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Jason Theodore Meade, Master of Environmental Management - December-20-2010
Its programs are best suitable for adults in terms of time, money and





Having searched for an institution that is reasonable in terms of tuition and academic program, and recognizing that my learning styles have changed, adopting Atlantic International University has been the best choice and I will recommend this University to any inquiring minds. At first I had some problems with the outlines of the program and the volume of reports I had to give to indicate my life and work experience, eventually I got the hang of it . It is the first time I am studying with a virtual campus. So having to always be on the computer and the internet was problematic.

I need to mention that Jeff Bordes was a tremendous help to me. I could call him or email him when I had problems. I greatly appreciated the way he cleared the air for me when I was reading all kinds of negative reports on the University and proved these negative descriptions wrong. AIU is a genuine University, providing genuine and credible work to the adult learners. I denounce any such description about AIU. It is the best university I have ever worked with and I will continue to work with it. Its programs are best suitable for adults in terms of time, money and age. Students all over the world have not allowed any of these negative descriptions deter them. They worked with the University and have benefited. An accredited college called Prescott College in Arizona has the same nature of programs like AIU, Where adult learner can design their own degree program. Many people are having retention problems and are failing exams in spite of studying hard. The programs at AIU will ease such mental tension.

I need to say that Viridiana and her staff members were tremendous in that they helped me and showed me how to use the student section and upload my assignments. I greatly appreciate such assistance.

I must give much gratitude to my advisor, Edgar Colon. He was generous and unbiased in marking my assignments. I do not know if there was a team checking my assignments, but I thank them all.

To design my own masters program gave me much skills in research, gathering information and analysis. I did not use the online library very often, but I was able to use a large number of text books to construct the courses. Some of the materials used were outdated however, but they contained relevant information, relating the subject of study. I was using materials dating back to the 1960s, the 1970s, the 1980s, and the 1990s. Unlike some universities, I was never penalized for this. I like the idea of designing your own programs and courses and select your own materials. AIU has shown me how to do everything especially how to craft a bibliography. I am not sure I did it right all the time.

My experience with the University was great and I want to continue to work with them in the future, especially now that I am setting up my science laboratory and conducting scientific research.   

                                                            Yours Respectfully,

                                                                Jason T Meade.   

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