AIU strives to make you more than a University student or even a university graduate. We seek to improve the human condition of each student through a holistic approach that goes beyond just academics. Use the platform to share things with fellow students that you think can help improve their lives


MyAIU identifies 13 areas where your growth as a professional and individual are vital. Tools, resources, and interactions with the AIU community allow for an evolving experience seeking growth and development throughout your daily life.

Your participation will enhance the AIU experience as well as those of other students in these key areas:



The energy that moves you: Motivates and allows the AIU family to access activities and information to learn from and apply to our lives including different ways to keep a positive attitude and maintain happiness in our lives


Keep the right balance of mind and body: Learn how to keep yourself in the best possible shape inside and out, motivate the community to adopt a positive lifestyle for a stronger, healthier, and more resilient body.


United for a common goal: Find your purpose in life, express yourself, listen and respect others. Learn spiritual practices that quiet the mind and bring about an inner state of peace or harmony.


Manage your wealth and your future: Motivate students to utilize the wealth of available financial advice to live abundant and prosperous lives.


Research opportunities for a brighter future: Motivate and connect with students and the AIU community to grow and develop projects and ideas with the support of sponsors or mentors either via the AIU social media platform (AIU Link) or the academic staff.

MYAIULanguage Center

Breaking barriers with the power of communication: In a globalized world, there is no reason to limit your opportunities by being monolingual. Challenge yourself to learn from different cultures, learn a language, and communicate with the world.


Nutrition for your brain: Focusing on mental exercises, games, and materials to train the mind with the capacity for infinite creativity and focused thought to achieve anything.

MYAIU Pledge

Make someone’s dream a reality: MyAIU Pledge's main goal is to generate campaigns to help prospective students achieve goals and overcome challenges they face.


Learning from the best to become the greatest: Improve your competitiveness within the global environment, access the necessary tools to develop and improve your skills, abilities, and knowledge.

MYAIUHuman Rights

AIU students pledge to uphold all Human rights: Access documents, materials, and information to gain knowledge about human rights and how to use them on a daily basis to prevent or deter abuse.


Do Not Change, Evolve: News, articles and components to ensure that you continually development and evolve throughout life.


MYAIU LINK: Networking and social interactions with students. Find and collaborate with fellow students by searching by city, country, interests, projects, and area of study or work.


MyAIU understands that we are not all the same, and gives you the freedom to identify, and the tools improve key aspects of yourself to help you become the best that you can be.



Chat with other students, comment on their posts, listen to their live shows, watch their conferences, start your business with someone’s help, or help someone start their business by partnering, mentoring or investing.



MyAIU is always committed to your constant growth. We understand the importance of making an unrepeatable experience every time you access MyAIU.



Helping others achieve their goals will bring more wealth to your life, reinforced by the law of attraction.



If you have something to say, this is the right place. MyAIU Radio will allow students to host their own radio show that will be broadcast worldwide. MyAIU Radio provides you with the space that you were needing to develop those skills and communicate with the world, being the voice of your community or your country.

Music for your soul

We understand that sometimes you just need to take a few minutes to relax from your daily duties. Here is the place where we broadcast shows, conferences, entertainment, and music. You will find your little Oasis here.

Speak out

By hosting your own radio show, the community will be able to hear about interesting topics and news happening nowadays. You will love the experience to run your show and program your content. Do you want to empower your business? Promote your services? Make the people know about you and what you have to say!


Enjoy conferences, courses, news, and a wide variety of entertainment and content from different areas of learning. Find out more about the different cultures that surround us and let us learn from yours. Drive your own program on MYAIU TV and become the next big star. Let us help you develop your talent.

My project​

What about that great idea you have? Or That amazing business plan?

MyAIU Project supports you and gives you the opportunity to show users what your plans are and where you want to take them! Inspiring ideas to grow and make dreams happen.

Sponsor or find someone to sponsor your project or business.

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