Solar energy available to everyone – Atlantic International University

Solar energy available to everyone – Atlantic International University

Solar energy available to everyone – Atlantic International University

The option of a new solar roof that can be adapted to the current roof of houses, with a value of up to 50% less than those on the market, is already a reality. Its name is Timberline, and it has a great attraction: its simple installation.

Knowing that the biggest expense for residential solar systems is right on-site, GAF Energy has designed Timberline Solar to install like a regular asphalt-composite roof shingle—that is, with nail guns and ropes, in fact, are the first nailable solar roof tiles in the world.

In this video you can see how the Timberline installation is done.

This new solar technology received an award at CES 2022 for the Best Innovation Award for Smart Cities, as well as innovation awards in the smart city and smart home categories.

For now, GAF Energy makes Timberline Solar in the US, helping to alleviate the dirty little secret of home solar power: Typical Chinese-made solar panels burden the environment with a lot of upfront pollution from its coal-fired power plants. GAF Energy’s plant in Silicon Valley is powered by one of the cleanest power grids in the country.

The implementation of solar roofs has multiple benefits:

      Savings on the electricity bill

      Decrease in environmental pollution

      Increases home value

One of the main barriers to solar panels has been the initial outlay, but affordable technologies like those from GAF Energy put it more in the hands of the masses.

This type of news allows us to see how science and technology advances at great speed to make the planet a better place, taking care of natural resources. We all have a very important role as a society in these advances. Careers such as Mechanical Engineering, Telecommunications, Electrical Engineering, are essential when it comes to these developments.

In 2020, residential solar projects increased 11%, and by the third quarter of 2021, one in 600 US households installed a solar system. With the arrival of Timberline this number will grow making solar panels an affordable and possible technology.


If you are looking to learn more about the subject of solar panels, we share a bibliography on the subject:

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    Thank you for sharing your thoughts on the accessibility of solar energy! Your post highlights the importance of making renewable energy sources accessible to all individuals and communities, regardless of their geographic location or socioeconomic status. Your emphasis on the potential for solar energy to provide a reliable and cost-effective source of electricity in remote or underserved areas is also important to consider, as it highlights the potential for renewable energy to drive development and improve quality of life for those living in these areas. Your point about the need for increased investment in renewable energy research and development is also well taken, as it highlights the importance of continued innovation and collaboration in this field. Overall, this is a well-written and informative post that highlights the potential for solar energy to be accessible to everyone and the benefits of renewable energy for communities.
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