Faculté et personnel

Faculté et personnel

Famille AIU

L’Université internationale de l’Atlantique est fière, à juste titre, de ses conseillers académiques. Leurs qualifications et leur expertise nous permettent d’affirmer que votre programme sera évalué par des spécialistes reconnus dans la discipline, avec une grande expérience académique. La responsabilité du conseiller est de guider l’étudiant à travers les étapes clés du programme académique. Voici une liste partielle des conseillers actuels.

Dr. Franklin Valcin

Dr. Franklin Valcin

President/Academic Dean

President/Dr. Franklin Valcin AIU Abstract: Dr. Valcin, has been the...

Dr. Jose Mercado

Dr. Jose Mercado

Chairman of the Board of Trustees

Chairman of the Board of Trustees Dr. Jose Mercado Abstract:...

Dr. Ricardo Gonzalez

Provost Dr. Ricardo Gonzalez One of the main objectives for...

Dr. Ricardo Gonzalez A.

Dr. Ricardo Gonzalez A.

Chief Operations Officer

Chief Operations Officer Dr. Ricardo Gonzalez A. With his knowledge...

Dr. Miriam Garibaldi

Dr. Miriam Garibaldi

Viceprovost for Research

Driven by a passion for continuous learning and academic excellence,...

Dr. Edward Lambert

Dr. Edward Lambert

Academic Director

 Edward is one of our Tutors at AIU. He is...

Dr. Franklin Valcin

Dr. Franklin Valcin

Position: President/Academic Dean
Phone: 1 808 521 1868
Email: [email protected]
Categories: Board Members
Location: Honolulu, United States

President/Dr. Franklin Valcin AIU


Dr. Valcin, has been the Academic Dean of Atlantic International University since 2000.  During these years, he has collaborated with the Students, and the rest of the Faculty and Staff to further AIU’s name, and achieve the mission of the University. He has been recognized in different Universities for his achievements  as a Teacher, and his contributions to the Education Field as well.

Education/ Special Training:

Nova Southeastern University,

Ft Lauderdale, FL

Doctorate Degree and a major in Education with concentration on Instructional Technology/Design & Distance Education

The University of Miami,

Coral gables, FL

Master’s and a major in Education with concentration in TESOL

The Union University,

Cincinnati, OH

Undergraduate degree

Major: Education with concentration on Modern Language Education.


English: Good writing / Good conversation

Spanish: Good writing / Good conversation


Education at Dade County Public Schools, Miami Dade College, Broward Community College, United Nations Organization, The US Department of Education, and Atlantic International University

6 years in Administration

24 years in the classroom Experience mainly in the field of Education: 6 years in administration, 24 years in the classroom, from Kindergarten to University level, with

The State of Florida & Schwab Investigations

Family Services, Counseling, Broadcasting, and Investigations

The University of Miami


Zelick’s Corporation

Retail Store Management

Bryant Corporation

Protective Services

Sporadic Missions as a Faculty Trainer for The Stevens Institute of Technology, Dade County Public Schools, Translations Engineer, Interpreter, Instructional Designer, Computer Guru, Desktop Publishing Specialist


English & French:

“Curriculum based on Students’ Needs” in Sunshine TESOL Journal, EWriters,” school-based newsletter,

“Anges et Démons,” Tome I and II (Unveil The Yankee),

“Lunch Time” (short story), and freelance-based articles in The Miami Herald.


Honored among the best teachers in the USA in “Who’s Who among America’s Teachers” in March 2000

Honored as the Director of the Educational Opportunity Center of Miami Dade College as the best support program in higher learning, in February 2004

Dr. Jose Mercado

Dr. Jose Mercado

Position: Chairman of the Board of Trustees
Phone: 1 808 521 1868
Email: [email protected]
Categories: Board Members
Location: Honolulu, United States

Chairman of the Board of Trustees Dr. Jose Mercado


As a civil engineer graduated from the Autonomous Metropolitan University of Mexico, Dr. Mercado directed several construction projects and was the director of construction of several companies as well, where he developed a great name and reputation for his work and input in the projects. Dr. Mercado knows the value of education and therefore he dedicated himself into his further preparation in order to have more to offer to the world by obtaining his MBA and a PhD in Education. He also holds a Doctorate of Education degree by Universidad Alas Peruanas. At Atlantic International University, he is member of the Board where he makes an impact to make AIU an even more successful institution with his experience, knowledge and attitude.

Education/ Special Training:
2011 Universidad Alas Peruanas
Lima, Peru

Doctorate program in Education
2003 Atlantic International University,

Honolulu, Hawaii

Doctorate Program in Education

2000 Atlantic International University,

Honolulu, Hawaii

Master’s Program in Business Administration

Oct 1990 – Oct 2000 Infotec

México, D.F.

