Higher Education as a Human Right is a Reality with AIU’s Summer of Innovation and Growth

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Higher Education as a Human Right is a Reality with AIU’s Summer of Innovation and Growth

Honolulu, Hawaii, Date – Atlantic International University (AIU) proudly launches its Summer of Innovation and Growth initiative, reiterating its steadfast belief in education as an inherent human entitlement and fundamental human right. In alignment with this principle, AIU extends an unprecedented invitation to prospective students, granting them free and open access to an extensive array of educational resources.

This initiative empowers individuals to cultivate new skills, acquire knowledge, and attain certifications without financial barriers, unlocking avenues to transformative opportunities. By embracing education as a human right, AIU strives to foster inclusive and equitable access to learning, ensuring that all individuals, regardless of background or circumstance, can realize their full potential and contribute meaningfully to society.

Guest Student Program: Free Access to Education

AIU’s Guest Student program provides free access to a wealth of educational resources, enabling individuals to learn and grow without financial barriers. This initiative builds on the success of the guest student program, where participants can try out AIU courses and content and then register when they are ready. Key features of the program include:

  • Live Classes: Access to two new live classes daily and 700 archived classes.
  • Mini Courses: Three new mini-courses each week, supplemented by a library of 350 archived courses.
  • AI Tools: Cutting-edge AI tools to enhance the learning experience.
  • Certificates of Completion: Free certificate upon course completion, with ID verification.
  • $5,000 in tuition credits to participating guest students who complete 5 or more mini courses. 

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Academic Freedom and Personalized Learning

AIU believes in fostering academic freedom and providing infinite learning components to help students build their ideal selves. AIU’s OmniLean AI-assisted course creator allows students to design and customize their courses on any topic, ensuring a highly personalized and effective learning journey. Together with open courses, Mini-courses, Live Classes, optional assignments and the opportunity to integrate work/life projects and goals into the academic program create a purpose driven academic journey that perpetuates the optimal development and fulfillment of the student as a global citizen.  

Tutorial Available: Learn how AIU is reshaping artificial intelligence in higher education here.

Dedicated Outreach and Support for Prospective Students

Dedicated Outreach and Support for Prospective Students

In line with AIU’s mission to make higher education accessible to all, Atlantic International University is committed to giving each prospective student the attention and opportunities they deserve. Currently, Atlantic International University is engaging with many interested prospects and aims to reach even more through dedicated outreach efforts.

Goal: AIU engages in at least 15 meaningful conversations with prospects daily and aims to attend 50+ daily calls.

Virtual Assistant: To expand the reach, AIU is testing a Virtual Assistant to contact prospects not yet reached. Summaries of these conversations will be shared with the AIU team for follow-up, ensuring effective enrollment or access as Guest Students.

$5,000 Tuition Credit: A Summer of Opportunity

AIU offers encouraging financial assistance and scholarships for students so that they can accomplish their academic goals successfully without any financial strain. But this summer, AIU offers an even more innovative approach to financial support. Not only traditional scholarships, prospective students can earn up to $5,000 in tuition credit by completing five mini-courses and/or live classes as Guest Students. This initiative ensures that those unable to pay tuition or enrollment fees can still benefit from AIU’s educational resources. Completed courses will be evaluated and counted towards their studies upon enrollment.

Join Us on This Transformative Journey

AIU invites all prospective students to seize this unique opportunity. AIU encourages interested prospects to participate in this out-of-the-box Summer of Innovation and Growth campaign so they can embark on a journey towards personal and professional excellence, supported by comprehensive educational resources and flexible learning options.

For more information, please contact AIU.

About AIU

Atlantic International University is dedicated to empowering its students to define and find their purpose while achieving their dreams within a flexible, affordable, and quality education framework. AIU offers andragogy-driven education, believing each student possesses inherent uniqueness and unrepeatability. AIU aims to empower them to leverage these distinct qualities in them to the fullest. Atlantic International University strives to cultivate an environment where students are privileged to be aware of the challenges around themselves and can harness their individuality to address them and contribute meaningfully to solving them.

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