Carlos Aponte

Carlos Aponte

Position: Telecom Director
Categories: Directors, IT
Location: Honolulu, United States


Accomplished telecommunications professional practiced in all aspects of design, installation, and support of Voip ,voice, data transmission, switching  public technologies and noc management.

Professional Summary:

An executive with tested success in restructuring and develop businesses in the Telecommunications segment, design, Installation, O&M (operation and maintenance) of the systems of telecommunications with the skill of the experience and the knowledge.

– A talent creating, optimizing the systems of telecommunications.

– A results-oriented manager who exhibits a unique blend of creative strategic thinking combined with a set of high impact technical skills.

– Titled Electronic Engineering, Electronic Engineering bachelor in university of Peru, post degree in Telecommunication, Electronic Industry of Italy, post degree Telecommunication Engineering in Peru and Master of Telecommunication USA.

Areas of Skill:

– Management & Installation (NOC), VoIP, call center (Asterisk, Linux). (LAN, WAN) (Networking) (Support of office) (VPN) (server, windows 10, windows 2012R2, office pro 2016) (Virtual Machine VMware) (Session Border Controler Sangoma) (firewall SonicWall) (FTP)

– Management & Installation SSW (voipswitch), Pinless Platform and Inconcert (call Center) all traffic SIP protocol, Trixbox PBX (Installation and setup).

– Management & Installation (NOC), VoIP (Cisco),(SS7), National and International Switching (PSTN Ericsson & Siemens) .

– Installation, evaluation and administration of the platforms of fraud (TRP ECTEL) in international calls, commuted  , SS7 Protocol and of VoiP.

– Installation, evaluation and administration of the platforms of prepaid cards in international calls, (Cisco Mind)  commuted and of VoIP.

– Construction, designs, operation, auditory, manufacture of projects, and (corrective preventive)   maintenance of the outside plant telephone.

– It puts into practice strategic alliances with strategic business.

– Perfecting the distribution and localizations of international traffic.

– The analysis of cost in the Local, National and International traffic.

– Redesigns of the central switching and of VoIp for Local, National and International traffic.

– Testing and networking technologies teams in a 24x7x365 operation.

– Design of new services of telecommunications

Professional Experience:

Oct 2013 – Present

AIU – Atlantic International University

– Telecom. Director UNIDES Inc.

– I.T., NOC & MIS Engineer

– Supervision 24x7x365 of the operation and maintenance of the Softswitch Voipswitch, Call Center, Trixbox PBX(asterisk), Router, Firewall and Servers (windows 2012R, 2008.

Jun 2012 – Oct 2013

Outsourcing IT

– Application development, application hosting, application maintenance, data center operations, database administration, desktop support, disaster recovery services, help desk services, IT security, network operations (24x7x365)

Corporate American Solution

2009 – Jun 2012

Cascorporate, Hola Maria & CASTelecom.

– I.T. ,NOC & MIS. Manager (SSW, Platform Call center, Hola Maria (Pinless))

– Supervision 24x7x365 of the operation and maintenance of the two Softswitch VOIPSWITCH, Call Center Inconcert ,Trixbox PBX, Router, Gateway and Pinless Servers .

– Designs, construction, operation and maintenance, fiber optic between call center office.

2008 – 2009 

Bueno Marketing Group

– I.T. MSI. Director (VoIP,Call center, Universal & Skipfon)

2006 – 2008

Services and sales of Network, Miami, Florida USA.

– Services (repair and setup) and sales of Lan networks

2003 – 2006


– Telecommunication Consultant.

– Services and sales of Telecommunication platforms

1999 – 2003


– Noc Manager International responsibility, Dpto. Commutation Lima I Ger. OMRS ( management of maintenance   operation  NET and SERVICES ).

– Supervision 24x7x365 of the operation and maintenance of the two Switching AXE Ericsson GT63 Intal2 and Intal3 (Trunk International SS7 and National SS7,SSP IN, VPN links).

– Supervision 24x7x365 of the operation and maintenance of the platform VoIP CISCO     (GW, SLT, ROUTER, SW, PGW, GK, SUN Netra,Etc).

– Supervision 24x7x365 of the operation and maintenance of the fraud platform TRP ECTEL

– Supervision 24x7x365 of the operation and maintenance of the calling card platform CISCO/MIND.

– Traffic International test and analysis.

– Test International SS7 Signaling (ISUP INTERNATIONAL), R2, C5 and ISDN signaling.

– Test National SS7 Signaling (ISUP NATIONAL) and R2 Signaling.


1994 – 1999


– Analyst I, Dpto. International commutation CCIN (Center Commutation International National).

– Operation and maintenance 24x7x365 of the two switching International and  National of ENTEL PERU. Digital technology, AXE Ericsson (SA 19.7) (trunk National, Trunk International) and Siemens (EWSD) (trunk international, trunk National, PSTN, operator International and National, PSTN remote).

– Test International SS7 Signaling (ISUP INTERNATIONAL), R2 and C5 signaling.

– Test National SS7 Signaling (ISUP NATIONAL) and R2 Signaling.

