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Namutosi Damalie, Master of Human Resources - January-3-2013
Taking courses here online are most convenient for me because of my wo


Namutosi Damalie
Letter of Experience

I have been a student at AIU and I have had a wonderful experience. First of all this has been my first online course that I have been able to do at my own convenient time. I chose this route because I am a single, working parent and I know that if I want to get further in my career, I need more education. Taking courses here online are most convenient for me because of my working schedule and home life.

I searched around for different online universities and what made my decision was my admissions advisor. She wasn't like any of the other experiences that I had where they were pushing for you to join their college. She was and has always been upfront and honest with me throughout my time here.

I chose AIU because I don't have to worry about an uncredible education. When I apply for jobs, I am very confident that AIU is on their list of credible educators. It's very flexible, just depends on one's schedule. It has also been convenient for me in all aspects. I just needed my computer fixed and also needed to follow instructions, that’s I how I have been able to succeed.

As far as my experience in the virtual campus; I find it very easy to navigate through. The library is right there as well as library assistants to help find sources. I enjoyed that I was able to choose to design the curriculum how I wanted. There is the MUSE technology that is a summary of the chapters; pointing out the main parts of study using video and powerpoint presentations.

I have been lucky enough to have some very helpful instructors that really care about student success. I have received very detailed critiques on my assignments from instructors while others just respond with the generic grading rubric text as a critique.

But just because online is a learning avenue, doesn't mean that it's easier than sitting in a class. It's very easy to get behind because there is so much reading to do. If you don't like tons of reading, I don't suggest anyone to take online courses. You have to have a heightened discipline about yourself and a want to be successful.

AIU is a good school and it's not fair to throw salt on their reputation for those that think good grades will be handed to them without doing the work just because it's online. I know I work my butt off making the grade and have been able to hold a 3.95 GPA since I've started. For anyone struggling and has come across this; one thing my admissions advisor told me was to approach my assignments with things in my life that I can relate to. It really does work, just open your mind.

Good luck to those that embark on this path and just make sure that you read and understand all of the directions. It's not rocket science but if you’r unsure, ask your instructor. Even though the turn around for emails and voicemails is 48 hours, you will get a response but don't wait till the last minute to speak up. That's your fault.

My experience at AIU – Online has been great up to this point. In my opinion the Pros and Cons are as follows: Pros: The staffs are very supportive and knowledgeable. As in most schools, some of the teachers are more engaged then others. However, all of the teachers up to this point have been available when necessary. They offer tons of content on their library which is extremely helpful when doing assignments. The support they provide for each assignment is fantastic. They try to meet everyone’s learning style…they provide an overview of key learning’s via short videos, audio and PDF documents…this is a big deal for me. Most of the books for each class are provided online which for me is helpful when trying to search for certain topics. It’s up to the student to choose if they want to participate. Cons: Overall, it’s about what you want to put into the school…I think this is the same for any school you attend. The more time you put in the more successful you will be at the school. The reason I was willing to pay more for this school is because of the support they provide and their willingness to provide information to meet different learning styles. I found other online schools give you a book to read but do not provide any videos or online tutorials to support what you are learning. I have loved being in this school and i will continue because they have really been patient with me especially when I had difficulty in paying and they have been encouraging me not to give up. Iam proud to be part of AIU.

I have also learnt that with education you have to know what you want in life and be determined to achieve it and learn to create time.

Lastly I want to thank all the people who have supported me during this period especially my Academic Advisor and Tutors and also the Finance department that has been so patient with me in times of difficulty please keep it up. God Bless you


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