Doctorate in Communication Online (D.Sc)

Doctorate in Communication Online (D.Sc)

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The online Doctorate in Communication program at AIU is designed to equip graduates with the essential knowledge, attitudes, and skills necessary to make meaningful contributions. Our research-intensive, academically free curriculum delves into the diverse theories and research methods employed across various academic disciplines, including political science, law, communication arts and sciences, history, psychology, education, anthropology, health and human development, and sociology.

Our unique and unrepeatable commitment to advancing the professional development of communication graduates and industry professionals sets AIU apart. The program aims to broaden their horizons and equip them with robust research and communication skills, enabling them to emerge as influential leaders in their respective fields. By extending the boundaries of traditional communication studies, AIU’s Doctorate in Communication Online program provides a unique and comprehensive foundation encompassing practical knowledge and computer science theory.

At AIU, we understand the importance of tailored education, and our distance learning approach reflects this philosophy. Our Doctoral program is not a one-size-fits-all model. Instead, it offers unparalleled flexibility, allowing you to collaborate with your advisor to shape a custom-made curriculum that aligns with your career aspirations and interests. This personalized approach distinguishes our online Doctoral program from others in the distance learning landscape.

Core Courses & Topics in Civil Communications

The Doctorate in Communication program at the AIU (American International University) offers a comprehensive andragogy-centric curriculum designed for professionals seeking advanced expertise in communication studies through online Ph.D. programs. Accredited by ASIC, this distance learning PhD in media communication provides a flexible and accessible platform for individuals pursuing advanced academic credentials. Core courses encompass a broad spectrum of topics, including Advanced Communication Theory, Strategic Communication in the Digital Age, Cross-Cultural Communication, and Research Methods in Communication.

  • Intercultural Communication
  • Telecommunications Architectures
  • Mass Communications
  • Public Policy
  • Communication Planning
  • Classical Sociological Theory
  • Media Economics and Policy
  • Science/Health Communication
  • Information Technologies
  • Research Methods
  • Telecommunication Services
  • International Relations
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Orientation Courses

AIU’s online Doctorate in Communication introduces students to the essentials of strategic communication through orientation courses designed for the digital era. As part of the best virtual universities for communication doctorate programs, these courses cover critical topics like Fundamentals of Strategic Communication, Digital Communication Landscape, and Theories of Online Persuasion. This program is ideal for those seeking a dynamic and relevant education in the field, offering a concise yet comprehensive exploration of strategic communication in the digital age.

  • Communication & Investigation (Comprehensive Resume)
  • Organization Theory (Portfolio)
  • Experiential Learning (Autobiography)
  • Academic Evaluation (Questionnaire)
  • Fundament of Knowledge (Integration Chart)
  • Fundamental Principles I (Philosophy of Education)
  • Professional Evaluation (Self Evaluation Matrix)
  • Development of Graduate Study (Guarantee of an Academic Degree)

Research Projects in Civil Communications

AIU’s online Doctorate in Communication features engaging research projects that align with online communication doctoral courses. This holistic program, specializing in an Online PhD in Mass Communication, emphasizes dynamic research topics exploring the intersection of theory and practice.

  • Doctoral Dissertation Project
  • MBM900 Doctoral Proposal
  • MBM902 Doctoral Dissertation (15,000 words)

Publication: Each Doctor of Communications graduate is encouraged to publish their research papers either online in the public domain or through professional journals and periodicals worldwide.

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Take Your Journey in Communications to Another Level with a Doctorate from AIU

Embarking on a Doctorate in Communication at AIU offers students a transformative and enriching academic journey, particularly within communication theory online Ph.D. With a specialized focus on intercultural communication, the program provides a dynamic learning environment that encourages students to explore diverse perspectives and engage in meaningful dialogue. 

The online format allows for flexibility, accommodating the needs of professionals pursuing advanced degrees. As students progress, they delve into compelling and integrated online doctoral thesis topics in communication, fostering independent research and contributing to advancing communication knowledge. The immersive experience at AIU equips students with expertise in communication theory and prepares them to address real-world challenges in intercultural communication, making a significant impact in the field.

Community & Social

Immerse yourself in a dynamic online learning community with AIU’s cutting-edge e-learning PhD programs in communication. Our virtual doctoral seminars in communication leadership utilize state-of-the-art technologies to connect students worldwide, ensuring a collaborative and enriching academic journey. Engage seamlessly through our Virtual Campus, accessible via the AIU Campus APP on Android and iOS. Explore topics in communication leadership through MYAIU, AIULink, AIUTV, AIU Magazine, and Curriculum Builder Tool,  fostering connections with fellow scholars and faculty. The wealth of academic content on Merlin Media Center enhances your research experience, making the online doctorate in communication leadership at AIU a holistic and uniquely transformative endeavor.

