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Godwin Akoh, Doctor of Organizational Behavior - 06/07/2021
I am delighted to share my little experience with AIU. This university.... View More

Clara Asubwa, Doctor of Business - 05/27/2021
I take this opportunity to appreciate the Atlantic International Unive.... View More

Godswill Afangide, Bachelor of Computer Science - 05/20/2021
Since joining AIU in October 2020, I took my studies seriously and was.... View More

Stephanie King, Master of Education Management - 05/14/2021
I enjoy being in the classroom, watching about thirty pairs of questio.... View More

Kaysha Camillia Dixon Wright, Master of Educational Administration - 05/07/2021
Studying at the Atlantic International University has increased my kno.... View More

Samba Juma Jallow, Bachelor of Public Health and Nutrition - 04/30/2021
To my opinion, if distance learning were time Atlantic International U.... View More

Sharderzer Harper, Bachelor of Legal Studies - 04/22/2021
I will recommend this school to anyone, especially those who have a dr.... View More

Margaret Eshiett, Doctor of Public Health and Nutrition - 04/14/2021
The AIU distance-learning program for my Doctorate in Public Health an.... View More

Monique Lynch, Doctor of Mental Health and Diplomacy - 04/06/2021
I started out this journey with AIU in November 2018, I was sceptic, s.... View More

Lauretha Ijeoma Madumere , Bachelor of Business Management - 03/31/2021
Firstly, I would like to use this opportunity to say a very big “THANK.... View More

Christopher Beetseh, Bachelor of Business Administration - 03/26/2021
I was enrolled on the 10th of January 2020 at AIU. It has been a mixtu.... View More

Ejetavwo Mukoro, Bachelor of Chemical Engineering - 03/17/2021
In reference to the above mentioned heading, I am greatly honoured to .... View More

Mabel Olivia Awuor, Bachelor of Business Administration - 03/12/2021
When I decided to study I looked for various universities offering onl.... View More

Kaelo Silas, Bachelor of Project Management - 03/04/2021
This program is a solid step towards my future career as a businessper.... View More

Marília dos Santos de Figueiredo, Master of Human Resources - 02/23/2021
I met Atlantic Internacional University through a friend of mine who s.... View More

Baigalmaa Baasandorj, Bachelor of Mining Engineering - 02/16/2021
I had to stand up making myself decision to become a part of AIU was g.... View More

George Tsamba Sakatangunyoka, Master of Public Health - 02/09/2021
My experience with Atlantic International University was excellent as .... View More

Alphonse Kee, Master of Economics and Strategic Management - 02/02/2021
Let me speak out and admit that I have a very exciting experience stud.... View More

Manisha Rodrigo, Doctor of Business Administration - 01/27/2021
It is my great pleasure and honour that I selected Atlantic Internatio.... View More

Yiying Liang, Bachelor of Business Management - 01/12/2021
Today, I am very happy because the distance learning program of AIU he.... View More

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