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Doctorate in Business Communication

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Welcome to the forefront of academic excellence in business communication with Atlantic International University’s (AIU) innovative Online Doctorate in Business Communication program. As the global landscape of corporate communication continues to evolve, our program stands as a beacon for individuals seeking advanced knowledge and expertise in the field. Tailored to meet the demands of the digital age, our online doctorate program offers a flexible and dynamic learning experience that combines the rigor of a traditional Ph.D. with the convenience of online education.

At AIU, we understand the pivotal role effective holistic communication plays in the success of modern businesses. Our Doctorate in Business Communication program goes beyond conventional boundaries, integrating the latest corporate communication strategies, technology, and leadership principles advancements. Whether you are exploring Ph.D. programs in corporate communication or seeking a Ph.D. in business communication, AIU provides a comprehensive and contemporary curriculum that prepares you to address the multifaceted challenges of today’s business environment.

Join a community of dedicated scholars and practitioners passionate about advancing the field of business communication. Our online platform fosters collaboration, enabling you to engage with a diverse cohort of professionals worldwide. Embark on a transformative journey where you can balance your academic pursuits with professional responsibilities, all while benefiting from the expertise of our distinguished faculty. The Online Doctorate in Business Communication at Atlantic International University is your gateway to becoming a thought leader in corporate communication, strategic messaging, and organizational leadership.

Core Courses & Topics: Online Doctorate in Business Communication

Explore advanced academic opportunities in Doctorate in Business Communication colleges with top-tier institutions offering specialized PhD programs. Engage in in-depth studies tailored to enhance expertise in PhD in business communication. Discover many options for PhD programs in business communication, providing comprehensive education and cutting-edge insights for addressing the challenges of the modern professional landscape. Elevate your scholarly and professional pursuits with these esteemed institutions.

  • Strategic Management
  • Organizational Communication
  • Legal Environment of the Company
  • Business Communication
  • Management Information Systems
  • Production and Operations Management
  • Fundamentals of Corporate Finance
  • Business Policy
  • Public Relations
  • Intercultural Communication
  • Team Communication
  • Ethics
  • Business Presentations
  • Human Communication
  • Fundamentals of Business Writing
  • Contexts of Business Communication
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Orientation Courses

Embark on your academic journey with our comprehensive orientation courses tailored for the Online Doctorate in Business Communication program. Whether you’re transitioning from a Master’s Degrees in business communication or aspiring to pursue a Ph.D. in business communication, our online orientation courses provide a solid foundation for success. 

Explore the unique and unrepeatable aspects of the business communication landscape in the online realm and gain valuable insights into effective virtual collaboration and leadership. This orientation is designed to seamlessly transition you into the dynamic world of business communication, preparing you for the rigor and depth of the online doctorate program.

  • Communication & Investigation (Comprehensive Resume)
  • Organization Theory (Portfolio)
  • Experiential Learning (Autobiography)
  • Academic Evaluation (Questionnaire)
  • Fundament of Knowledge (Integration Chart)
  • Fundamental Principles I (Philosophy of Education)
  • Professional Evaluation (Self Evaluation Matrix)
  • Development of Graduate Study (Guarantee of an Academic Degree)


Research Projects in Online Doctorate in Business Communication

Elevate your academic experience with our Online Doctorate in Business Communication, where research takes center stage. Immerse yourself in cutting-edge projects designed for the virtual realm, perfectly aligning with the ethos of an online counter business communication degree. 

As a participant in our Ph.D. Business Communication program, you’ll engage with projects that delve into the intersection of technology and effective communication strategies. Explore the nuances of online communication platforms, analyze real-world case studies, and contribute to the evolving landscape of distance learning business communication.

  • Doctoral Dissertation Project
  • MBM900 Doctoral Proposal
  • MBM902 Doctoral Dissertation (15,000 words)
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AIU’s Outstanding Student Experience

Embark on a transformative student experience with our Doctorate in Business Communication, tailored for individuals holding a Masters in Business seeking to elevate their expertise. Immerse yourself in a dynamic learning environment that seamlessly integrates your prior business degree knowledge with the intricacies of an advanced communication program. Engage in collaborative research projects, interactive seminars, and real-world case studies, cultivating a holistic understanding of the evolving landscape of business communication. Our program prioritizes a student-centric approach, offering personalized mentorship and a supportive community that enhances your journey toward earning a Ph.D. in Business Communication. Embrace a unique opportunity to not only expand your academic horizons but also contribute meaningfully to the field, making your student experience both enriching and impactful.

Community & Social

Joining the AIU Doctorate in Business Communication program is not just about advancing your academic pursuits; it’s about becoming an integral part of a thriving virtual community. While the program is conducted online, the Virtual Campus, Mobile App, and advanced technologies create a dynamic and interactive environment.