Program for Strategic Decisions

“The Simulation of Business”

1987 College of Graduates in High Management

México D.F

Conference “Excellence in Management to Achieve Productivity”

1987 College of Civil Engineers College of México

Cost for heavy construction

1982 – 1986 Metropolitan Autonomous University

Mexico D.F

Civil Engineer


English: Good writing / Good conversation

Spanish: Good writing / Good conversation

Hebrew: Good reading / Good conversation


1998 – Present Executive Experience

President for the International University for Development

Member of the Academic Advising body at Atlantic International University

Academic Advisor and lecturer for Atlantic International University

Chairman of the Board of Trustees, Atlantic International University

1983 – Present Stock holder for the following Companies and Organizations

Grupo M Entreprises

Constructora Inmobiliaria M.T,S.A de C.V.

Constructora Masyl,S.A. de C.V.

International University for Development, S.A. de C.V.

1999 – 2001 Vice-President for the Industrial Chambers Confederation (CONCAMIN)

1990 – 1998 General director of the following companies:

Constructora Masyl,S.A de C.V.

Constructora Inmobiliaria. M.T, S.A: de C.V.

Multiconstrucciones Mexicanas, S.A de C.V.

Multioperaciones Inmobiliarias, S.A. de C.V.

*Held responsibility for the promotion and sales of some development and construction projects in the last 14 years:

2,950 social interest housing projects

450 medium and residential housing projects

6 Hospitals, Schools, offices

3 military and aerial bases

2 Industrial Warehouses

1997 – 1999 Executive Commission of the Mexican Chamber for the Industry and Construction CMIC

Vice-President of Urban Development and Housing

1998 President for the Organization committee for the National housing reunion

Aguascalientes, Mexico

1997 Organization Committee for the National Housing Reunion

Monterrey N.L Mexico


1997 Trilateral Reunion of Chambers CMIC- AGC-CCA

Vancouver, Canada


1995 – 1997 National Housing commission- CNIC

National Coordination for job Sources

1996 Conference with the following theme: General position from the CNIC on housing” at the National housing reunion

Pachuca, Hidalgo

1996 National Housing Reunion

Pachuca, Hidalgo

General Coordination

1996 Fovissste-Fonhapo

National Reunion

Manzanillo, Colima


1996  Promexpo – Contact Export

Montreal, Canada



1995 Session topic Infonavit at the National Meeting

San Luis Potosí SLP-CNIC


1995 Member of the Organizational committee of the national housing reunion

San Luis Potosí, SLP-CNIC

1995 Participation at the annual conference of Uniapravi

Santiago Chile-CNIC


1994 Participation at the annual conference of Uniapravi

Asunción Paraguay-CNIC

1994 Member of the Organizational committee of the National housing Reunion

Manzanillo, Colima-CNIC

1989 – 1993 National Coordinator of the Mixed Commission Fovissste – CNIC

Internal appointment from the housing sector-CNIC

Dr. Ricardo Gonzalez

Dr. Ricardo Gonzalez

Position: Provost
Phone: 1 808 521 1868
Email: [email protected]
Categories: Board Members
Location: Honolulu, United States

Provost Dr. Ricardo Gonzalez

One of the main objectives for Dr. Gonzalez is to continue to contribute to the sustained development of evolution. He, has developed insight in several aspects of life and the sciences, enough, to contribute largely to the success of this institution, where as President of the Board, he has set high standards, and given the institution, international recognition, that is favorable for the students that graduate from AIU. He was given the Doctor Honoris Causa mention by CIHCE in Peru, for his contribution and life achievement, which is the highest title an institution can give. Dr. Gonzalez is an excellent lecturer and exhibitor, because he has a gift to get through with an empowerment message, to students and faculty. His long journey from Chemist Engineer to Entrepreneur and Director of several organizations has given him great satisfaction and inspiration to follow his quest and contributions to the development of human kind.
Education/ Special Training:
1970-74 National Autonomous University of México
Engineer Chemist with honors
1977-79 National Autonomous University of México
Master’s program in Business Administration
1983-85 ITACA Institute
Bachelor’s in Human Development
1991-93 Pacific Western University
Doctor’s program in Business Administration

1994-96 Atlantic International University
Doctorate Program in Education
2006 CIHCE Consejo Iberoamericano en Honor a la Calidad Educativa
Doctor Honoris Causa
2002-07 Harvard University, University of Miami, and Osaka Gakuin University
Postgraduate and Post doctorate courses in different subjects of education, Business and alternative medicine
*Member of several of the most distinguished Associations of Science, the Humanities and Business.
English: Good writing / Good conversation
Spanish: Good writing / Good conversation
Exhibitor for different education, business and social subjects at international levels with multidisciplinary and multicultural audiences.
University Lecturer in different subjects of engineering, chemistry, psychology, education, humanities and business in different universities.
Tutor and counselor of university students since 1995 in alternative studies in different universities.
Member of the Board and/or partner and/or director of 21 organizations in the areas of investment, services, education, industrial and philanthropic.
Assessor of organizational and financial development at directive and counselor level.
Host and Guests of several different programs of radio and television.

