5 Powerful Concepts to keep in mind to face life

5 Powerful Concepts to keep in mind to face life
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5 Powerful Concepts to keep in mind to face life

Everyone has their own life experiences and these can be used to create powerful concepts, as the experiences are not only limited to the person’s life, but also include the person’s interactions with other people and society in general.


Based on @SachinRamje‘s Hyper-visual “25 most powerful concepts that everyone should know to understand the world“, we decided to highlight the 5 most important concepts from our point of view to achieve a fuller, more assertive and successful life.


The concepts are used in many branches of philosophy and psychology to understand the nature of human thought and knowledge. In cognitive science, a concept is a mental representation that organizes information into a coherent whole so that the brain can use it efficiently; this reduces the processing demands on both the mind and the environment.


In summary, the 5 concepts that seem essential to us – even when we though all those mentioned in the hyper visual are very important – would be:

  1. The advice paradox


Everyone is willing to give us good advice or explain how to do things, but do we really have to follow these patterns? The only way to achieve different results is to do what no one has ever done, therefore, we must guide ourselves and give priority to our instinct, seeking to follow what they tell us.



This paradox could be summed up as: no matter how much advice we are given, always follow your interior voice.

  1. The 5 Types of Wealth 


It is often the idea that wealth is related to money, but there are several types of wealth that we must harvest to be happy.

  • Financial or economic wealth

  • Social wealth or personal wealth

  • Time wealth

  • Physical wealth

  • Intellectual wealth


To the model on which we are basing ourselves, we would add Moral Wealth, so important when it comes to living a full life full of peace with what surrounds us.


  1. Intellectual Sparring Partners.


Having friends who challenge you mentally and make you improve every day is one of the best gifts you can have in life. It is said that we are the average of the 5 people around us, so having friends who encourage us and make us better people will always be beneficial for us.


  1. Free Time as a Call Option


Time is the asset that we waste the most, because many times we do not realize its great value. We have been taught that free time is a waste and that we should always be busy, but it is precisely in the free moments that the creative mind is able to express itself and achieve wonderful things.


What to do to have more free time?

  • Meditate 15 minutes

  • Take 15-minute walks without technology


Free spaces will allow you to reset, ordering your thoughts and ideas to mix, resulting in greater focus.


  1. Loss Aversion 


Winning is seen as the goal, and the process is not taken into account. That is, there is a tendency to reject losing versus winning, when it is in the process of losing that you really learn. The human being focuses on not losing, much more than he often tries to win.


Losing the fear of defeat is one of the best gains a person can have to face life and learn at every stage. Always ask yourself, what is the worst that can happen? And the best?



Personal issues that help us grow and lead a more balanced life that help us achieve our goals. If you are interested in learning more about this topic, we leave you several links of your interest:

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