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Paul Katao Silwamba, Master of Public Health - January-31-2016
I really appreciated the support, encouragements and the coaching of t

I must say this is my first time to study in such a wonderful university, where the learning system is based on Andragogy and Omnology, which is a totally different philosophy and method where study lies upon self-actualized knowledge and information.

I have been striving to achieve my courses and assignments all that while, due to my tight time table and busy working programme but I must say that, I really appreciated the support, encouragements and the coaching of tutors and students services, who never failed to revive me.

In The School of Business and Economics where I was registered, the learning system has given me more added values towards my work and helped me to improve much better my skills, coming to talk about critical analysis, problem solving, creativity, and effective communication. I have once more positioned myself, as one of the most valuable resource in a variety of situations in my work.

This is one of the most wonderful events that ever happened to me during the past couple of years.

Above all, allow me to say a big chapeau to AIU, for the quality of all the courses that were being designed for some of us, who were busy and to whom distance learning has been brought closer to home.  

As of today and to my satisfaction I can say that, determination, courage and effort have yielded excellent results whereas, I have gained much more support and trust of my supervisors and peers to also handle supervisory roles and work in harmony and mutual respect with my subordinates, with due respect to diversity and gender.

My experience in AIU, gives me tools to work with people in various situations and I value it for better outcome in a workplace. In addition to that, it gives me the possibility to train, guide and supervise more junior level staff too.

I am a very dynamic, positive, eager to learn person and passionate about making difference in other people’s lives. I will remain an ardent believer in AIU values and will continue to make a meaningful contribution, to this University. @import url(;

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