School of Science and Engineering

School of Science and Engineering

School of Science & Engineering

Science has yet to discover the precise mechanism by which the individual learns

The School of Science and Engineering seeks to provide dynamic, integrated, and challenging academic programs. Degree programs are designed for those students preparing themselves for responsible roles in their chosen professions whose experience is in industrial research, scientific production, engineering, and the general sciences.

We recognize that society looks to our department for innovative research and education of a higher order more than ever and demand that we meet its expectations. To meet this expectation, we are designing a system for research and education that will keep us in step with the twenty-first century. We strive to reach scientific advancements in an environmentally and ecologically responsible manner to allow for the sustainability of the human population.

We provide these programs for practicing professionals seeking to advance their educational qualifications. We will foster among our students a demand for ethical behavior, an appreciation for diversity, an understanding of scientific investigation, knowledge of design innovation, a critical appreciation for the importance of technology and technological change for the advancement of humanity.

The School of Science and Engineering brings a new age for distance learning closer to home for many busy professionals worldwide. (Other available programs). NOTE: Practical Laboratory work in Science and Engineering is not provided or controlled by AIU, and students may secure independent Lab use or Virtual Lab options where appropriate.

Through integration, integrity, and diligence, The School of Science and Engineering provides its candidates with Degree programs built on the principles of success and education. Students have the option to further grow their knowledge and expertise in scientific production, general sciences, engineering, or industrial research.

The School of Science and Engineering has formulated a favorable research system dedicated to initiating the success of its students. Professionals interested in advancing their academic training blend in beautifully with The School of Science and Engineering’s community.

What Makes AIU School of Science Unique?

The administration refuses to limit the academic abilities of its candidates, and it thrives off of their triumphs. The goal from the beginning was to instill the proper values and knowledge into the minds of its students.

The School of Science and Engineering allows a new-age way of learning for working professionals with a limited amount of time on their hands. Students can meet and engage with people from different parts of the world, a unique opportunity solely offered by online education.

The administration refuses to limit the academic abilities of its candidates, and it thrives off of their triumphs. The goal from the beginning was to instill the proper values and knowledge into the minds of its students.

The School of Science and Engineering allows a new-age way of learning for working professionals with a limited amount of time on their hands. Students can meet and engage with people from different parts of the world, a unique opportunity solely offered by online education.

Individual Learning

Self-education embeds a series of skills into the minds of driven students. Through The School of Science and Engineering, candidates learn at a comfortable pace developed just for them. The sense of freedom makes students more willing to attempt new things and hone new skills.


In addition to the program you choose, Atlantic International University also encourages students to take advantage of the many opportunities available for independent research.

Independent research is a unique opportunity that allows students to further explore their area of study and understand their field. For many students, it is one of the most rewarding aspects of attending AIU. This is why AIU has made it an integral part of its curriculum.

At AIU, students are encouraged to begin researching as soon as they enter the school. The key to maximizing this experience is choosing a topic that interests you and finding a faculty member who can help guide you with your research.


Diversity naturally advocates for individual growth in any environment. When students interact with people from different walks of life, their communication skills flourish, strengthening classrooms and the workplace.

Intellectual engagement is also encouraged by a diverse population. Cultural diversity broadens personal perspectives and introduces equality. Discrimination of any kind is not tolerated at The School of Science and Engineering.

Areas of Study

The programs available take students to the finish line, encouraging them to take positive academic risks.

The administration has a massive list of educational territories, including:

  • Actuarial Science      
  • Animal Science          
  • Biomass and Biofuels            
  • Crops and Soils         
  • Developing Mobile Applications         
  • Ecotechnology         
  • Solar Energy
  • Graphic Design          
  • Health Informatics 
  • Mathematics Didactics         
  • Multimedia Design and Digital Art      
  • Science in Geophysics   
  • Science in Sport      
  • Science in Sustainable Materials     
  • Science in the Atmosphere   
  • Wind Energy
  • Agronomic Engineering  
  • Degree Robotics   
  • Engineering in Oil, Gas, and Energy
  • Genetics           
  • Cybersecurity and Hacking         
  • Exercise Science         
  • Biosystems Engineering        
  • Technology in Network Interconnection        
  • Technology inCognitive Science    
  • Bioengineering         
  • Environmental Toxicology                
  • Forensic Consulting           
  • Engineering in Metallurgy                          
  • Farming Science           
  • Synthetic Biology                                     
  • Systems and Databases           
  • Media Education
  • (Biology Teaching)
  • Sustainable Design and
  • Construction 
  • Environmental Sciences                                  

Know some of our Alumni from the school of Science and Engineering:

Michael Nwoko

Doctorate in Public Health

Kaoxiong Songzacheng

Doctorate in Safety Engineering

Bol Joseph Gangdit

Bachelor in Computer Science

Frans Martinus Labuschagne

Bachelor in Civil Engineering

The Future Of Science and Engineering

The future of science and engineering careers is bright. With the advent of new technologies, there are now many new opportunities.

By following these tips, you can ensure that your career path is a long one:

  • Keep up with all of the newest developments in your field. If you aren’t aware of changes in your area, you’ll be left behind by those who are. For example, if you’re a software developer, make sure you’re familiar with the latest programming languages and frameworks trends.
  • Don’t be afraid to try something new. It’s not always easy to learn a new skill or take on a new role. But by doing so, you’ll be able to expand your horizons and gain an edge over your competition.
  • Stay current with the latest tools and techniques. In today’s world, it’s more important than ever to stay ahead of the curve. If you don’t know what’s happening in your industry, you’ll be at a competitive disadvantage.

The Constantly Changing Education Landscape

As people start to emerge from the devastation of COVID-19, everyone is asking the same question: What should education look like in a post-pandemic world?

The truth is that many aspects of the education system — from where and how we learn to what we study — need to be transformed if we want an education system that is relevant to our current world.

Here are four significant areas in which our education system needs to change:

Students expect to have the ability to learn from anywhere. This is probably one of the most obvious changes brought about by recent events: students now expect to be able to pursue their studies from any location. This versatility is vital for those students who cannot physically attend classes due to health and safety concerns or because they live in remote locations.

Student mobility is also an essential factor here. Students want the opportunity to study abroad, but they don’t necessarily want or need to move overseas permanently. Remote learning options make it easier for students to move around while studying without disrupting their academic progress.

Students expect active learning rather than lectures. Students are looking for different learning experiences, such as more active, hands-on learning rather than traditional lectures.

Our world is constantly changing, and the taught skills must change with it. To create a more equitable, just, and sustainable world, we need to get better at teaching science and engineering. Science education has the power to transform lives, improve health and livelihoods, increase wealth and drive economic growth. It can also help close the gender gap in STEM fields (science, technology, engineering, math).

If we want to change the world of science and engineering for the better, we need to find ways of supporting people who have been excluded from these fields in the past. We must do this by providing equal opportunities for everyone regardless of their race or gender identity. This change means creating spaces where people can engage with science without feeling like outsiders or imposters. We also need more women leaders who will serve as role models for young girls interested in pursuing careers related to STEM subjects.

AIU Success Stories


Albert Einstein

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Mahatma Gandhi

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Everything we know about Elon Musk's brain chip

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