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Mercy Eberechukwu Opara, Doctor of Education - December-16-2021
The process of admission was very easy and fascinating to me consideri
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My name is Mercy Eberechukwu Opara, a PhD student of Atlantic International University (AIU).  My knowledge about AIU online university was on my usual way of navigating in the internet.  Since I just retired and my days were becoming somehow boring to me despite some social and religious activities.  My brain which has been busy over decades was becoming a bit forgetful or dull.  I perceived that my mental health is paramount apart from the spiritual.  That faithful evening, I was seating on my bed in my bedroom and when I saw AIU’s usual advertisement, I pondered in my spirit and felt that it could be an opportunity.

I jokingly clicked on application option and provided my name, email and phone number as requested.  Instantly, I got a call from Dr. Jaime Rudzewicz who asked me of my interest to study with AIU.  I confirmed with some reservations because of the cost considering Nigeria devaluated currency.  Another thought was like, you have retired but why do you want to go through this stress again.  Even my husband and some of my children expressed same concern.  But I am conscious of what we call “CONSUMATION” in education.  That education is a virtue in life and not just for monetary gains.  It is part of life and has no age barrier but rather, it makes one mentally active and more relevant in his or her society.  It limits one’s limitations and increases one’s opportunity for greatness.  With that thought I made up my mind to enroll as well as convinced my children who knew that I have been busy from my youth and could not afford to be mentally idle now.  All these interactions happened in a jiffy.

Just like a dream, I requested for scholarship during my discussion or interview with Jaime after I have provided all the information, he asked of such as my career experience (which includes working with United Nations Children’s Fund before retirement), educational qualifications and others I could not even remember.  The same evening which is their own day, we exchanged correspondence and the summary is that I was graciously given rebate and was asked to submit my CV and credentials immediately which I did.  Within few minutes, what I received was congratulations, you have been admitted in the university to study Doctorate in Education with major on Social and Human Studies at the same day, just like play with an amount so moderate for me to pay.  This was fantastic for me because my educational background is Bachelor in Education (Social Studies) and Masters in Education (Educational Administration and Planning) amongst others.

The process of admission was very easy and fascinating to me considering the stress one goes through in my own part of the world.  This made me to think that I was going to learn a different approach to life.  Though it was very tasking with the deadline of submission of assignment within five days of receipt.   Some times I went blank or read and could not understand because of other clouded thoughts, responsibilities and activities but when I remembered that this course was to bring out the best of me with the simplified approach to learning established by AIU, I became courageous, determined and resilient.  Most of my nights were used for my assignments and long seating in the day due to power instability in my country.

The course enlarged my intellectual horizon to a great deal and subjected me into more positive thinking as well as reflection because I love learning.  The thesis was another big milestone to make me to believe in myself that I can make it.  It was an eye opener as I interviewed some PHD holders both in education and other fields.  The questionnaire administration was also resourceful capturing all the issues which actually cause decline on the quality of education which was confirmation that my subject of study “Assessing the Effect of Behavioral Change in Achieving Quality in Education” was not an assumption but a fact.  This has been proven daily in the social media, Radio and television discussions as a fact.  With the support AIU and the entire staff both for provision of learning materials and effective communication, I am excited today as well as members of my family to note that I have succeeded.  I am undoubtedly, a PHD holder in education as my self-fulfilled prophecy.

I sincerely thank God and the AIU as a body including their staff especially, Jaime Rotlewicz, Dr. Edward Lambert, Iryna Ivashuk, Liliana Penaranda, Freddy Frejus and others who contributed immensely to the success of my doctorate degree course.  I am confident and willing to recommend AIU to any body who is interested and could pay.  I see AIU as relatively a Charitable Organization which makes education accessible for all even the less privilege.

I immensely acknowledge my husband’s and children’s contributions and support in the areas of finance, provision of materials, inspiration and encouragement.  I mostly acknowledge the respondents of the questionnaires for responding appropriately and for returning the instruments on time.  The interviewees, Dr. Air Marshal Tsaro Dii Rtd, Mrs Idiok Uwem, Dr. Ubi I. Ubi, Dr. Iyke Oji and Dr. Chimezirim Onuabuobi who actually sacrificed their time, wealth of knowledge, experiences and skills are specially acknowledged

That I am defended my thesis today, kudos and long live Atlantic International University.  Long live everyone for making my dream come through. I remain loyal.


Dr. (Mrs) Mercy Eberechukwu Opara

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