrick Oketch, Master of Chemical Engineering - 01/02/2018
My experience at AIU has tremendously created a huge impact in my life.... View More

Akubue Innocent Emeka, Doctor of Educational Technology - 12/26/2017
On the whole, I can boldly assert that I have enjoyed the challenges p.... View More

Peter Arnold, Bachelor of Education - 12/20/2017
I found the experience to be very valuable and rewarding both professi.... View More

Farhad F. Aliyev, Doctor of Renewable Energy - 12/12/2017
With this letter I would like to express my experience during my Highe.... View More

Bernard Ugochukwu Ukomadu, Bachelor of Education - 12/05/2017
It is an honor and pleasure to be part of this glorious institute....... View More

Matthew Ike M. Iniagolu, Doctor of Economics - 11/27/2017
AIU is, for lack of a better word, great....... View More

Bernard Ugochukwu Ukomadu, Bachelor of Education - 11/14/2017
It is an honor and pleasure to be part of this glorious institute AIU..... View More

Solomon Armah, Bachelor of Information Systems - 11/06/2017
It has been an awe-inspiring experience for me through my journey at A.... View More

Peter Pemba, Bachelor of Information Technology - 11/01/2017
My experience at AIU has been wonderful. I have achieved a lot in my t.... View More

Marcelo Kengue Ndjile, Bachelor of Information Systems - 10/24/2017
My experience as an international student has, overall, been positive..... View More

Nswanamumi Gebby, Doctor of Philosophy - 10/16/2017
Life at International University was really interesting....... View More

Andrew Amegovu, Post-Doctorate of Nutrition - 10/09/2017
During my study period, I developed strong critical thinking and resea.... View More

Amanyire Graham, Bachelor of Civil Engineering - 10/03/2017
The experience I had with Atlantic International University proved ver.... View More

Elias Kambafwile, Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering - 09/26/2017
The sky is indeed the limit, I have done it again this time under the .... View More

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