DS – Doctorate in Science

DS – Doctorate in Science

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Welcome to the forefront of academic excellence and innovation at Atlantic International University, where we proudly offer a cutting-edge opportunity to embark on a transformative journey through our Online Doctor of Science program. Aspiring scholars seeking a Doctor of Science degree online accredited will discover a dynamic and flexible learning environment designed to propel their research and expertise to new heights. At AIU, we recognize the evolving landscape of education, and our commitment to providing a rigorous yet accessible online platform ensures that students can pursue their passion for science while balancing their professional and personal commitments. Join us in pursuing knowledge as we empower you to become a leader in your field through our distinguished online Doctor of Science degree program.

Core Courses & Topics

Our accredited Doctor of Science (DSc) online program is a pinnacle of academic excellence at Atlantic International University. Boasting a robust curriculum, our DSc program encompasses diverse core courses and cutting-edge topics. Emphasizing a multidisciplinary approach, our students delve into advanced subjects such as research methodologies, scientific innovation, and critical analysis. The unique program offers a balance between foundational courses that build a strong academic framework and specialized topics that cater to individual scholars’ unique interests and expertise. Join us at AIU, where our commitment to online Doctor of Science (DSc) programs sets the stage for a transformative educational journey.


Banking and Finance
Business Administration
Business Management
Chemical Engineering
Civil Engineering
Computer Engineering
Computer Science
Educational Administration
Electrical Engineering
Engineering Systems
Health Care Administration
Industrial Engineering
Information Systems
Information Technology
Public Health
International Relations
Mechanical Engineering
Physical Education
Renewable Energy
Industrial Safety


Agricultural Engineering
American History
Occupational Health and Safety
Business Communication
Civil Rights
Computer Programming
Construction Management
Criminal Justice
Database Management
Educational Technology
Family Counseling
Fashion Design
Graphic Design
Health and Physical Education
Human Development
Travel and Tourism
Mobile Communications
Network Administration Security
Social Sciences
Urban Planning

TATTOOING – Atlantic International University

Orientation Courses

Welcome to Atlantic International University, the unique place where our commitment to your academic journey begins with a thoughtful and comprehensive orientation process for our Doctorate of Science (DSc) online program. Our orientation courses are crafted to provide a solid foundation for your doctoral studies, ensuring a seamless transition into the dynamic realm of advanced scientific inquiry. During these initial courses of doctor of science programs, you’ll familiarize yourself with our online distance learning platform, explore the resources available, and connect with fellow scholars and faculty members who share your passion for scientific exploration. 

Additionally, our orientation program will guide you through the expectations and milestones of the Doctorate of Science program, empowering you to navigate the academic landscape with confidence. At AIU, we recognize the importance of a strong start, and our online DSc programs’ orientation courses are designed to set the stage for a successful and enriching doctoral experience. Meet our community where curiosity meets collaboration, and your journey toward a Doctorate of Science online begins with purpose and support.

  • Communication & Investigation
  • Organization Theory
  • Experiential Learning
  • Academic Evaluation
  • Fundament of Knowledge
  • Fundamental Principles 
  • Professional Evaluation
  • Development of Graduate Study


Research Projects in Science

Engage in a transformative academic experience at Atlantic International University as you embark on rigorous and innovative research projects within our esteemed Doctorate of Science (DSc) degree programs. Our commitment to fostering groundbreaking research is embedded in the core of our curriculum, providing you with a unique opportunity to contribute to the advancement of knowledge in your chosen field. 

As a participant in our DSc degree programs, you’ll have the chance to tailor your research projects to align with your academic interests and career goals. Our experienced faculty, who are leaders in their respective fields, will guide and mentor you throughout the research process and help achieve the program goals, ensuring a comprehensive and impactful exploration of your chosen area of study. Join us on this exciting journey where your pursuit of a Doctor of Science degree is enriched through cutting-edge research initiatives, propelling you towards new heights of academic excellence and innovation.

  • Doctoral Dissertation Project
  • MBM900 Doctoral Proposal
  • MBM902 Doctoral Dissertation (15,000 words)

Publication – Every Doctorate of Science graduate at Atlantic International University is encouraged to disseminate the outcomes of their rigorous research endeavors through publication. We strongly advocate for the sharing of knowledge and findings with the global scientific community.

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AIU’s Incredible Student Experience for Doctorate in Science Graduates

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Welcome to the exclusive Student Experience for our Dr. of Science (D.Sc.) program at Atlantic International University. Beyond academic excellence, we prioritize your professional background, relationships, and personal growth. Our Ds degree program integrates real-world application and personal development, offering hands-on experiences with seasoned professionals. We emphasize the importance of personal growth through dedicated wellness programs, mental health support, and engaging in extracurricular activities. Join us in this transformative journey tailored for your success and fulfillment in obtaining your D.Sc. degree at AIU.

