Value Added – Atlantic International University

Value Added – Atlantic International University

Value Added – Atlantic International University

A recent trip to the local supermarket had me picking up an
article and reading VAT (Value Added Tax). Whilst I could not but dwell on the
fact that it offered no value added to my life, I was wont to reflect on
whether I could be said to be adding value to the lives of others. Am I a VAT
person? Do I add value as I enter a room?

There is no doubt that somehow certain people do precisely
the opposite. Sullen, objectionable, sour faced individuals who suck the life
and energy out of a room just by being there. We all know them! We don’t want
to be with them. We are told in fact to avoid such people. But they exist and
we continue to allow them to be the black holes of meetings, we tip toe around
them not wanting to have to face their absurd statements finding the negative
in every situation.

As I have grown older, though, I have become less and less
tolerant of allowing these people to interfere in my joie de vivre. And yes, I
enjoy life. If I did not, then what am I doing still being part of the group we
call humanity? So, life now tells me to say it like it is.

Let me share a few thoughts related to dealing with these
voids called people I refer to:

·       If they irritate you, then say so. Tell them
straight to their face. It is far better than sitting and seething, and it allows
a breath of fresh air to flow in. You’d be surprised how many feel a sense of
total relief that someone has had the courage to put the naysayer in his/her

Challenge them at every opportunity. What have
you got to lose? If they stomp out of the room/meeting, then the world can
resume its balance and life continues. You might even receive a cheer.

He’s your boss, you say? Okay, then make a
decision to tell him to ‘stop talking’ in the kindest way you can. And, if
necessary, ensure you have found another job in the interim. You cannot enjoy
life dreading meetings where you have to spend an hour or two while the
negativity is spread thickly over your life and those around you. If you have
to leave, then do so…BUT do not leave without letting the world know exactly
what you feel.

Surround yourself with celebratory people. Life
is too short.

Or has Covid not taught you that?

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