Arhely Espinoza

Arhely Espinoza

Position: Academic Tutor
Phone: 1800 993 0066
Categories: Academy, AIU Staff
Location: Honolulu, United States

  Arhely Espinoza is a Tutor at Atlantic International University. She is a very detail oriented person, as well as organized. She has explored many Fields throughout her academic and professional life; which gives her, a composite understanding  about the world and the people that inhabit it.  She is a great team member, and is always, willing to give the best of her knowledge about the Institution to the incoming students, to help them make the right decisions.

Education/ Special Training:

            2005-Present Morelos Autonomous University

            Morelos, Mexico

            Major: Psychology

            2003-2004 Ishtar Cultural Centers

            Morelos, Mexico

            Theatre workshop

            1998-2001 Department of Public Education

            Morelos, Mexico

            High School

            1995-1997 Alejandro Fleming Institute

            Mexico city, Mexico



            English: Medium writing / Medium conversation /

            Spanish: Good writing / Good conversation /

Work/Volunteer Experience:


2001-2005 “Fotografiarte”

Morelos, Mexico

Photograph and Video assistant