Community & Social

At Atlantic International University (AIU), our vibrant online community is fostered through cutting-edge technologies, linking students, alumni, and faculty in a dynamic environment. Despite the virtual setting, AIU provides opportunities for interaction via the Virtual Campus, Mobile APP, and other platforms, including symposiums, webinars, and competitions.

AIU transforms you into a University of One, blending personalized learning with a connected community. Utilizing MYAIU, AIULink, AIUTV, and various collaborative tools, you engage with tutors, advisors, and fellow alumni. AIULink, our social media platform, facilitates connections based on location, major, and more. Access academic content on Merlin Media Center and stay connected on the go with the AIU Campus APP.

The online library offers a vast resource of 260,000 books and over 30 million peer-reviewed articles. AIU enhances your learning journey through webinars, symposiums, MYAIU, and gamification/competitions, making it an exemplary choice for professionals seeking one of the best university degree programs.

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Academic Resources

The Virtual Campus at Atlantic International University is at the forefront of fostering a collaborative community for our Doctorate in Science (DSc) programs. With over 25 unique tools, our Virtual Campus is meticulously designed to ensure the holistic development, growth, motivation, and inspiration of each DSc student, enabling them to reach their full potential. Excitingly, a new Virtual Reality 3D immersive experience is now available to elevate the learning environment for AIU’s DSc programs.

In the realm of advanced education, our world has witnessed an exponential surge in high-quality learning sources. Beyond traditional classrooms, experts utilize platforms like social media, YouTube, and Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) to disseminate real-world knowledge and practical insights. This trend has birthed a niche called microlearning, especially relevant for our DSc degree programs, where intricate scientific topics can be condensed into 15-minute intervals. This innovative approach of our Dsc. degree achieves approximately 80% of knowledge transfer typically covered in longer college lectures. 

At AIU, where we take pride in our commitment to excellence in DSc programs, the Virtual Campus becomes a dynamic hub for collaborative learning and cutting-edge experiences, ensuring that our students not only acquire profound scientific knowledge but also adapt to the evolving landscape of modern education. Join our Doctorate in Science programs at AIU, where pioneering technologies and pedagogies converge to redefine your educational journey.

Live Classes

In our commitment to providing an enriching academic experience for Doctor of Science students at Atlantic International University, we offer a distinctive feature—two live classes each day. This specialized approach ensures that our Doctor of Science (DSc) candidates benefit from real-time engagement with esteemed faculty and peers, fostering dynamic discussions, collaborative learning, and immediate clarification of complex concepts. These live sessions, tailored specifically for Doctor of Science students, create a vibrant virtual classroom environment that mirrors the interactive nature of traditional in-person settings. This innovative and integrated initiative facilitates a deeper understanding of intricate scientific topics and promotes a sense of community and connectivity among DSc students at AIU. Join our Doctorate in Science program at AIU, where daily live classes enhance your educational journey through real-time interaction and personalized academic support.

Special Projects

The Doctorate in Science program at Atlantic International University (AIU) goes beyond conventional academic pursuits by offering an avenue for groundbreaking exploration through special projects. Whether tackling complex scientific theories or addressing contemporary issues, AIU’s Doctorate in Science special projects empower candidates to make a lasting impact on the academic landscape and beyond. Join us at AIU, where these special projects redefine the boundaries of scientific exploration and contribute to the evolution of knowledge in your chosen field.

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Career Center

At Atlantic International University, we understand that pursuing a Doctorate in Science (DSc) extends beyond academic achievement; it is a holistic journey that shapes your professional trajectory. Our Career Center for Doctorate in Science candidates at AIU is a dedicated resource, offering tailored support to align your academic pursuits with your career aspirations. Whether you seek guidance on industry trends, networking opportunities, or career development strategies, our expert advisors are committed to providing personalized assistance. The Career Center facilitates connections with professionals in your field, offers valuable insights into potential career paths, and assists in refining the skills necessary for success in a rapidly evolving scientific landscape. At AIU, we empower our Doctorate in Science candidates to excel academically and thrive in their chosen careers through our comprehensive Career Center. Start your journey with us and take the next step towards a successful and fulfilling professional journey.

Job Opportunities

While specific job profiles for individuals with a Doctorate in Science (DSc) can vary widely depending on the specialization, here is a list of potential job profiles that individuals with a DSc degree might pursue:

  1. Research Scientist/Scientific Researcher

   – Conduct independent research projects.
   – Analyze data and draw conclusions.
   – Contribute to the development of new theories or scientific advancements.

