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Buyinza Nasur, Master of Science in Public Health - November-4-2010
Thanks again for nurturing and transforming me into a better public he

Dear Sir/Madam,


Thank you for taking your valuable time out of your busy schedules to ensure that my dreams come true. I enjoyed every beat of my academic life with AIU and interacting with my academic advisor together with the other members of the team made it lovelier. I am particularly excited about the chance to study in a University with such a great team.


At the beginning of the course, I was scared of the un-seen individuals at the other end of the world (AIU) not knowing that they were such an organized, friendly and a dedicated team of professionals.

Because I am a self-starter by nature and a team player too, I liked the idea that you encourage individual students to take ownership of their studies by designing their own curriculum; the timely response to every question raised by the student makes AIU unique in its operations and character. I can not go with out mentioning the student friendly tuition fees and a beyond fatherly finance department that tolerated me through out the course despite my “humble” financial back ground.


As it was mentioned earlier, today in my opinion is the best of both worlds but ending with out mentioning the possible areas of improvement for the betterment of our dear University will be doing it a disservice.

1 For purposes of quality, identity and uniformity, there should be some core subjects on top of the introductory courses that are compulsory to the student for every discipline.

2 The academic advisor should always inform the student the areas of weakness for improvement.

3 For science courses, doing an internship should be one of the requirements for graduation. This can as well help to market our University.

4 After the curriculum has been developed, a student should be given areas in which to concentrate for every course unit.

5 To encourage serious reading and avoid duplication of other people’s work pre set questions should be given to students for their assignments.


Judging by the volume of data I have read, I believe that my qualifications will be an excellent fit, particularly with my specific education back ground, experience, skills, and many others.  A Master of public Health is what I was looking for to kick start the war of acquiring public health super specialization knowledge. I'm confident that I can be a significant contributor to the success of Atlantic International University to day and the years to come (God willing). I sincerely hope that my academic advisor remains as fatherly to my colleagues that will come after me as he has been to me and this is the only way we can build the Alumni base of AIU. As you may agree, success can not come in one day and only hard work enhanced with academic excellence can guarantee this.



Thanks again for nurturing and transforming me into a better public health professional.  







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