Dr. Miriam Garibaldi

Dr. Miriam Garibaldi

Position: Viceprovost for Research
Categories: Board Members
Location: Honolulu, United States

Driven by a passion for continuous learning and academic excellence, Dr. Garibaldi, has embarked on a diverse educational journey that spans Chemistry, Business Administration, Marketing, Information Systems, and Education. With a PhD in Education and a wealth of postdoctoral experience, they have not only expanded their knowledge but also applied it in various professional roles. Excelling as an educator, academic assessor, director, and investor in real estate and financial businesses, their dedication to information technology, business, education, health, management, and human development has led to the completion of over 100 courses. Furthermore, their publications and active participation in professional associations demonstrate their commitment to lifelong learning and contributing to the fields they are passionate about.

Bachelors: Chemistry -1996-1999.

Miami Dade Com. Coll. Languages.
Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana & Universidad Abierta de San Luís Potosí, Bachelor in Business Administration.


Seminar in Marketing from Florida International University (FIU), Master in Information Systems from AIU
Master in Education from Escuela Libre de Ciencias Políticas y Administración Pública de Oriente.

Doctorate: AIU – PhD-Educación -2003

Posdoctorales en lenguas -Miami Dade Collage- 2005

Escuela Libre de Ciencias políticas y Administración Pública Doctorado in Educación – 2020
University of International Development. Relation between the 3 levels of the New Medicine, Psyc, Brain, Organ. Amicidi dirk verlagsgesellschaft mbH für medizinische

More than 100 courses taken in the following fields: Information Technology, Business, Education, Health, Management and Human Development.

Professional Experience:

  • Director and Investor in Real State and financial Business PYTA.
  • University Professor in many educational institutions in the following areas: Information Technology, Business, Education, Health, Management and Human Development..
  • Academic Assessor in the Thesis Phase. More than 100 students in the 3 levels: Bachelors, Masters and Doctorate.
  • Director of Institutional Advancement and vice-president for Latin America of AIU developing the Latin America’s market.
  • Information Systems Assessor Unides, AC
  • Director of the University of International Development
  • Projects and Construction Management Director of Constructora MT.
  • Projects evaluation management and information systems director of Constructora Masyl.
  • Superintendent of Multiconstrucciones Inmobiliarias.
  • Management Executive for Hotelería Turística Integrada.
  • Information Systems Managing Director of Puerta del Mar Hotel.



  • Development, publication and operation of several information systems projects for many institutions,
  • Curricula Design Handbook at the College Level.
  • Strategic Planning of Small and medium size companies based on an economic scenario .
  • Systematization of an educational institution through Information Technology.
  • Andragogy: A Cultural Alternative for development within the administration of the World village exerting human rights through diversity.
  • Several Handbooks for information systems tools and procedures.
  • Development and Design of catalogues and promotional materials.