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Newell, Elymas Davidson, Doctor of Theology - July-28-2013
By the end of these studies, I really had my time and ventured into co



My Experience at Atlantic International University (AIU)

I came to Europe (Italy) from Ghana on a foreign Mission for my home Church. My role as the Intercultural Coordinator between Blacks and Whites for “Being Church Together” has been so demanding that, I often spent sleepless nights. To kill time, I go navigating on my computer, looking for answers to some challenging questions and issues. It was in course of this that, I discovered the AIU. I filled the form online just to distract myself.

But the speedy response by phone from Prof. Franklin Valcin changed my mind. I decided to give it a trail. The start was not easy. My trails and errors were many. In fact, Franklin’s usual expression: “Be advised to....” always hit me in the face; the distance notwithstanding. But later, I discovered that Franklin was just being frank with me. Prof. Franklin! Thanks for being frank to me.

Great Differences:

Ø For my MPHIL, I have had to be chasing and pleading with my Chief Examiner and the two Examiners. It was frustrating, costly and time consuming. With AIU, in the calm of night, I send mails to my Tutors – Nadia and Ofelia etc... Their responses are fast and their answers were to the points.

Ø The freedom with which I worked on my own, is in sharp contrast with the rigid procedures of my former University.

Ø Surprisingly, African Universities insist on only foreign authors as references. But all my references to African authors as references were accepted by the AIU.

Urge to Work:

Ø The speedy assessments of assignments from the AIU, has been a real spur that urged me on to be assiduous.

The Rigid Standard:

Ø One of my research works was rejected outright. It was the first in my academic endeavours. I tried to defend it. Franklin maintained his stand. After several exchanges of mails, I took his advice and had the grade I wanted. AIU standards are fixed.

By the end of these studies, I really had my time and ventured into courses I had dodged in my field of religious studies. Now, while still abroad, I share some with the Corps Pastoral of my Church in Ghana. I hope to do more when I return to join them.

I am grateful to the AIU and her Staff.

Newell, Elymas Davidson.


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