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Bachelor in Fine Arts

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The online Bachelor in Fine Arts program at Atlantic International University (AIU) provides a unique blend of artistic exploration and flexible learning. Students can delve into various creative disciplines, including visual arts, graphic design, and multimedia while benefiting from AIU’s flexible commitment. The program’s online format and focus allows individuals to pursue their interest and passion for the arts without geographical constraints, enabling a diverse and global student community.

AIU’s flexible approach caters to students’ varied needs, accommodating busy schedules and personal commitments. With asynchronous learning options, students can access lectures and assignments conveniently, fostering a self-paced and personalized educational experience. This adaptability benefits aspiring artists who balance their artistic pursuits with other responsibilities. The undergraduate degree from AIU empowers students to shape their artistic journey while enjoying the convenience of a flexible and accessible learning environment.

Important: Here is an illustration of the subjects or domains you might explore and engage with throughout your academic journey. This list is neither exhaustive nor mandatory, as AIU programs diverge from standardized curricula. It serves merely as a reference and sample. Are you interested in delving deeper into the curriculum structure at AIU?

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Courses and Topics in Bachelor of Fine Arts

The Bachelor of Fine Arts program at Atlantic International University offers diverse courses and topics to cultivate artistic expertise. Students can immerse themselves in areas such as Visual Arts, Graphic Design, Multimedia, and more. 

The curriculum is planned and curated to foster creativity, critical thinking, and technical skills essential for a successful career in the arts. With a flexible approach, AIU allows students to tailor their academic journey to align with personal interests. From exploring traditional artistic mediums to embracing cutting-edge digital techniques, the program provides a comprehensive foundation for aspiring artists. This dynamic blend of courses reflects AIU’s commitment to nurturing individual artistic expression within a global and accessible learning environment.

  • Renaissance through Modern Art
  • Sculpture
  • Drawing
  • Painting
  • Photography
  • Principles of Design
  • Printmaking
  • Three-Dimensional Design
  • Digital Design
  • Contemporary Art
  • Modern Art
  • Latin American Art
  • African Art
  • Aspects of Asian Art
  • History of Photography

Orientation Courses

The Bachelor of Fine Arts program at Atlantic International University introduces students to essential orientation courses that lay the groundwork for a vibrant artistic journey. These courses cover fundamental aspects, including Art History, Visual Culture, and Creative Process, providing a comprehensive understanding of the artistic landscape. 

Students delve into foundational concepts that shape their artistic perspective, fostering a deep appreciation for fine arts’ historical and contemporary dimensions. The orientation courses at AIU serve as a launching pad, equipping students with the knowledge and insights necessary to navigate various artistic disciplines. 

By blending theory with hands-on exploration, these courses set the stage to prepare students for a dynamic and enriching educational experience, empowering individuals to embark on a fulfilling and diverse artistic career.

  • Communication & Investigation (Comprehensive Resume)
  • Organization Theory (Portfolio)
  • Experiential Learning (Autobiography)
  • Seminar Administrative Development (Book Summary)
  • Seminar Cultural Development (Practical Experience)
  • Seminar International Development (Publications)

Research Projects in Bachelor in Fine Arts

The Bachelor of Fine Arts program at AIU strongly emphasizes research projects, offering students a platform to explore and innovate within the realm of artistic expression. These projects encourage in-depth investigation into diverse artistic themes, techniques, and cultural influences. Through hands-on exploration and theoretical analysis, students develop critical research skills while honing their creative vision. 

The flexibility of AIU’s program allows individuals to tailor their research projects to personal interests, fostering a dynamic and personalized learning experience. These projects contribute to academic growth and empower aspiring artists to make meaningful contributions to the evolving landscape of fine arts. AIU’s commitment to research in the Bachelor of Fine Arts program reflects a dedication to nurturing creative thinkers and visionaries in the artistic domain. 

