BASIC HUMAN RIGHT – Atlantic International University

BASIC HUMAN RIGHT – Atlantic International University

BASIC HUMAN RIGHT – Atlantic International University

What is education? It is the impact of knowledge for one entity to an individual or other entity or impact of knowledge from an entity or individual to an individual. It then goes without saying this transfer of information is very important either to an individual, organisation, or country. It keeps information intact even when the ones who used to have the information have passed on. This is very important for the survival of this information for future generations to come, either for the survival of the individual, organizations, any entity, and the country as a whole.

This only happens by means of educating one generation to the other, or one employee to the other. If this education is not made a basic human right, the information will die a natural death or can only remain in the hands of a few that would have the financial muscle to get it. It therefore goes without saying that the United Nations should make education a basic human right in every country. That way generations to come will know about their country heritage as well as all the important information there is to know. In the next paragraph I will use my country to showcase why education should be a basic human right.

Before independence, education in Zimbabwe was for the few elite. In any situation, whoever has information has the power over those without and as such poverty would run through generations without education, and prosperity would run through generations with education.

The rich remained rich and the poor remained poor. While the government went to great strides to correct this, it would have been best done through the United Nations by making education a basic human right. That way, education would be made free for everyone and those kids from families of weak financial set ups would be able to break the barriers of poverty through education. They would have the necessary education to make it in the free world, something not possible if one does not have education.

There are many potential scientists, engineers, doctors, structural engineers of tomorrow in Zimbabwe. By making education a basic human right, which naturally would be made free to all, these great minds are taken aboard, and the country won’t lose out. This set up is not unique to Zimbabwe, but to all developing countries as well. Who knows, maybe one of these great minds which are being left out would have come up with a COVID-19 vaccine faster than the current researchers.

Every citizen in any country has a fundamental right to know about one’s cultural heritage and how it came into being. With education, this is possible. Kids in Zimbabwe need to know how Zimbabwe came into being as well kids in the United States need to know how it came into being. If education is made a basic human right, kids get this education.

Without education, we have a lost generation that has no clue about how the countries came into being and only a few that can afford good education, know. If education is made a basic human right and every country is forced to pour financial resources into education, this is avoided. The cultural heritage will be carried from generation to generation. In Africa, most of the history of the countries is being heralded by foreigners instead of respective countries.

In Africa, if good education is accessible to all families, families from poor backgrounds can be pulled out of poverty by their smart kids and this can only happen if good education is accessible to all. Most governments waste resources on some kids that are not academically gifted because they can afford it – resources which could have been used on smart kids, if education was a basic human right.

United Nations should make good education in every country a basic human right and audit that every country is doing it as a matter of urgency to make good education accessible to every kid so that the world harnesses all the great brass it has. With all the new diseases cropping up, the world needs all the brains more than ever before.

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