  1. University Professor/Researcher

   – Teach and mentor students.
   – Conduct research in a university setting.
   – Publish findings in academic journals.

  1. Director of Research and Development

   – Oversee and manage research projects within an organization.
   – Collaborate with teams to innovate and develop new products or processes.

  1. Senior Data Scientist

   – Analyze complex datasets.
   – Develop and implement data-driven strategies.
   – Contribute to organizational decision-making processes.

  1. Senior Environmental Scientist

   – Research environmental issues.
   – Develop strategies for environmental conservation.
   – Advise on policy and regulations.

  1. Chief Scientific Officer (CSO)

   – Lead organizational scientific initiatives.
   – Provide strategic direction for research and development activities.
   – Collaborate with executives to align scientific efforts with business goals.

  1. Medical Researcher/Health Scientist

   – Conduct medical research studies.
   – Explore new treatments or medical technologies.
   – Contribute to advancements in healthcare.

  1. Senior Policy Analyst (Science and Technology)

   – Analyze and assess the impact of science and technology policies.
   – Provide recommendations to policymakers.
   – Stay abreast of advancements in the field.

  1. Director of Innovation

   – Lead innovation initiatives within a company.
   – Identify opportunities for technological advancements.
   – Foster a culture of innovation and continuous improvement.

  1. Bioinformatics Scientist

    – Apply computational techniques to analyze biological data.
    – Develop algorithms and models for biological research.
    – Contribute to genomics and personalized medicine.

  1. Senior Materials Scientist

    – Research and develop new materials.
    – Test and analyze the properties of materials.
    – Contribute to advancements in material science.

  1. Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

    – Lead the technological vision of a company.
    – Oversee technology-related strategies and implementations.
    – Drive innovation and technology adoption.

These are just a few examples, and the career paths for individuals with a Doctorate in Science can be highly diverse based on the specific field of study and the individual’s interests and expertise.

Tools for Doctorate in Science Professionals

For Doctorate in Science professionals, an array of tools is available to augment research, collaboration, and academic pursuits. From project management to data analysis, these tools provide essential support to enhance productivity and streamline workflows.

  1. Project Management

   – Trello
   – Asana

  1. Data Analysis

   – RStudio
   – Jupyter Notebooks

  1. Reference Management

   – Zotero
   – EndNote

  1. Collaboration and Communication

   – Slack
   – Microsoft Teams

  1. Document Collaboration

   – Google Workspace
   – Microsoft 365

  1. Cloud Storage

   – Google Drive
   – Dropbox

  1. Virtual Conferencing

   –  Zoom
   – Microsoft Teams

  1. Data Visualization

   – Tableau
   – Plotly

  1. Programming and Coding

   – GitHub
   – GitLab

  1. Literature Review

    – Mendeley
    – ReadCube

Associations for Doctorate in Science Professionals

Doctorate in Science professionals benefit immensely from active involvement in associations that foster collaboration, networking, and the exchange of cutting-edge research. These associations provide a platform for DSc candidates to stay abreast of industry trends, share insights, and connect with peers and experts in their respective fields.

  1. American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS)
  1. Association for Computing Machinery (ACM)
  1. American Chemical Society (ACS)
  1. Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE)
  1. American Physical Society (APS)
  1. Association for Psychological Science (APS)
  1. American Mathematical Society (AMS)
  1. Ecological Society of America (ESA)
  1. American Astronomical Society (AAS)
  1. International Association for the Exchange of Students for Technical Experience (IAESTE)
  1. Society for Neuroscience (SfN)

12. Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence (AAAI)

These associations offer Doctorate in Science professionals valuable resources, conferences, and networking opportunities, contributing to their academic and professional growth. Active engagement in these communities enhances the overall experience and impact of DSc candidates in their respective fields.

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Doctorate in Science Requirements

Our Doctorate in Science program at AIU is meticulously crafted for individuals who have attained a master’s degree and boast at least five years of significant experience in their field. We are dedicated to equipping these professionals with an expansive understanding, crucial skills, and specialized expertise essential for advancing the realms of scientific research and innovation.

At AIU, we highly esteem seasoned professionals’ pivotal role in driving progress and innovation in the scientific community. Consequently, our admission criteria are thoughtfully structured to attract dedicated and accomplished individuals who are passionate about pushing the boundaries of knowledge and contributing to transformative advancements in their respective fields. We warmly invite you to embark on this enriching journey with us, working towards becoming a distinguished expert in scientific inquiry and leaving an enduring positive legacy in the academic and research communities you engage with.

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How Can You Apply?