  • MBM300 Thesis Proposal
  • MBM302 Bachelor Thesis (5,000 words)

Publication: Each BFA graduate is encouraged to publish their research papers in the public domain through journals, periodicals, or web portals.

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Transformative Bachelor’s Degree Student Journey at AIU

The bfa degrees at Atlantic International University embarks students on a transformative artistic journey, fostering a profound evolution of skills, vision, and self-discovery. Through a dynamic blend of hands-on exploration and theoretical learning, individuals undergo a metamorphosis, refining their creative expression and honing a unique artistic voice. The program’s flexibility enables students to tailor their educational path, accommodating personal interests and aspirations. 

The diverse curriculum and engaging projects encourage students to push boundaries, experiment with various mediums, and explore the intersections of art and culture. As students progress through general studies, they become adept at critical thinking and develop a deep appreciation for fine arts’ historical and contemporary dimensions. This transformative journey at AIU nurtures artistic excellence and equips graduates with the confidence and skills to thrive in the dynamic field of the art world.

Community & Social

The online program at AIU cultivates an energetic community using cutting-edge technologies and collaborative tools, ensuring a nurturing academic journey. Through platforms like the Virtual Campus, Mobile APP, MYAIU, AIULink, and AIUTV, students, faculty, and alumni unite, creating a network of interconnected minds. Engaging in thought-provoking symposiums, webinars, and conferences fosters global connections among the community.

Accessing the Merlin Media Center provides a wealth of academic resources while staying linked through AIULink, which ensures ongoing connectivity. The AIU Virtual Campus, APP compatible with Android and iOS, offers effortless access to programs, tools, and academic resources. These platforms facilitate sharing personal narratives, exploring holistic development, and contributing to the betterment of humanity, shaping an unparalleled AIU experience.

Academic Resources

At Atlantic International University, the Virtual Campus is an innovative center equipped with more than 25 specialized tools, all geared towards supporting and empowering students throughout their educational endeavors. Our newest feature, the Virtual Reality 3D immersive experience, elevates community interaction and nurtures growth, motivation, and inspiration among our diverse student population. 

Also, AIU includes the leading Artificial intelligence (AI) tools such as ChatGPT, Dall-E and Midjoruney, PDF Executive Assistance, and Slide Generator, plus others, and is adding new AI tools to ensure students are fluent in this emerging trend and benefit from the boost in productivity they bring.

Within our extensive online library, comprising 260,000 books and 30 million peer-reviewed articles, alongside 105,000 resources co-curated by the AIU community, we establish an unmatched academic setting dedicated to fostering our students’ growth, development, and success.

Live Classes

AIU introduces an innovative approach to virtual learning by incorporating dynamic live sessions twice daily. One can also access these live classes from the archive that hosts 100s of courses that can be combined to personalize a student’s academic journey. Led by seasoned faculty and experts from various industries, these sessions offer real-time discussions, interactive Q&A segments, and collaborative problem-solving, enriching your comprehension of community and public health. 

Participating in these sessions augments your expertise, equipping you to shape policies and refine your skills in hospitality. AIU’s live classes promise intellectually engaging dialogues, up-to-the-minute industry perspectives, and individualized instructor feedback, guaranteeing a rewarding journey through the study of the Fine Arts Curriculum. 

The following are the live classes to choose courses you can check out second year if you are interested in studying for a creative or fine arts degree.

Street Smarts, Culinary Arts A Boy’s Ascent in the World of Fine Dining by Elif Kalaycı

Special Projects, Research, Publications, and Co-Authoring

At AIU, all students pursuing and in the Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) program are encouraged to engage in special projects, research initiatives, and publications, fostering a dynamic academic environment. Special projects allow students to explore innovative ideas and encourage artistic expression. Research opportunities allow individuals to delve deep into various facets of the art world, contributing to advancing knowledge within the liberal arts discipline.

AIU strongly emphasizes publications, encouraging students to showcase their findings, creative works, and insights through scholarly journals and artistic publications. This commitment to dissemination enriches the academic community and provides students with a valuable avenue for sharing their unique perspectives.