1993 – 1994


– Professional III, Dpto. International commutation CCIN (Center Commutation International National)

– Operation and maintenance 24x7x365 of the one switching International and  National of ENTEL   PERU. Digital technology, Siemens (EWSD) (trunk international, trunk National, operator   International and National, PSTN local and remote).

– Test International R2 Signaling, C5 signaling.

– Test National R2 Signaling.

1984 – 1993


– Professional IV, Dpto. Engineering from Outside Plants Telephone.

– Designs, construction, operation, auditory and maintenance ( preventive corrective ) of the Outside Plant telephone in CUZCO, AYACUCHO, HUANCAYO, HUANCAVELICA, ICA, PIURA, TRUJILLO,CAJAMARCA, TUMBES, PIURA, CHICLAYO, TACNA. Elaboration of projects from the outside plant telephone.


1977 – 1982 Titled in Electronic Engineering (U.P. Ricardo Palma)

Specialty in Electronics and Telecommunications.

1982 Post Degree in Engineering of Telecommunications INICTEL (National Institute of Investigation and Telecommunications).

1983 – 1984 Post degree in Electronic Industrial, ITI MONTANI FERMO ITALY.

2014 – 2016 Master of Telecommunication, Atlantic International University

Complementary Information:

– Languages of Programming:   Language C, Visual Fox pro, mysql.

– Software in Windows : Excel, Word, Power Point, Access Operating Systems: Windows, MS-DOS, Windows ce., windows 10, windows server 2008, windows 2010 R2 and Skype for Business Setup and management.

– Software: VMware, Asterisk, SBC sangoma. and Voipswitch

– Firewall: Sonicwall NSA4600 y TZ400

– Networks: X25, TCP/IP, LAN ,WAN,FR,ATM .

– Design, Operation, Maintenance and Auditory of Outside Plant and Telephone Internal Plant.

Certifications and Training:

TELEFONICA OR&M AXE Intermediate 17/09/200 180hrs

TELEFONICA Dimensionamiento of Nodos Central AXE 01/01/1998 40hrs

TELEFONICA Señalización Nº7 AXE 20/07/1998 40hrs

TELEFONICA IOG11 Advanced 17/08/1998 40hrs

TELEFONICA Adaptation to the S.A. 19.7 AXE 19/10/1998 80hrs

TELEFONICA Adaptation to the S.A.  24.5 BAS AVZ 03/05/1999 120hrs

TELEFONICA CCITT#7 Basic and CCITT#7 OR&M R I. 02/06/1999 40hrs

TELEFONICA Basic Concepts NI. 07/02/2000 30hrs

TELEFONICA Signaling SS7 and Synchronism AXE 20/03/2000 54hrs

TELEFONICA XV Electronic 28/03/2000 4hrs

TELEFONICA Dates Networking 16/04/2001 112hrs

TELEFONICA Software AXE 01/01/1998 40hrs

TELEFONICA O&M AXE Intermediate 25/06/2001 180hrs

TELEFONICA Overview Networks of new Generation 05/07/2001 60hrs

TELEFONICA Señalización Nº7 AXE 01/01/1998 40hrs

TELEFONICA Monitor Señalización SS7 Access 7 10/09/2001 40hrs

TELEFONICA Actions of Emergency AXE 01/01/1998 60hrs

TELEFONICA Siemens 01/01/1998 40hrs

TELEFONICA Adaptation to the GT63 27/08/2001 40hrs

TELEFONICA APZ 212 30 / IOG20 20/08/2001 40hrs

Ericsson Software AXE (MSX AXE) 03/03/1997 320hrs

Ericsson Statistical Applied 10/06/1996 40hrs

Ericsson Dimensionamiento of nodos 01/07/1996 96hrs

Ericsson ISDN AXE 17/10/1996 40hrs

Ericsson Actions of Emergency 31/10/1996 32hrs

TELEFONICA Oper. And Mant. AXE 24/03/1995 160hrs

Ericsson CCS-C7-AXE+R2 20/12/1998 40hrs

TELEFONICA NGN (New Generation Netw.)(Lucent) 02/05/2001 100hrs

ESAN (School Of Administrac.) Negociacion 01/08/2000 40hrs

Telematic Microsoft Access V 7.0 04/09/1998 30hrs

Telematic ICDN (CISCO) 10/12/2001 52hrs

Telematic H323 (CISCO) 07/01/2002 24hrs

International Courses:

February 2001

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) Developed by ECI Telecom.

Tampa Florida


– International Annual Conference Of ECI Telecom VoIP, Telephone Fraud, Fraud VoIP, Wireless phone System, DWDM, etc. in TEL AVIV ISRAEL (July Developed 2000)

– International Conference of ECTEL telephone Telecommunications Fraud and Fraud Voip Prague, Czech REPUBLIC (July 2001)

– Conference NETWORKERS CISCO SYSTEMS SOLUTIONS Cisco in the world of Internet.  SAO PABLO Brazil, (Nov.  2001)

Telecommunications Trainer:

Professor for TELEFONICA OF THE PERU in the following courses:

– Signaling Nro 7.

– Signaling Nro 7 applied in central Axe.

– Synchronism.

– Trees of analysis and Routing (central base of data axe).

– Monitoring and detection of failures in signaling Nro 7.

– Introduction to the TCP/IP.




Spanish (Native), English and Italian.