Art generated by Artificial Intelligence

Art generated by Artificial Intelligence

Art generated by Artificial Intelligence

Are you ready to take advantage of Artificial Intelligence? 

Or do you think we should establish a limit?


Recently, “a man won first prize in a fine art contest at the Colorado State Fair using an AI-generated piece of art,” reports the site Vice.


The design was generated under the instructions of Jason Allen and the work in question called Théâtre D’opéra Spatial won in the digital art category.


What is the controversy? Allen used an artificial intelligence software called Midjourney to prepare the piece, which followed his instructions.

With the awarding of the prize, all kinds of opinions began to be raised about where art and intellectual property are left with the presence of AI. In fact, it didn’t take long for the controversy to break out on Twitter, with many artists accusing Jason Allen of “accelerating the death of creative work”.



For his part, the winner acknowledged that he knew it would be controversial, but that they were debunking the human element in their AI-generated art. The author explained that his contribution in the form of indications to the software was essential to model the keys of the winning painting.


“I had to generate images with Midjourney, make passes with Photoshop and enhance with Gigapixel,” he noted.


Among the best-known Artificial Intelligence design tools, you can find (we included the same introduction they share on their websites).


Midjourney: (the one used for the project) is an AI tool capable of creating anything you write, until very recently its beta phase was private, but now it is public, so anyone can generate their own works of art.


DALL-E: create original, realistic images and art from a text description. It can combine concepts, attributes, and styles.


Wombo Dream: use the power of AI to transform your idea and art style into a beautiful painting right before your eyes in seconds. WD is expanding art to the masses. You don’t need a paint brush, pencil, or any art supplies to make beautiful artwork, all you need is an idea.


NightCafe: Creator is an AI Art Generator app with multiple methods of AI art generation. Using neural style transfer you can turn your photo into a masterpiece. Using text-to-image AI, you can create artwork from nothing but a text prompt. The App is available for free online, and on Android and iOS phones – simply save it to your home screen to install the app.

Craiyon, formerly DALL-E mini, an AI model that can draw images from any text prompt.

Deep Dream Generator Is a set of tools that make it possible to explore different AI algorithms. We focus on creative tools for visual content generation like those for merging image styles and content or such as Deep Dream which explores the insight of a deep neural network.


Are you ready to try, what will you create? We’ll love to share our student’s works. 


How do you think this can be useful to you personally, professionally, and academically? We would love to hear from you!


We play with the tools, and create with A.I. below using this text: “Open Learning and Sustainable Development at AIU”.




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