Amidst Emperor Penguins Struggle with Climate Change

New Discoveries Bring Hope Amidst Emperor Penguins' Struggle with Climate Change

Discover the catastrophic event that happened to penguin chicks in the Bellingshausen Sea in 2022.

Why is stable sea ice crucial for emperor penguin breeding?

Find out if scientists can protect the emperor penguins!

Write an essay discussing your understanding of the catastrophic event that occurred to penguin chicks in the Bellingshausen Sea in 2022. You may focus on the specific details of the event, the underlying causes, and the broader implications for the penguin population and their habitat.

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New Discoveries Bring Hope Amidst Emperor Penguins' Struggle with Climate Change


In recent years, emperor penguins and the conservationists dedicated to their survival have faced relentless challenges. The spectre of human-induced climate change has cast a long shadow over these majestic birds, with scientists predicting that emperor penguins could be quasi-extinct by the century’s end. However, a rare glimmer of hope emerged this week as researchers announced the discovery of four previously unknown colonies of emperor penguins in Antarctica.

This breakthrough, detailed in a new paper published in Antarctic Science, adds approximately 5,700 pairs to the known emperor penguin population. These discoveries, made possible through satellite imagery, are a testament to the perseverance and ingenuity of the scientists who study these resilient birds.

The Discovery Process

Peter Fretwell, a geographic information officer with the British Antarctic Survey, led the research team that identified these new colonies. Utilizing images from the European Commission’s Copernicus Sentinel-2 satellite and the Maxar WorldView-3 satellite taken between 2018 and 2022, Fretwell and his team meticulously scanned the Antarctic ice. They looked for the distinctive brown guano stains that emperor penguins leave on the stark white ice—an indicator visible even from space.

Satellite images of four previously unknown emperor penguin breeding sites

Source: British Antarctic Survey

The total number of known emperor penguin colonies now stands at 66. Among the newly discovered colonies is one that had relocated from its previous breeding ground, thought to have disappeared entirely. This colony had moved 18 miles east to the MacDonald Ice Rumples after its former site on the Brunt Ice Shelf broke away and drifted into the ocean.

Emperor Penguins and Their Unique Breeding Habits

Unlike most penguins that breed on bare ground during the Antarctic summer, emperor penguins require stable “land-fast” sea ice to breed, lay eggs, and raise their young during the harsh winter months. This type of ice is firmly attached to the shoreline and provides a crucial platform for the penguins’ reproductive cycle. However, the stability of sea ice has become increasingly precarious. Early sea ice breakup in 2022, for example, resulted in the death of over 9,000 chicks in the Bellingshausen Sea due to the chicks’ inability to survive in the freezing waters without fully developed waterproof feathers.

Adult emperor penguins with a chick near Halley Research Station in Antarctica

Source: British Antarctic Survey

A Glimmer of Hope in a Warming World

While the discovery of these new colonies is a positive development, the overall situation for emperor penguins remains dire. According to secondary research, Daniel Zitterbart, a penguin researcher at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, emphasized that despite the excitement, these new colonies will likely have a minimal impact on the overall population. The International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) currently lists emperor penguins as “near threatened,” with an estimated 250,000 breeding pairs in the wild.

The newly identified colonies include one at Verleger Point in west Antarctica, confirmed through high-resolution images from the Maxar WorldView-3 satellite. This find underscores the adaptability of emperor penguins, which, as Fretwell points out, must remain dynamic in response to changing environmental conditions

Climate Change and Conservation Efforts

The broader context of these discoveries paints a grim picture. The last few years have seen dramatic reductions in Antarctic Sea ice, with 2023 marking the worst conditions on record. These changes threaten the very survival of emperor penguins, whose colonies depend on sea ice that lasts from April to September. Without stable ice, the chicks face certain death by drowning or freezing.

Meltwater flows from the Greenland ice sheet

Source: Kerem Yücel/AFP/Getty Images

Historical data reveals the loss of colonies at locations like Marguerite Bay and Halley Bay, both of which had been stable for decades. According to secondary research, the continued degradation of sea ice habitats means that, without significant reductions in greenhouse gas emissions, up to 90% of known emperor penguin colonies could vanish by the century’s end.

A Call for Global Climate Action

The discovery of new emperor penguin colonies offers a rare moment of optimism in an otherwise bleak outlook. These findings provide valuable insights into the distribution and adaptability of the species, crucial for monitoring their response to climate change. However, as Fretwell and other experts stress, the overarching issue of global warming requires urgent and comprehensive action. Protecting foraging areas and banning fishing can provide some localized relief, but the ultimate solution lies in addressing the global climate crisis head-on. Without such efforts, the emperor penguin’s majestic presence in Antarctica may become a mere memory for future generations.

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