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Adekemi Adebamiji, Master of Psychology - September-9-2022
Studying in AIU has been a wonderful experience for me from the day I
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Studying in AIU has been a wonderful experience for me from the day I decided to enroll in the online Masters class. It has been an eye opener for me academically, psychologically and helped even paved way for me in other aspects of my life.


Everyone is welcomed in AIU from every part of the world without any form of discrimination whether you are Black, white, Hispanic or Asian. Everyone is being welcomed with love and this means a lot to me. Personally, when a new tutor was assigned to me I wasn’t sure how I was going to relate with her because she is white, but sincerely with Cindy it has been even much more cordial. Also, I feel more comfortable to ask as many questions as possible because of her readiness to answer every question that I asked.


Moving forward, in AIU I get to pick courses that will sum up my points towards graduation, I find this tricky at the beginning but after few email exchanges with my tutor, it interests me to know what courses to pick among all the available courses. I was able to put together all the courses that graduated me to this level that I am today. AIU doesn’t force me into what doesn’t work for me. With this definitely, I was able to shine like the star that I am.


I dare not forget the quick responses I get from my tutors for grading my courses, its always comes in time which enables me to move to other phases of my courses without delay.


The way AIU is designed, I get to interact with my advisor and tutor directly 24/7 through their personal e-mails without restrictions and I will be responded to in no time. I can remember one of my tutors even calling me back on phone after I dropped a message when she was offline. Would I have asked for more? Thumbs up to AIU and all the academics staffs.

Although, I felt a bit odd that the AIU online platform does not create an avenue for interaction among students, this makes learning more stressful for me due to my past learning experience from other institution. For me, AIU should create a platform that allows students to relate among themselves.


More so, the good thing about the online platform is that it is so easy to navigate and the interphase is user friendly, there has never been time during my learning that the platform has been down, whenever I come online, I find my learning interesting. Distance is no barrier to learning because I have resources to put me through in every phase of your academics, all you have to do is search the platform for all these resources and you will find whatever you are searching for readily available.


However, nothing good comes easy especially for me as a working-class student, and a mother with so much responsibility both at work and home front. It was a bit tough on the way but with determination I have been able to pull through over this period and I’m glad I made it through as this has really opened more doors for me. If I can do it, anyone else can. It is about my focus.


Finally, I must commend the school for the part scholarship granted to me from the beginning of my academic and when I was making the final full payment, sincerely it came as a big relief for me. It really means a lot to me, thanks to you all for making this big dream come to reality.


Adekemi Ayoola Adebamiji.


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