Networking: What Progress and Productivity Demand

Networking: What Progress and Productivity Demand

Networking: What Progress and Productivity Demand

A wise man once said, it does not matter what you do, it matters how you do it. We could improvise the saying and say, it doesn’t matter who you are, but who you know. In fact, when they say a man is known by the company he keeps, they are not pulling your leg. These days, it’s all about contacts – and you don’t necessarily have to have read The Godfather to know that.

So what is networking and why are we emphasizing on its importance? In its simplest terms, Networking is another word for building connections. As humans we tend to build relationships with other humans throughout the course of our lives. As prudent humans we must learn to build relationships with just the right people. We’re not telling you to become a real life version of Frank Underwood – no, but building connections with people from whom you will benefit later on is crucial. And no, we’re not telling you to jump on the unaltruistic parasitic bandwagon either – we’re telling you to build connections with people with whom you have a mutual interest, who can benefit from you and whom you can benefit from; and we’re telling you it is important that you do.

How do you suppose a Prime Minister got to his seat, or a C.E.O. to his position, or a Vice Chancellor to his rank? Through hard work, the necessary qualification and luck, yes. But also through having the names and numbers of just the right people in their pocketbooks. There is but a limited number of people we as humans will connect with throughout our lives and it is imperative that we do not waste those slots on bondings that are redundant. And we don’t mean what you do with your personal life – though even personal connections should be chosen with a careful mind. Who you connect with can have a huge impact on what you do in your life and how you choose to do it. 
Networking these days, especially, is no big mountain that you must climb and conquer – we thrive in the era of the glorious internet where you can find people with the click of a mouse pad. The power that the internet has thus put into our hands and onto our fingertips can be manifested in the best ways possible: by using it to create bridges and building connections with people who can help you with whatever it is you’re doing. You’re, say, a journalist who covers Bhutan in a magazine: you find someone from Bhutan on Facebook and get more inside information. You’re a thriving entrepreneur who runs a small venture: you connect with other entrepreneurs over social media and build a larger venture. So on and so forth, the most to benefit from networking are people of business.

Productivity and progress demand that you continue connecting with new people, with diverse groups, that you culturally and personally engage with them and that you develop resources of knowledge on your way up. Connecting the right dots is what leads to successful completion of a process.

Author : Jennese Palmer
Degree : Masters
Major : Communications
Country : Jamaica
Language : English

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    i am so in love with your mode of impact, it’s so convenient.

  2. Rabuma

    Amazing ,i think this university is my nourishment for my success .
    i am so redy to learning with you .
    ✅But i went isponsurship

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