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Academic Resources

Embark on an unparalleled distance education journey in media studies Ph.D. at Atlantic International University, where our Virtual Campus serves as an innovation hub designed for academic excellence. Unleashing over 25 unique tools, including a groundbreaking Virtual Reality 3D immersive experience, we redefine the boundaries of online doctoral education in corporate communication.

Dive into a vast academic realm with our online library housing 260,000 books and 30 million peer-reviewed articles, journals, and publications. Engage in a vibrant community where students contribute to a rich pool of over 105,000 resources, meticulously curated to elevate your experience in online graduate courses in communication. At AIU, we are dedicated to nurturing your growth, development and realizing your aspirations in the ever-evolving landscape of media studies.

Live Classes

AIU stands at the forefront of innovative education, providing a dynamic learning experience for Doctorate in Communication graduates. As part of our commitment to excellence, AIU offers two live classes daily, creating a flexible and interactive platform for further academic exploration. This initiative is particularly beneficial for those enrolled in the Web-based PhD in Communication Technology program, ensuring that graduates stay at the forefront of advancements in the field. These live classes facilitate real-time engagement with professors and foster a collaborative environment among students, enhancing the overall learning experience and preparing graduates to be leaders in the ever-evolving landscape of communication technology.

Special Projects

Whether crafting communication strategies for diverse audiences, analyzing media trends, or developing innovative solutions for communication issues, these special projects empower students to make a meaningful impact while collaborating with the best relevant organizations worldwide. Guided by experienced faculty mentors, students engage in hands-on, interdisciplinary research, fostering critical thinking and creative problem-solving skills. These special projects not only enhance the academic experience but also prepare graduates for leadership roles in the dynamic and ever-changing field of communication.

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Career Center

AIU’s Career Center for Doctorate in Communication is a dedicated resource that empowers graduates with the tools and guidance necessary to navigate their professional journey successfully. With a focus on personalized career development, the center offers services such as resume building, interview preparation, and networking strategies explicitly tailored for communication. 

Through workshops, webinars, and one-on-one counseling sessions, students receive valuable insights into industry trends and job market dynamics. The Career Center collaborates with industry partners to provide internship opportunities, ensuring practical exposure and hands-on experience. The center is crucial in facilitating successful career transitions for AIU’s Doctorate in Communication graduates by fostering connections between students and potential employers.

Job Opportunities

AIU Doctorate in Communication graduates have a diverse skill set, positioning them for impactful roles across various professional domains. From crafting comprehensive communication strategies as Communication Strategists to analyzing and interpreting media trends as Media Analysts, our alumni excel in roles such as Corporate Communication Directors, Digital Media Consultants, and Public Relations Specialists.

  1. Communication Strategist
    As a Communication Strategist, AIU graduates leverage their in-depth knowledge to develop and implement effective organizational communication plans, ensuring alignment with strategic objectives.
  1. Media Analyst
    AIU Doctorate in Communication holders excel as Media Analysts, applying their expertise to evaluate and interpret media trends, helping organizations stay informed and responsive in a rapidly evolving landscape.
  1. Corporate Communication Director
    Graduates often assume roles as Corporate Communication Directors, overseeing and orchestrating internal and external communication efforts, ensuring consistency and alignment with organizational goals.
  1. Digital Media Consultant
    Equipped with a deep understanding of digital communication, AIU alumni serve as Digital Media Consultants, guiding businesses in navigating and optimizing their online presence and communication strategies.
  1. Public Relations Specialist
    Doctorate in Communication holders at AIU makes impactful Public Relations Specialists, skillfully managing an organization’s public image, building relationships with stakeholders, and handling crisis communication.
  1. Academic Researcher
    Many graduates choose a path in academia, contributing to the field’s knowledge base as researchers, educators, and thought leaders, further advancing the discipline of communication.
  1. Social Media Manager
    AIU alumni often excel as Social Media Managers, developing and implementing social media strategies to enhance brand visibility, engage audiences, and drive organizational objectives.
  1. Communication Trainer
    With a wealth of knowledge, graduates may take on roles as Communication Trainers, guiding individuals and teams in honing their communication skills for professional and personal success.
  1. Content Development Manager
    Leveraging their communication expertise, graduates may assume roles as Content Development Managers, overseeing the creating of engaging and impactful content across various platforms.
  1. Government Affairs Specialist
    AIU Doctorate in Communication holders may find roles as Government Affairs Specialists, adeptly navigating the intersection of communication and government relations to shape public policy discussions and outcomes.

