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Areas of Study

Areas of Study

Bachelor in Criminal Justice

Bachelor in Computer Science

Bachelor of Biohacking and Nutrigenomics

Bachelor in Blockchain Technology & Digital Currency

Essential Skills Knowledge of software and design Problem solver Programming languages like Java, C++, Python, Java Script, Ruby, C# Cryptography knowledge Smart Contracts knowledge Data structures Architecture when it comes to blockchain App developer Ability to work in projects that are open-source Ability to work with data structures Ability to work in peer-to-peer network. Opportunities for Employment There are many jobs available as blockchain technology continues to evolve and digital currencies continue to grow. Data Scientists are needed to analyze the transactions that are taking place, Financial Analysts are needed to come up with financial strategies, Journalists are needed to document the latest news that come out from the topic, Machine Learning Engineers are needed to create applications around blockchain technology, Marketing Managers are needed to market the cryptocurrencies already in use, Research Analysts are needed to make good decisions and analyze cryptocurrencies, Security Architects are needed to make sure the safety of the blockchain technology, Technical Writers are needed to write about cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology, and Web Developers are needed to write the code for the cryptocurrencies technologies as well as understand the new coding languages that is arising. Resources for Blockchain Technology & Digital Currency VMware vCenter Configuration Manager – https://www.virtualizationworks.com/vCenter-Configuration-Manager.asp CFEngine – https://cfengine.com/ Lifecycle Management tool for physical and virtual servers – https://www.theforeman.org/ SaltStack – https://docs.saltproject.io/en/latest/topics/cloud/ VMWare – https://www.vmware.com/ Open Source Cloud Software – https://www.openstack.org/ Google cloud – https://cloud.google.com/ Cloud Infrastructure – https://www.hashicorp.com/products/terraform Development and Resources from AWS – https://aws.amazon.com/devops/resources/ ChefAutomate – https://www.chef.io/products/chef-automate Red Hat Ansible Tower – https://www.ansible.com/products/tower Open Source Code – https://www.redhat.com/en Puppet Enterprise – https://puppet.com/products/puppet-enterprise/ AWS Elastic Beastalk – https://aws.amazon.com/elasticbeanstalk/?hp=tile&so-exp=below

Bachelor in Autonomous Vehicle Technology

Bachelor in Cloud Computing

Bachelor in Artificial Intelligence

Bachelor in Electric Vehicle Engineering

Bachelor of Web Design

Bachelor of Visual and Performing Arts

Bachelor in Electrochemical Engineering

Bachelors in Energy Storage and Battery Technology

Bachelor of Urban Planning

Bachelor in eVTOL Engineering

Bachelor of Unmanned Areal Systems Engineering

Bachelor in Micro and Multimode Grid Design

Bachelor of Travel and Tourism

Bachelor of Tourism Planning and Development

Bachelor of Theology

Bachelor of Theater

Bachelor of Telecommunications

Bachelor of Technical Writing

Bachelor of Strategic Management

Bachelor of Statistics

Bachelor of Sport Science

Bachelor in Sport Management

Bachelor of Software Engineering

Bachelor of Renewable Energy

Bachelor in Optoelectronic Systems

Bachelor in Quantum Computing Technology

Bachelor of Educational Administration

Bachelor in Social Sciences

Bachelor of Public Administration

Bachelor of Psychology

Bachelor of Project Management

Bachelor of Political Science

Bachelor of Physical Education

Bachelor of Philosophy

Bahelor of Nutrition Science

Bachelor of Music

Bachelor of Mining Engineering

Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering

Bachelor of Mathematics

Bachelor of Mass Media and Communication

Bachelor of Marketing

Bachelor of Logistics

Bachelor of Legal Studies

Bachelor of Journalism

Bachelor of International Relations

Bachelor of Interior Design

Bachelor of Information Technology

Bachelor of Information Systems

Bahcelor of Industrial Engineering

Bachelor of Hydrology

Bachelor of Humanities

Bachelor of Human Resources Management

Bachelor of Healthcare Administration

Bachelor of Finance

Bachelor of Electrical Engineering

Bachelor of Economics

Bachelor of Communications

Bachelor of Civil Engineering

Bachelor of Chemical Engineering

Bachelor of Business Administration

Bachelor of Biology

Bachelor in Synthetic Biology

Bachelor of Banking and Finance

Bachelor of Art History

Bachelor of Architecture

Bachelor in Physical Anthropology

Bachelor of Animation

School of Social and Human Studies

Bachelor of American History

Bachelor of Agriculture

Bachelor of Advertising

Bachelor of Adult Education

Associates of Accounting

Bachelor in Virtual Archival Science

Bachelor in Systems Engineering

Bachelor in Synthetic Biology

Bachelor in Sustainable Tourism

Bachelor in Sustainable Natural Resources Management

Bachelor in Sustainable Materials Science

Bachelor in Sustainable Design and Construction

Bachelor in Sports Psychology

Bachelor in Sports Marketing

Bachelor in Sociology

Bachelor in Sociocultural Anthropology

Bachelor in Social Media Marketing

Bachelor in Scenography

Bachelor in Radio And Television Production

Bachelor in Public Health

Bachelor in Physics

Bachelor in Physical Culture And Sports

Bachelor in Physical Anthropology

Bachelor in Anthropology

Bachelor in Pedagogical Training for Professionals

Bachelor in Organizational Diversity

Bachelor in Organizational Development

Bachelor in Operations Management (BA)

Bachelor in Oil Gas And Energy Engineering

Bachelor in Nutrigenetics

Bachelor in Multimedia Design and Digital Art

Bachelor in Modern Power and Energy Systems

Bachelor in Metallurgy

Bachelor in Management

Bachelor in Linguistics

Bachelor in Kinesiology and Physiotherapy

Bachelor in Islamic Studies

Bachelor in International Marketing

Bachelor in International Finance

Bachelor in Integrated Water Management

Bachelor in Human Resources

Bachelor in Health Sciences

Bachelor in Graphic Design

Bachelor in Geophysical Sciences

Bachelor in Geology

Bachelor in Genetic Engineering

Bachelor in Foreign Trade

Bachelor in Fine Arts

Bachelor in Fashion Design (BA)

Bachelor in Environmental Science

Bachelor in English Literature (BA)

Bachelor in Electronics Engineering

Bachelor in Educational Technology

Bachelor in Education (B.Ed, BS)

Bachelor in Ecotourism

Bachelor in Ecotechnology

Bachelor in Early Childhood Education

Bachelor in Database Administrator (BS)

Bachelor in Data Communication and Networking

Bachelor in Cybersecurity and Hacking

Bachelor in Arts in Cultural Theological Communication

Bachelor in Culinary Arts

Bachelor in Computer Engineering

Bachelor in Computer Engineering

Bachelor in Computer Engineering

Bachelor in Chemistry

Bachelor in Business Management

Bachelor in Business Communication

Bachelor in Biosystems

Bachelor in Bachelor of Bioethics (BA)

Bachelor in Bibliotechnology

Bachelor in Behavior Analysis in Special Education

Bachelor in Anti Terrorism Security

Bachelor in Animal Science

Bachelor in Agriculture, Food and Resources

Bachelor in Addiction Counseling

Bachelor in Actuarial Science

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