Dive into the intellectual universe at AIU Online Library that opens its doors to a treasure trove of knowledge—260,000 books and a staggering 30 million peer-reviewed articles, journals, and publications await. Beyond the volumes, AIULink, our exclusive “on-campus” social media platform, provides the virtual space to connect with AIU peers, forging bonds based on shared research areas, majors, industries, and more. It’s not just an education; it’s a collaborative journey into a vast world of ideas. Share your unique story, explore the 13 elements beyond academics contributing to personal growth, and access over 105,000 AIU-created academic contents on the Merlin Media Center.

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Academic Resources

Start your journey towards academic excellence via the Virtual Campus at Atlantic International University. Meticulously crafted to fuse community seamlessly, this platform empowers students on the quest for an online doctorate in business communication. It’s not just a space; it’s a dynamic realm where collaboration and knowledge converge in a digital symphony of learning innovation. Featuring over 25 unique tools, this platform is dedicated to fostering the development, growth, and inspiration necessary for each student to unlock their full potential. A groundbreaking addition awaits AIU students – a Virtual Reality 3D immersive experience that adds a new dimension to the learning journey.

Access to expertise is no longer confined to academia; it extends to the masses, creating a democratized space for knowledge dissemination. This is particularly relevant for those pursuing a Ph.D. in Communication or enrolled in communication graduate programs. The Virtual Campus leverages this shift, offering access to a diverse range of resources, expert insights, and practical learning modules tailored to the specialized needs of online doctorate students in business communication. Immerse yourself in this innovative academic environment, where cutting-edge tools and the latest advancements in communication studies converge to enhance your strategic communication expertise.

Live Classes

Experience the richness of real-time interaction and dynamic learning with our Doctorate in Online Business Communication program, featuring two live classes daily. Delivered by seasoned academics and industry experts, these live sessions offer a unique opportunity for in-depth discussions, collaborative engagement, and immediate feedback. Dive into the intricacies of business communication theories, emerging trends, and case studies as you participate in these daily live classes. This structured approach ensures a vibrant,  interactive, and free academic and learning environment, allowing you to balance academic pursuits with the flexibility of online learning. Immerse yourself in the world of online business communication, where each live class is a stepping stone towards your doctoral excellence.

Career Center

Unlock a pathway to career success with the dedicated Career Center tailored for the Doctorate in Business Communication program at AIU. Our Career Center is committed to empowering doctoral candidates with the tools, resources, and guidance needed to navigate the professional landscape successfully. Through personalized career counseling, resume building workshops, and mock interviews, we equip you with the skills to transition from academia to impactful roles in business communication seamlessly.

Stay connected with industry trends and job opportunities through our extensive network of corporate partners. The Career Center facilitates networking events, industry-specific webinars, and recruitment drives, providing valuable connections for your career advancement.

Job Opportunities

Elevate your career with a dynamic opportunity for a Doctorate in Business Communication. As a candidate with advanced expertise, you will contribute significantly to the company’s strategic communication and organizational leadership. Leverage your research-driven insights to develop effective communication strategies that align with business objectives. Collaborate cross-functionally to enhance internal and external communication, utilizing cutting-edge practices in the ever-evolving business communication landscape. 

  1. Strategic Communication: Develop and implement communication strategies aligned with organizational goals.
  1. Research Leadership: Utilize your research-driven insights to enhance communication practices and stay ahead of industry trends.
  1. Cross-functional Collaboration: Collaborate with various departments to ensure cohesive communication internally and externally.
  1. Thought Leadership: Contribute to the organization’s thought leadership by sharing your expertise through publications, presentations, and industry engagement.
  1. Training and Development: Provide guidance and training to team members on effective business communication practices.
  1. Crisis Communication: Develop and implement crisis communication plans to effectively manage and mitigate potential communication challenges.
  1. Innovative Practices: Stay abreast of emerging technologies and communication tools to integrate innovative practices into the communication strategy.
  1. Performance Evaluation: Assess the effectiveness of communication strategies and make data-driven adjustments for continuous improvement.
  1. Networking: Engage in professional networking to stay connected with industry leaders and peers.
  1. Mentorship: Provide mentorship to junior staff and contribute to the overall learning culture within the organization.

Tools for Business Communication Professionals

Equip yourself for success in the dynamic field of business communication with an arsenal of cutting-edge tools tailored for professionals pursuing a Doctorate in Business Communication.

  1. Slack and Microsoft Teams: Communication and collaboration platforms for real-time interaction and seamless teamwork.
  2. Asana or Trello: Project management tools to streamline workflows and enhance productivity.
  1. Hootsuite or Buffer: Social media management tools for staying connected and engaging with your audience across various platforms.
  2. Tableau or Power BI: Data visualization tools to convey complex information in a compelling and accessible manner.
  3. Grammarly: Advanced writing and editing tool for refining communication outputs and ensuring clarity and professionalism.

