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Besong Ogork, Doctor of Philosophy, PhD in Developmental Studies - November-22-2016
I write to share my experience at Atlantic International University


I write to share my experience at Atlantic International University, Honolulu, USA. I was enrolled into the School of Social and Human Studies in June, 2014 for a Doctorate Program in Developmental Studies.

               I obtained my M.Sc. degree in 1991 from the University of Reading in the United Kingdom as a full time student on a scholarship program of the British Council. Over the years, I longed to further my studies to PhD but could not because of cost and the lack of such training locally. When distant education started becoming a reality in my part of the world, I began to contemplate taking an on-line PhD program. In fact, I discussed this with a friend who is a University Professor in the USA and he strongly discouraged me. His argument was that the standards of distant learning are low. As time went by, I met another friend who happens to be Master Degree alumnae of Reading University- UK like myself, and is also a PhD alumnae of AIU and a Professor in one of our state Universities. When I visited the website of AIU, I was fascinated by the information I found. I then made up my mind to register as a Doctorate Student in June 2014.

               It has indeed been a thrilling experience for me at AIU, in terms of managing my professional responsibilities and my school work. All of this has largely been possible because of the highly qualified team of andragogy professionals as well as an excellent guide book (Doctorate Degree Student Manual).

               The curriculum was quite rich, involving major courses as well as several optional courses that helped to enrich the program. The various assignments were often thought provoking and challenging. The learning facilities such as the library has been amazing.

               Extra-curricular activities especially through the My AIU Campus Life Section and the Campus Mundi Magazine were fascinating. It was however unfortunate for me, that I could not take full advantage of these facilities to participate in the student life at AIU. I am however convinced that many other students did, and thus I will like to encourage the University Authorities to continue having these facilities.

               As I complete my Program at AIU, I hope to remain in touch with the University and definitely will like to be abreast with the various developments through this electronic campus.

               AIU is undoubtedly making a tremendous contribution in knowledge development worldwide. Through its programs and the teaching and learning method it has adopted, it is of course offering an invaluable opportunity to many who’s financial status and other constraints will otherwise not permit them to avail themselves of this quality of education. After completing my program at AIU and considering that I did obtain all my previous education, from Elementary School to Master Degree level as a fulltime student, I strongly see no bases for any argument to think that distant education in this era of ICT can be sub-standard.

               I am foremost delighted to have known AIU and be able to take advantage to study from my remote home and office in Cameroon.

               Indeed I know feel accomplished professionally as I am convinces that the knowledge I have acquired though my program of studies at AIU will take me to an all new level in my career. Even if I do not find a new job as a result of this certificate, which of course was not my objective to study at AIU, I will have fully met my initial objective which was to make me a better professional, by enabling me to develop a broader and analytical mine.

               I feel proud and look forward to when my Doctorate Degree will be conferred on me.


Accept my best regards,


Besong Ogork

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