Co-authoring opportunities further enhance collaboration, allowing students to work alongside faculty or peers on joint projects. This collaborative approach broadens the scope of research and nurtures a sense of community within the creative fields. AIU’s emphasis on special projects, research, publications, and co-authoring reflects a commitment to cultivating a vibrant and collaborative learning environment for aspiring artists and scholars.

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Career Center for Bachelor in Fine Arts

The Career Center at Atlantic International University for the Bachelor in Fine Arts degree is a dedicated resource empowering students for successful professional journeys. Tailored to the unique needs of aspiring artists, the center provides career guidance, internship opportunities, and networking platforms. Students gain access to industry insights, portfolio development assistance, and job placement services, ensuring a seamless transition from academia to the art world. 

The Career Center fosters connections with the creative arts industries, equipping graduates with the tools to thrive in diverse artistic careers. Through workshops, resume reviews, and industry partnerships, AIU’s Career Center is vital in preparing Fine Arts students for fulfilling and impactful careers in the ever-evolving visual and creative arts field.

Job Description

As a Bachelor in Fine Arts graduate, you have a diverse skill set to thrive in creative roles. Your expertise spans visual arts, graphic design, and multimedia, making you an invaluable asset in industries seeking artistic innovation. Whether working as a graphic designer, multimedia artist, or visual content creator, you bring an eye for aesthetics and a deep understanding of creative principles. 

Your ability to convey emotions and concepts through various mediums positions you for roles in advertising, digital media, or even as an independent artist. With an undergraduate degree and a Bachelor in Fine Arts, you are prepared to contribute your artistic flair to dynamic and evolving professional environments.

Employment Opportunities for Bachelor in Fine Arts

A Bachelor’s in Fine Arts opens many employment opportunities across various creative industries. Graduates can pursue roles such as:
  • Graphic Designer: This person creates visual concepts using computer software to communicate ideas for various purposes, including advertisements, websites, and marketing materials.
  • Multimedia Artist/Animator: Developing visual effects, animations, and other multimedia elements for video games, movies, and online platforms.
  • Art Director: Led visual design teams, oversaw the artistic direction of projects, and ensured cohesive visual branding.
  • Illustrator: Creating visual representations for books, magazines, advertisements, and digital media.
  • Fine Artist: Pursuing a career as an independent artist, exhibiting and selling artwork through galleries or online platforms.
  • Web Designer/Developer: Designed and built visually appealing and user-friendly websites.
  • Art Teacher/Instructor: Sharing knowledge and skills with others through educational institutions or private tutoring.
  • Creative Director: Providing leadership and vision for creative teams, ensuring alignment with overall business objectives.
  • Advertising Specialist: Developing visual content and campaigns to promote products or services.
  • Curator/Museum Technician: Managing and organizing art collections in museums or galleries.

With two degrees and a Bachelor’s in Fine Arts, graduates have the flexibility to choose courses explore diverse career paths within the dynamic and ever-expanding field of visual arts and creativity.

Tools for Professionals with Bachelor in Fine Arts

These tools cater to various aspects of a Fine Arts professional’s work, from digital illustration and 3D modeling to video editing and portfolio presentation.

Associations for Professionals with Bachelor in Fine Arts

These associations offer networking opportunities, professional development, and resources for individuals with a Bachelor in Fine Arts.

College Art Association (CAA): CAA supports professionals in the visual arts, offering resources, conferences, and publications.

American Institute of Graphic Arts (AIGA): AIGA focuses on graphic design, providing a network, events, and design resources.

National Art Education Association (NAEA): NAEA supports art educators with advocacy, professional development, and resources.

Graphic Artists Guild: The guild advocates for graphic artists and provides resources on business practices.

Art Directors Club (ADC): ADC celebrates excellence in visual communication and design.

International Sculpture Center (ISC): ISC promotes the creation, understanding, and appreciation of sculpture.

