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Josefina António Samanyanga Chirua , Master of Occupational Health and Safety - 11/06/2019
It has been a great opportunity to study with AIU. As I was scrolling .... View More

Olatunji Emmanuel Omoniyi, Master of Public Health - 10/17/2019
I experienced an educational system that was significantly different f.... View More

Victor Bhosha, Bachelor of Computer Science - 10/09/2019
I have just completed my first Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science w.... View More

Sheila Mandinde, Bachelor of Education - 09/30/2019
I would like to express my extended gratitude and thanks to all AIU ma.... View More

Richard Nortey, Bachelor of Information Technology - 09/23/2019
The AIU Open curriculum is definitely something to write home about.... View More

Fanfan Joseph, Doctor of Education - 09/15/2019
I had a very good experience with Atlantic International University. I.... View More

Christiana Temitope Aiyeyun - 09/04/2019
Master of Human Resources Management.... View More

Gulcin Sakcak, Bachelor of Psychology - 08/28/2019
The opportunty to reach my bg dreams s very valuable to me. .... View More

Amankou Philippe Bakou, Doctor of Supply Chain Management - 08/23/2019

Nathaniel Dolph Nuhu Rock, Bachelor of Public and Community Health - 08/18/2019
I will want to say a few words from my several experiences studying wi.... View More

Christopher Sarbah, Master of International Relations - 08/07/2019
I was determined to prepare myself for another role and have unique qu.... View More

Dalia Mahmoud, Master of Clinical Pathology - 07/31/2019
It is a privilege to be a student at Atlantic International University.... View More

Fairul Abdullah de Souza Philip Ignatius, Master of Education - 07/26/2019
Thanks to AIU’s guidance, and patience with me, I have now attained a .... View More

David Ange Kana, Doctor of Finance - 07/17/2019
By this letter, I would like to address a very special thanks to Atlan.... View More

Trunos Grison, Master of Public Health - 07/10/2019
Studying with AIU gave me the opportunity to organize myself and push .... View More

Ahmed Elimam, Doctor of Linguistics - 07/02/2019
I admit that studying in the AIU increases one's enthusiasms that my k.... View More

João Paulo Gomes Rocha da Silva, Bachelor of Information Technology - 06/26/2019
To achieve a determined goal with merit is to fight for it with all th.... View More

Sheku Ahmed Kamara, Doctor of Computer Science - 06/18/2019
The e-learning platform provided by AIU has made learning stress-free,.... View More

Mindjae Meyong Pricila Gertrude, Bachelor of Healthcare Management - 06/14/2019
It was a great privilege and a moment of opportunity when I came acros.... View More

Kimon Georgios Mademlis, Doctor of Marketing - 06/07/2019
a big thank you to all who supported me during this time and a very po.... View More

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