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One more book published by our graduate Esther on Amazon - August-17-2020
We would like to congratulate our graduate, Esther Coronel de Iberkleid, on another one of her latest achievement...

Un libro mas publicado por nuestra alumna Esther en Amazon

Queremos felicitar a nuestra alumna, Esther Coronel de Iberkleid, por su mas reciente logro...


We would like to congratulate our graduate on her most latest achievement. Our graduate, Esther Coronel de Iberkleid, published another book called, "MANUAL – GUIDE TO FIND ONLINE COUPLE AFTER 50, 60, 70 AND MORE" in English and Spanish on Amazon. You can find a summary of the book below:



What we believed for a long time, of which we were convinced would last forever, can change in a second. One day I felt like if an alien came to visit me, with instructions from the sky above, sent directly by whom my friends know I call the Big Chief, grab me by the shoulders, lift me through the air, took me off the path I walked through, for more than three decades and put me on a new unknown path with a totally different direction. For many years I fought with this alien, telling him it was a mistake and he was wrong about his mission, since I was not the person he was looking for. I asked him not to get me out of my own path again.


Each time he came to visit, he took me out of my path, and put me on the new path, I returned back to the old path. I thought my old path was my path forever. The alien was committed and engaged with his mission, and came back to visit and put me on the new path many times; each time I did the same: returned back to my old path. Again, and again this happened, and it was impossible to negotiate anything with this alien, there was no way! I told him he was wrong, and I wanted him to understand; still he was clear, I was the one that had to understand. It took me years to finally accept this lesson and understand I needed to change direction. I was not willing under any circumstances to accept the change of path, even being who I am and doing what I do, understanding the deep meaning of life and its lessons. I did not want to accept the change since the work done over more than three decades along my “thought to be forever path” had been huge. I was unable to consider a possibility like that, and wanted to continue moving forward in the same direction. I did not agree with the change.


What I didn't know was that there was a different plan for me of which I was not aware at that time. It had been enough on that old path and another path and chapter was showing up in front of me, where I would be able to apply what I learned to grow and evolve from another life perspective. I thought this was impossible to happen to me. I got mad at everything! Nothing could help me reverse the situation to what I thought it should be. Nothing changed and things got even worse. I sank even more into ignorance about what was happening. Life kept showing me that the previous path was over and I had to start a new one. Everything I tried for this not to happen, didn't work. The resources I used failed. The Universe kept telling me “wrong direction, do not go that way”, as this was no longer my path and the journey to follow had to be the new path. I had to finally accept and welcome “change”. Even though entrepreneurship is one of the topics I love, I didn't want to implement the concept at all, considering that change of direction.


It took me years to accept the facts and understand the reasons behind what I was going through. Yes, this is definitely how life shows up sometimes. One day I realized there was no other way to get where I wanted to be, than accept the “change of path” involving personal transformation toward growth and evolution, understanding life, my own life and what I came to do by living my life. As I always was, I am and I will be a warrior of light, I put on the warrior costume to fight the most significant battle of my own existence, making a deal with myself to overcome the situation and win. I didn't know how or what I would do to achieve my goal and decided to wait for guidance.


And this is how it happened. I washed my face, end regretting, since nobody was interested in my regrets and even though no one believed I did not know how I would overcome the situation, I began to walk the new journey. 


You can find the book published in Kindle or Paperback version in English and Spanish at the following link:






Esther Coronel of Iberkleid has completed a Doctorate program in Business Project Management, Education and Personal Development at Atlantic International University.

We wish you the best in all your future projects and congratulate you on all your achievements!

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