Kindly follow the provided link to access the application form tailored for our Doctorate in Science program at AIU. It is imperative to input your details meticulously, ensuring accuracy in all mandatory fields. Don’t forget to attach your resume, an integral component of your submission. Once you have thoroughly reviewed and filled out the application, culminate the process by clicking the “Submit” button to dispatch it for careful consideration. We look forward to reviewing your application and potentially welcome you to our esteemed Doctorate in Science program. Best of luck in your academic journey!

Financial Support & Scholarships

AIU is committed to making your educational journey in the Doctorate in Science program financially viable. Our institution offers a range of scholarships meticulously designed to cater to the diverse needs and situations of aspiring scholars in the scientific community. Share your details and submit your inquiry, and our dedicated team will work closely with you to identify scholarships that align with your specific needs, aspirations, and commitment to advancing scientific knowledge. At AIU, we believe that financial considerations should not hinder your pursuit of academic excellence, and we are here to support you in realizing your goals in the Doctorate in Science program.

How Much Does a Doctorate in Science Cost Per Year?

Embark on your academic journey at AIU with the assurance of accessible tuition fees tailored for our esteemed Doctorate in Science program. The comprehensive cost for the program is set at an affordable price. To further enhance financial convenience, we introduce a flexible monthly payment plan, allowing you to manage your expenses effectively. At AIU, our commitment extends beyond academic excellence to your financial well-being. We strive to provide exceptional education with a focus on your financial security.


Who is eligible for a Doctor of Science degree?

Individuals eligible for a Doctor of Science degree typically hold a master’s degree in a related field and possess relevant professional experience. Specific eligibility criteria may vary by institution.

Is DSc higher than PhD?

The Doctor of Science (DSc) and Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) are equivalent doctoral degrees, and neither is inherently higher than the other. The distinction lies in the naming conventions used by different universities and countries.

How do you get a doctorate degree online?

 To earn a doctorate degree online:

  • Research online programs.
  • Meet admission criteria.
  • Choose a suitable program.
  • Complete the online application.
  • Explore financial aid options.
  • Engage in online coursework and research.
  • Develop and defend a dissertation or thesis
  • Fulfill program requirements.
  • Graduate with your online doctorate degree.

How does a professional doctorate distinguish itself from a PhD in terms of their respective characteristics and academic orientations?

A professional doctorate and a Ph.D. both represent doctoral-level qualifications but differ in focus. A professional doctorate, such as a Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) or Doctor of Education (EdD), emphasizes applied research and practical expertise relevant to professional fields. Conversely, a Ph.D. emphasizes research, frequently immersing itself in theoretical and academic investigations spanning a spectrum of disciplines.

How does an academic residency factor into your doctoral program, and what makes it a vital element in shaping your educational experience?

An academic residency is a structured, in-person component of a doctoral program that typically involves workshops, seminars, and interactions with faculty and peers. It is essential as it provides opportunities for networking, collaborative learning, and face-to-face engagement, enhancing the overall academic experience and fostering a sense of community within the program. Participating in residencies frequently plays a pivotal role in cultivating indispensable skills and knowledge necessary for the successful culmination of the doctoral program.

How can one navigate and successfully accomplish a dissertation or capstone project?

  1. Start Early

   – Begin your dissertation or capstone project as early as possible to allow for thorough research and ample revision time.

  1. Define Clear Objectives

   – Clearly define the objectives and scope of your project to maintain focus and coherence.

  1. Regular Progress Checks

   – Break down the project into manageable tasks and regularly check your progress to stay on track.

  1. Seek Guidance

   – Engage with your advisor or mentor regularly for feedback and guidance throughout the process.

  1. Develop a Timeline

   – Create a realistic timeline with milestones to ensure steady progress and timely completion.

  1. Review Literature

   – Conduct a comprehensive review of relevant literature to support your research and contextualize your work.

  1. Organize Your Thoughts

   – Organize your ideas and findings logically to create a structured and cohesive document.

  1. Stay Flexible

   – Be open to adjusting your research focus or methodology based on feedback and evolving insights.

  1. Edit and Revise

   – Dedicate sufficient time to editing and revising your work, ensuring clarity and coherence.

  1. Celebrate Milestones

    – Acknowledge and celebrate smaller milestones to maintain motivation and momentum.

  1. Manage Stress

    – Implement stress-management techniques to cope with the challenges of a long-term project.

  1. Peer Review

    – Seek input from peers or colleagues to gain different perspectives on your work.

  1. Finalize Gradually

    – Finalize your dissertation or capstone gradually, allowing time for a thorough review before submission.

  1. Stay Committed

    – Maintain commitment and perseverance, understanding that completing a substantial project takes time and dedication.