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Our dedicated team, including the academic advisor, tutors, and student service staff at AIU, is committed to providing comprehensive support tailored to our students’ unique online education needs. Our personalized approach focuses on providing you the academic freedom to find your purpose and fulfill your aspirations, fostering holistic development, and empowering you to succeed in your self-driven studies. At AIU Student Support Service, we’re here to guide you in every step, making your university experience exceptional, fulfilling, and one where you can change your life and the lives of others. From academic advising and course selection to technical assistance and career guidance, we’re here to ensure your educational journey is smooth and enriching.

One of the critical components of our student services is the exclusive virtual campus  students’ platform, which provides access to billions of academic records and books, website builders, webinars and conferences, media center repositories, courses, and a lot more. We have crafted this platform so you can quickly figure out all the information and resources you want to kickstart your learning and don’t have to keep searching for them.

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Navigating University Life: AIU

Embarking on your academic journey at Atlantic International University (AIU) is not just about attending online classes; it’s a transformative experience designed to shape your future. Navigating university life at AIU means more than mastering your chosen field of study; it’s about embracing self-driven education, a vibrant community, diverse perspectives, and endless opportunities.

We are not just a place where you acquire knowledge; it’s where you implement that and thus develop essential life skills while exploring your passions. With incredible student services and a supportive network of online faculty, staff, academic advisors, and fellow students, AIU offers an environment where your ideas are prioritized, your ambitions are cultured, and your potential goes beyond limits. At AIU, we’re not just shaping your education but your future.

The university pledge that all our students commit to consistently help them embrace a transformative life-journey,evolving into better versions of themselves while cultivating profound social awareness. This commitment shapes them into empathetic, responsible individuals, prepared to contribute meaningfully to society’s challenges and build a brighter future for all.

The AIU Pledge

I will use my unique and unrepeatable talent to help, define, and achieve my dreams and make them coincide with the UNESCO 2030 goals as much as possible.

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How Does Our Student Services Support Your Academic Success?

At AIU, we are committed to providing our students with all the required support and resources they need to succeed. Our student services department has meticulously designed the program to facilitate your academic success. We offer an outstanding student experience with personalized academic advising, guiding you through course selections tailored to your objectives. Our dedicated advisors provide one-on-one support, clarifying concepts and enhancing your understanding of complex topics. Most importantly, we believe that one of your greatest strengths is your unique journey, which is why we consider you to be unique and unrepeatable, just like your program at AIU.

AIU’s state-of-the-art online resources, accessible anytime, empower your college and university-level journey like never before. We foster a supportive community, connecting you with peers and mentors and enhancing collaboration and knowledge-sharing. AIU’s commitment to your success is not just a promise; it’s a comprehensive, student-centric approach ensuring you thrive academically and beyond.

The Comprehensive Guide to Student Services at AIU's Virtual Campus

We offer our students a range of support services along with an enriching student platform. Packed with valuable insights to ensure your every moment on our virtual campus is enriching and rewarding, our holistic student-focused features and tools are worth discussing.

One-on-One Academic Support

Our experienced tutors and academic advisors are available to provide personalized support to help students like you navigate their coursework and achieve educational goals successfully.

Technical Help

Our dedicated technical support team is available 24/7 to help our students with any technical issues they may encounter during their online studies. Besides phone and email, we are available in many convenient ways, like Live Chat, Comments section, WhatsApp, Zoom, and two daily Live Classes.

Smart Curriculum Building Tool

Thanks to our curriculum builder tool, AIU students have the unique advantage of tailoring their curriculums and courses per their needs. It considers your degree, major, transferred credits, and interests identified during the initial discussion.

You can automatically calculate the exact number of credits required to fulfill academic requirements, and it also recommends the most relevant study materials to construct your curriculum. Using this tool, you can create unique courses according to your preferences or choose from pre-existing AIU courses and submit them to your dedicated academic advisor for review.

Vibrant Community & Social Inclusion

At AIU, you will always feel connected while pursuing your studies virtually. Our online community of students is constantly networked with a mobile app and other collaborative and intelligent technologies like MYAIU, AIULink, AIUTV, Merlin Media Center, CampusAPP, online symposiums, Live Chats, Language Center, etc. 

With this intelligent and holistic approach to education at AIU, you will become an integral part of our University of One, where students worldwide unify, collaborate, meet, and interact to achieve their educational, social, and personal goals. Our synergic educational environment inspires our students to take the AIU pledge of giving back that helps them protect human rights as defined by 17 UNESCO 2030 goals in their work and projects.

Resourceful Online Library

One of the best student support services that AIU offers is a vast, informative, and substantial online library that gives access to over 270 million records in 470 languages from 112 countries. With 1.2 billion million quality records, dozens of databases, more than 260,000 e-books, and 30 million full-text and full-image articles, our online library is a knowledge hub building our students’ careers substantially and meeting their educational needs for years!

Dynamic Virtual Labs

We have 20 interactive virtual laboratories that offer our students the practical experience of doing online simulations in different areas of engineering, chemistry, biology, and all other types of sciences. You get an exciting opportunity with AIU’s student service to contextualize your learning while taking exceptional virtual courses with us.

Engaging Games and Events

To make learning at AIU fun and happening, our student services include enjoyable online gaming, contests, and events, along with quality courses and curriculums. These activities help our students earn rewards and recognition for their hard work, which in turn helps boost their self-confidence and mental happiness. It also builds a sense of community as the games and contests we conduct become shared experiences between students from all parts and all industries.

Dissertation & Defense

To make our student experience unique, virtual dissertation and defense sessions are arranged for our bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral students. As a part of the curriculum, our students get a chance to showcase their in-depth knowledge based on the valuable education they acquire at AIU through the dissertation defense.

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AIU's Student Services: Your Partner in Personal Growth and Development

Our program and educational approach are designed to remove all your obstacles and free you to develop into your best self. At Atlantic International University, our student services department considers our students’ personal growth and development the topmost priority. The dedicated team we have here is to empower you on your academic journey. We ensure that you thrive academically and personally through personalized and comprehensive student support. At AIU, Student Services isn’t just a department; it’s your consistent partner, providing the tools and resources you need to achieve the milestones of your life. Start your educational adventure with the AIU confidence, knowing you have a dedicated support system to guide you towards success.

AIU Admission Office: Your Gateway to Enrolment with Us

We understand how difficult it is for busy adults like you to return to a conventional college/university to complete or enhance your education. So, AIU has made it possible for you to earn your degree from the comfort zone of your home. Our admission office is proactive and always at your service with any information you want. Please get in touch with us.

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