Dr. Ricardo Gonzalez A.

Dr. Ricardo Gonzalez A.

Position: Chief Operations Officer
Phone: 1 800 993 0066
Email: [email protected]
Categories: Board Members
Location: Honolulu, United States

Chief Operations Officer Dr. Ricardo Gonzalez A.

With his knowledge of economics, IT and marketing, he is an important key to the success of AIU, because he brings many perspectives into any situation. Besides managing and maintaining the e-platform and being in charge of web hosting, Ricardo also supports the students, and staff with an enthusiastic energy, that is an example of what AIU stands for.

Education/ Special Training:

2004 – 2007 Atlantic International University
Honolulu, HI

1999–2003 Barry University
B.S. Economics and Finance.



Spanish: Fluent


1998 – Present


Product Development: Apps / Automation / VOIP / Learning Management Systems / Marketing

1997 – Present

Atlantic International University

Honolulu,  HI

Information Technology / Marketing / Strategic Planning / Accounting / Personnel Management

Dr. Miriam Garibaldi

Dr. Miriam Garibaldi

Position: Viceprovost for Research
Phone: 1 800 993 0066
Email: [email protected]
Categories: Board Members
Location: Honolulu, United States

Driven by a passion for continuous learning and academic excellence, Dr. Garibaldi, has embarked on a diverse educational journey that spans Chemistry, Business Administration, Marketing, Information Systems, and Education. With a PhD in Education and a wealth of postdoctoral experience, they have not only expanded their knowledge but also applied it in various professional roles. Excelling as an educator, academic assessor, director, and investor in real estate and financial businesses, their dedication to information technology, business, education, health, management, and human development has led to the completion of over 100 courses. Furthermore, their publications and active participation in professional associations demonstrate their commitment to lifelong learning and contributing to the fields they are passionate about.

Bachelors: Chemistry -1996-1999.

Miami Dade Com. Coll. Languages.
Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana & Universidad Abierta de San Luís Potosí, Bachelor in Business Administration.


Seminar in Marketing from Florida International University (FIU), Master in Information Systems from AIU
Master in Education from Escuela Libre de Ciencias Políticas y Administración Pública de Oriente.

Doctorate: AIU – PhD-Educación -2003

Posdoctorales en lenguas -Miami Dade Collage- 2005

Escuela Libre de Ciencias políticas y Administración Pública Doctorado in Educación – 2020
University of International Development. Relation between the 3 levels of the New Medicine, Psyc, Brain, Organ. Amicidi dirk verlagsgesellschaft mbH für medizinische

More than 100 courses taken in the following fields: Information Technology, Business, Education, Health, Management and Human Development.

Professional Experience:

  • Director and Investor in Real State and financial Business PYTA.
  • University Professor in many educational institutions in the following areas: Information Technology, Business, Education, Health, Management and Human Development..
  • Academic Assessor in the Thesis Phase. More than 100 students in the 3 levels: Bachelors, Masters and Doctorate.
  • Director of Institutional Advancement and vice-president for Latin America of AIU developing the Latin America’s market.
  • Information Systems Assessor Unides, AC
  • Director of the University of International Development
  • Projects and Construction Management Director of Constructora MT.
  • Projects evaluation management and information systems director of Constructora Masyl.
  • Superintendent of Multiconstrucciones Inmobiliarias.
  • Management Executive for Hotelería Turística Integrada.
  • Information Systems Managing Director of Puerta del Mar Hotel.



  • Development, publication and operation of several information systems projects for many institutions,
  • Curricula Design Handbook at the College Level.
  • Strategic Planning of Small and medium size companies based on an economic scenario .
  • Systematization of an educational institution through Information Technology.
  • Andragogy: A Cultural Alternative for development within the administration of the World village exerting human rights through diversity.
  • Several Handbooks for information systems tools and procedures.
  • Development and Design of catalogues and promotional materials.
Dr. Edward Lambert

Dr. Edward Lambert

Position: Academic Director
Phone: 1808 214 94 30
Email: [email protected]
Categories: Academy, Board Members
Location: Honolulu, United States

 Edward is one of our Tutors at AIU. He is a high-energy person with experience in the educational field. He is efficient, detail-oriented, organized and creative which makes him a great fit as part of our staff.

Education/ Special Training:

            Atlantic International University

Doctorate in Economics

            Tai Hsuan Institute

Masters of Acupuncture & Chinese Herbal Medicine

            New Mexico State University

            Bachelors in Social Work



English: Good Writing/ Good Conversation

Spanish: Good Writing/ Good Conversation

Work/Volunteer Experience:


Atlantic International University

Honolulu, HI

            Academic Tutor           

       Universidad de Concepcion

English Teacher

       Private Practice


       Flagstaff Native Plant & Seed

       Financial Manager Bookkeeper

      Mountain Sports

           Financial Manager Bookkeeper


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Mahatma Gandhi

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Everything we know about Elon Musk's brain chip

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