Testimonials at AIU for Monday, May 25, 2020


Ezekiel Mvundla, Doctor of Business Management - May-19-2013
I would like to detail my profound gratitude to the AIU family for the


I would like to detail my profound gratitude to the AIU family for their support and encouragement displayed during my journey of discovery. The quality of education offered by the college is beyond this world. It’s fantastic. The assistance offered by the tutors is one that is expected in the modern world. I did not know that I would be able to earn such a high educational level in my life. Truly speaking from the internal person I am grateful and satisfied with my achievements. I also respect the fees charged for such a good quality education.

I am now on the list of highly trained in my country. AIU I salute you. Dr Christine Udarbe and Lambert contributed to my success. There is nothing that succeeds like success. The effort that you have put on me should be demonstrated to others to come.

I cannot conclude my remarks without sharing the knowledge tapped from the set books that was part of my curriculum, the next global stage (think of technology, education/English language, and the USD as important facets of life. What the bleep do WE KNOW? Created for a purpose and the Hidden Connection (the mind as a process and brain as structure). These set books led me to the journey of discoveries. The whole course taught me to respect God as the divine creator. We can do all what we can on this earth, but we need to give due diligent and respect to the master architect and builder of all living being the Lord. In whatever we can do upon this earth we must not forget the lord as our savior.

AIU keep it up to impart knowledge. Your international recognition is of paramount. You have recently became the best University in the world. As a manager in one of the most recognized organization in Zimbabwe I will excel performance. I will preach transformation, transformation in the academic world. I was impressed with the level of my achievement as beat the record in terms of timeframe of my course plus being capped in the DISNTICTION category. I will surely fly to USA for my graduation. An intellectual baby is in Africa through the effort of AIU. Given the quality of education offered I do not hesitate to recommend anyone who want to record growth in his life. LONG LIVE AIU.

In God we trust

EZEKIEL MVUNDLA (Dr) Investigations Manager.

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