Tools for Communication Professionals

In the dynamic communication realm, professionals rely on a diverse toolkit to navigate modern complexities. From strategic planning to execution, the right tools are essential for success. This curated list highlights critical resources that empower communication professionals to craft compelling content, manage social media, and conduct data-driven analysis.

In the dynamic field of communication, professionals require a robust toolkit to navigate the complexities of the modern landscape. From strategic planning to effective execution, communication professionals rely on various tools to streamline workflows and enhance outcomes. Whether crafting compelling content, managing a social media presence, or conducting data-driven analysis, having the right tools is crucial for success. Here’s a curated list of essential tools that empower communication professionals to excel in their roles:

Associations for Communication Professionals

Navigating the intricate communication landscape is facilitated by being part of professional associations that offer valuable resources and networking opportunities. Doctorate in Communication professionals can benefit from engaging with these associations, fostering personal and career growth. Here is a list of notable associations that provide a platform for knowledge exchange, collaboration, and staying abreast of industry trends:

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Doctorate in Communication Requirements

Admission to the online Doctorate in Communication program at AIU requires candidates to hold a Master’s degree in a relevant field, providing a solid academic foundation for advanced studies. Additionally, applicants should have a minimum of five years of practical experience in the field of communication, ensuring a cohort of professionals with substantial industry exposure. This combination of academic excellence and real-world experience is integral to the program’s commitment to fostering a dynamic and well-rounded learning environment. Prospective students are encouraged to demonstrate their passion for communication, leadership potential, and a commitment to making a significant impact in the field.

How Can You Apply?

  1. Follow the provided link to input your personal and educational details for your Doctorate in Communication application.
  2. Enhance your application by attaching your comprehensive resume to the designated form.
  3. Prior to submission, take a moment to meticulously review the entire application to ensure accuracy and completeness.
  4. Once satisfied with the details, proceed confidently to submit your application, marking the first step towards embarking on a transformative journey in the field of communication.

Financial Support & Scholarships

Embarking on the pursuit of your Doctorate in Communication online at AIU is now more attainable than ever. Recognizing the financial challenges often associated with advanced education, we’ve curated a range of scholarships designed to meet diverse circumstances. By sharing your details, you set in motion the process of uncovering scholarships precisely tailored to your needs. Initiate this journey by submitting your inquiry, allowing us to guide you through the myriad possibilities. At AIU, we are committed to not only providing an enriching academic experience in communication but also ensuring it is financially feasible for you. Take the first step toward your online doctoral journey with AIU and explore the customized financial support awaiting your application.

How Much Does a Doctorate in Chemistry Cost Per Year?

Navigating your academic journey at AIU ensures confidence in the affordability of our Doctorate in Communication program. With a total affordable cost, we understand the financial considerations that come with advanced education. To enhance convenience, we offer a flexible monthly payment plan, making the pursuit of a doctoral degree not just a goal but a financial reality. 

At AIU, our commitment extends to providing exceptional education without compromising your financial stability. Immerse yourself in a community where outstanding learning seamlessly integrates with adaptable financial solutions, ensuring your educational aspirations in communication become effortlessly attainable.


How long does it typically take to complete an online PhD in communication?

It typically takes 3-5 years to complete PhD in Communication online.

Are online doctoral programs in communication widely recognized in the academic and professional fields?

Yes, online doctoral programs in communication are increasingly recognized in both academic and professional fields. The online doctoral program in Communication at AIU is widely accepted everywhere and as technology advances, the acceptance and recognition of online doctoral degrees continue to grow.

Can I specialize in digital or media communication in an online doctorate program?

Yes, AIU’s online doctorate program offer specializations in digital or media communication, allowing you to focus your studies on these specific areas within the broader field of communication.

How interactive are online doctoral courses in communication studies?

Online doctoral courses in communication studies are highly interactive, incorporating virtual discussions, collaborative projects, and real-time communication tools to facilitate engagement and meaningful interactions among students and professors.

Are there any fully online PhD programs in mass communication?

Yes, AIU offers one of the best online PhD programs in mass communication.

How do online communication doctoral programs balance theory and practical application?

Online communication doctoral programs typically balance theory and practical application by integrating case studies, hands-on projects, and real-world applications into the curriculum. This approach ensures that students gain both theoretical knowledge and practical skills relevant to the field.