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Join Go Green! - 01/30/2023

Be a Speaker at the next AIU World Symposium - 01/24/2023
Topic of next AIU World Symposium: Perpetual Evolution.... View More

Your Unprecedented Contribution in Every Assignment - 01/19/2023
flourish converting every assignment into a thesis.... View More

UPDATE: March Graduation Ceremony list is Full and Close - 01/17/2023
List of graduates participating in ceremony.... View More

AIU Admission Counselor has been promoted - 01/05/2023
We wish you the best on all your future projects.... View More

AIU graduate has been selected to a new position - 01/03/2023
We want to congratulate our graduate, Djjimadoum yan Kayamou Enoch, fo.... View More

Build the path to your destiny - Andragogic Education of AIU - 12/23/2022
What is the Andragogic method?.... View More

AIRPORTS. AIU Graduation Ceremony - 12/14/2022
airports.... View More

AIU Graduate, Dennis Ufot, has published his 2nd book - 12/08/2022
Graduate's published book is now avaialble on Amazon.... View More

Publish Your Own Book! - 12/07/2022
Publishing your book is the ultimate expression of growth by sharing y.... View More

Join Go Green at AIU! - 12/02/2022
We cordially invite you to Go Green and join our worldwide initiative.... View More

Converting Assignments into Thesis - 11/30/2022
you present a solution to a current problem we are facing through your.... View More

Blood tests: The tool for optimal health - 11/29/2022
Have you ever thought that blood tests are a key part of preventive he.... View More

You are an Entrepreneur - AIU course - 11/22/2022
When you are done, submit the exam for course credits.... View More

Share your accomplishments with AIU - 11/16/2022
We hope to see your submission soon.... View More

AIU Resources: MyAIU TV - 11/14/2022
AIU has a television station called AIUTV.... View More

Celebrating your Success in Person - 11/10/2022
Don't miss out on the celebration of the year, the celebration of you!.... View More

Build the path to your destiny - Andragogic Education of AIU - 11/08/2022
You are building your own future with AIU.... View More

We want to congratulate our AIU graduate with a major in Business Administration & Finance for his most recent achievement - 11/04/2022
8th Global Entrepreneurship & Business Management Summit.... View More

Hotel Special Rates: AIU Graduation Ceremony - 10/28/2022

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