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Ernest Mwaba, Bachelor in Mechanical Engineering - January-3-2016
I knew I was dealing with the winning team.
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When I first heard about AIU, there were many conflicting, confusing and misleading statements that were immediately availed to me by some ‘well-meaning’ contemporaries. But after doing my research and eventually discovering that our former president His Excellency Mr. Chilufya Michael Sata, and the former president of Malawi Her Excellency, Madam Banda had been through this institution, I knew I was dealing with the winning team.

I went through the first phase with a lot of anxiety and excitement as the University took me through the process of ascertaining my personal goals, realigning my mindset, and reassessing my life’s past present and future. By the time I finished all the assignments in this phase, I came to realize that the lifeblood of andragogy is anchored on relevance of acquired knowledge, skill and attributes. It also dawned on me that, a mature adult already knows what he wants to do, and all he needs are guidelines, some direction and consistent hard work. At some point I wondered whether I had not deviated from my objective of obtaining my degree in Mechanical Engineering!

When I started designing the curriculum, I had a chance of comparing curriculums for Mechanical Engineering around the globe. With the able bodied help of my capable tutors and course supervisors, the curriculum was refined, and approved. What followed was the most exciting phase of my studies – Phase Two. It involved researching, documenting and writing on the core courses for my program. It was challenging and required me to be disciplined with my time management. On a few occasions, my tutor had to caution me about delayed assignments as I balanced my family responsibilities, work, and studies.  This was a phase that forced me to work even on assignments which revealed my weaknesses! But I forged on because that was an important part of my learning process. In my final phase, I focused on majoring in the optional courses that I knew were going to be very helpful.

Finally, I must admit and acknowledge that it has not been an easy journey! Atlantic International University lived up to its mandate of providing the needed support whenever I met hitches. I sincerely want to thank AIU Management, my tutors and all staff of this awesome university, for helping me achieve my long awaited goal. Thank you Dr. Valcin, and your winning team. 

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