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We want to congratulate our AIU graduate, Mercy Eberechukwu Opara, for her most recent achievement - 06/27/2022
Independent Television - ITV.... View More

New AIU World Symposium - 06/24/2022
AIU World Symposium: Innovative Ideas.... View More

Stay on Track - AIU - 06/22/2022
We are here to help you..... View More

UN Goal for Zero Hunger - AIU Courses - 06/21/2022
UN Sustainable Development Goal 2: Zero Hunger Globally.... View More

Take the Flex Path to your Graduation - AIU - 06/17/2022
Make this month, the month you achieve your graduation with AIU.... View More

Go Green Initiative! - 06/15/2022
At Atlantic International University we incorporate a green lifestyle .... View More

Announcement AIU Symposium - June 15 - 06/13/2022
The symposium on June 15 will be presented in Spanish.... View More

Become Alumni Today! - 06/10/2022
Become an AIU Alumni, because you deserve a holistic and disruptively .... View More

Build your own Website - AIU Resources - 06/08/2022
You are an international expert and all you need to reach your maximum.... View More

Take the Flex Path to your Graduation - AIU - 06/07/2022
Make this month, the month you achieve your graduation with AIU..... View More

To the AIU Family around the world - 06/06/2022
Open Letter: Academic Freedom, Recognition, and the AIU Family View More

Live happier by balancing your work and your life - AIU courses - 06/03/2022
How to Balance Work and Life .... View More

The NEW AIU Campus Mundi Magazine JUNE 2022 EDITION is HERE! - 06/02/2022
Enjoy this June 2022 edition of Campus Mundi with the latest AIU News,.... View More

Your Invitation to the AIU World Symposium on Innovative Ideas - June 1st - 05/31/2022
"Innovative Ideas" .... View More

Announcing AIU World Symposium - 05/27/2022
AIU World Symposium: Innovative Ideas.... View More

Nobody Like YOU - 05/25/2022
There is no human being on earth that is exactly like you.... View More

Freedom of your Education at AIU - 05/23/2022
It is your human right to be free..... View More

Build the path to your destiny - Andragogic Education of AIU - 05/19/2022
The Andragogic method allows you to choose the mix of courses that wil.... View More

Your Virtual Graduation Ceremony First Call - 05/17/2022
This is your time to shine and celebrate your amazing accomplishment o.... View More

Announcing a new AIU Symposium - 05/13/2022
AIU World Symposium: Innovative Ideas.... View More

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