These tools collectively empower professionals pursuing a Doctorate in Business Communication to navigate the complexities of the field, enhance their efficiency, and stay at the forefront of innovative communication practices.

Doctorate in Online Business Communication Requirements

Embark on a transformative Doctorate in Online Business Communication at AIU, where academic excellence meets real-world proficiency. Candidates with a Master’s degree in Business Communication or a related field are invited to join our unique program. Bringing at least five years of professional experience, applicants delve deep into communication theories and practical applications. AIU’s program integrates academic rigor with hands-on expertise, fostering a holistic understanding of contemporary business communication complexities. Prospective students committed to advancing their knowledge and making impactful contributions find the perfect synergy of theory and practice at AIU.

How Can You Apply?

Applying for a Doctorate in Business Communication at AIU is a straightforward process. Here’s a step-by-step guide:

  • Visit the Website
       – Navigate to the official Atlantic International University (AIU) website.
  • Explore Programs
       – Browse through the available programs to find the Doctorate in Business Communication.
  •  Click on the Link
       – Click on the provided link for the Doctorate in Business Communication program.
  • Access the Application Form
       – Locate and access the online application form for the Doctorate program.
  • Fill in Your Details
       – Complete the application form by providing your personal and academic details as required.
  • Submit the Application
       – Once you’ve filled in all the necessary information, submit your application through the online portal.
  • Confirmation
       – Await a confirmation message indicating that your application has been successfully submitted.
  • Receive a Call
       – Expect to receive a call from one of AIU’s academic advisors who will guide you through the next steps of the application process.
  • Consultation with Advisor
       – During the call, discuss your academic and professional background, clarify any queries, and receive guidance on the program.
  • Further Instructions
        – Follow any additional instructions provided by the academic advisor, which may include submitting supplementary documents or scheduling an interview.
  • Application Review
        – AIU’s admission team will review your application and documentation.
  • Acceptance Notification
        – Await an acceptance notification, outlining the next steps for enrollment if your application is successful.

By following these steps, you can seamlessly apply for the Doctorate in Business Communication at AIU, ensuring a smooth and guided application process.

Financial Support & Scholarships

Discover exciting scholarship opportunities for the Doctorate in Business Communication at Atlantic International University (AIU) by submitting your details here. This dedicated link provides a direct pathway to explore the range of scholarships available, tailored to support your academic journey. By filling in your details, you’ll gain valuable insights into the diverse scholarship options that AIU offers, ensuring that you can make the most informed decisions regarding financial support for your Doctorate in Business Communication. Don’t miss out on this chance to unlock possibilities and enhance your academic pursuits through AIU’s scholarship programs.

How Much Does Online Doctorate in Business Communication Cost Per Year?

Embark on your academic journey with AIU, where pursuing a Doctorate in Business Communication is both enriching and affordable. Our program stands out with an accessible total cost, providing an exceptional value proposition for your advanced education. Enjoy the convenience of a flexible monthly payment plan.


What can I do with a Ph.D. in communications?

With a PhD in communications, you can pursue a variety of career paths such as academia, research, consulting, or leadership roles in industries such as media, public relations, advertising, and corporate communications. This advanced degree equips you with expertise in communication theory, research methods, and critical analysis, making you well-suited for roles that require strategic communication planning, policy development, and a deep understanding of media dynamics.

Which PhD is best for business?

PhD in Business Communications is the best PhD course for business.

How long is a PhD in communications?

Ph.D. in communications typically ranges from 4 to 6 years, depending on the program, research requirements, and individual progress.

Is there financial aid available for doctoral students?

Yes. AIU offers different scholarships for doctoral students.

Is the program offered on a full-time or part-time basis?

Both are possible as per your convenience for online Doctorate in Business Communication at AIU.

Are there opportunities for industry collaboration?

Yes, there are potent opportunities for industry collaboration in a doctorate in business communication. Many programs encourage or require students to engage in practical experiences, internships, or collaborative projects with industry partners, providing valuable real-world insights and enhancing the practical applicability of research.

How are technology trends incorporated into the curriculum?

Technology trends are incorporated into the curriculum of a business communication doctorate through the integration of relevant coursework, case studies, and research projects. This ensures that students stay current with advancements in communication technologies, such as digital media, social platforms, and data analytics. Additionally, programs may involve industry guest speakers, workshops, or partnerships with technology companies to provide firsthand exposure to emerging tools and practices.

What networking opportunities are available for students?

Students in business communication doctorate programs have networking opportunities through conferences, seminars, and workshops in the field. Additionally, programs often facilitate connections with professionals through alumni networks, industry partnerships, and guest lectures, providing valuable networking opportunities for career advancement and collaboration.