American Illustration and Animation (AI-AP): AI-AP celebrates the best in contemporary illustration and animation.

National Society for Education in Art and Design (NSEAD): NSEAD supports art and design educators with resources and advocacy.

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Bachelor in Fine Arts Requirements

Applicants normally require a high school diploma or equivalent to pursue a Bachelor of Fine Arts. Admission may require a portfolio showcasing artistic work and a statement of purpose. The subject area encompasses visual arts, graphic design, and multimedia courses, fostering creative and technical skills. 

Students engage in hands-on projects and may participate in symposiums. Graduation requirements for one degree include completing the designated coursework and often presenting a final project. Additionally, a commitment to artistic expression, creativity, and a passion for such arts are essential for students pursuing one degree and a success in the degree.

How Can You Apply?

To apply for a Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) Degree:

  1. Visit the university’s admissions portal and complete the online application.
  2. Submit your high school transcripts or equivalent, along with a portfolio showcasing your artistic work.
  3. Craft a compelling statement of purpose expressing your passion for the visual arts. 

Some liberal arts institutions may require letters of recommendation. Pay the application fee and await the admission decision. If accepted, fulfill any additional requirements and prepare for a transformative journey in the dynamic and creative field of Fine Arts.

Financial Support & Scholarships

We’re excited to present an array of scholarships crafted for our bachelor students. Kindly share your details to unlock numerous scholarship possibilities to bolster your academic endeavors. Allow us to aid you in reaching your educational aspirations and fostering your scholarly pursuits.

How Much Does Bachelor in Fine Arts Cost Per Year?

We recognize the significance of financial flexibility in your educational endeavors. Hence, depending on the type of program you choose, we have introduced a convenient monthly payment plan to make your pursuit of a bachelor’s degree manageable and free from financial worries. Our exceptionally affordable tuition fee covers the expense of a Bachelor in Fine Arts. So, secure your future with AIU, where first-rate education aligns perfectly with your budget. Your aspirations are well within your grasp.


Can I specialize in a specific art medium within a BFA degree?

Bachelor in Fine Arts (BFA) degree allow students to specialize in a specific art medium. Specializations may include painting, sculpture, digital media, graphic design, or other disciplines. Students often have the flexibility to tailor their coursework, projects, and research to focus on their chosen artistic or different mediums, allowing for a more personalized and in-depth exploration of their preferred area of expertise.

What career opportunities are available with a Bachelor in Fine Arts?

A Bachelor in Fine Arts opens diverse career paths, including graphic designer, multimedia artist, art director, illustrator, web designer, fine artist, creative and studio art director, advertising specialist, and art teacher. Graduates can contribute their artistic skills to design, entertainment, education, and advertising industries or pursue independent careers, self-employed as exhibiting artists or self-employed as freelancers.

Are there online options for pursuing a BFA degree?

Many universities and art institutions offer online Bachelor in Fine Arts (BFA) programs. These online options allow students to engage in coursework, projects and critiques remotely. Virtual platforms enable students to access lectures, participate in discussions, and submit assignments, making it convenient for those seeking a BFA degree while balancing other commitments or studying from different locations.

How does a Fine Arts degree differ from other art-related degrees?

A Fine Arts degree, such as a Bachelor in Fine Arts (BFA), typically offers a broad and interdisciplinary approach to general studies, encompassing various artistic mediums. It emphasizes creativity, expression, and skill development. Other art-related degrees, like Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Art or Bachelor of Science (BS) in Graphic Design, may focus more on combining art with broader academic or technical elements.

What skills can I expect to develop during a BFA program in college?

In a BFA education, you can expect to develop skills in visual expression, creative thinking, and communication skills and technical proficiency. You’ll hone your ability to communicate ideas through various artistic mediums, gain critical analysis skills, and cultivate a serious interest studio art and deep understanding of art history and cultural influences. Additionally, you’ll enhance your problem-solving capabilities and develop a strong foundation for a career in the visual arts.