Another Amazon published book by our graduate

Another Amazon published book by our graduate

August 17, 2020


We would like to congratulate our student on her latest achievement. Our student- Esther Coronel de Iberkleid- published another book called- “MANUAL – GUIDE “HOW TO RETURN TO WORK AFTER A PANDEMIC AND HAVE BEEN IN CUARENTENA” on Amazon. You can find a summary of the book below:



The importance and why of this GuideBook for getting back to work after a quarantine. Going through the experience of a pandemic and quarantine is something that has to be taken very seriously. The measures that have been taken in the country where you are- impacted on your life and your daily customs- without a doubt. It’s important to be alert and understand what’s going on to know what to do and not react with fear. Indeed- fear is real when we face the unknown- however- if we are aware of what is happening and have the proper information to handle the situation with the right tools- we will also properly manage the fear and succeed in eliminating it.


Fear is false evidence that appears to be real and arises from the lack of information that allows us to trust that we will be able to handle the situation we are going through. As for the biosecurity measures that arise during a quarantine as a result of a pandemic as part of our daily habits of life- at the beginning of all- we find them difficult to accept- implement and adopt. Gradually and with the passing of days- watching videos and reading articles on the subject- we began to understand the importance of taking such measures and perfectly we start using them for our own good- all or most of the populations of the different countries. It is the time- and the passing of the days- that is adapting us to the new routines that are important to take into account for our own health and that of the people around us. Due to the fact that not all human beings have the same time of reaction and adaptation to new standards and routines- this teaches us to be patient and to be able to understand why the measures implemented. Then comes a day when quarantine begins to be lifted and people have to leave their new comfort zone to re-integrate the new routines into the routine of going to work.


This indisputably represents a new change and the integration of these new routines into the post-quarantine life of daily work activities (before). It will be necessary to re-adapt protocols and even simplify them possibly- with each awake and alert to what each action of these routines aims to achieve. However- we must remember that fears paralyze and do not allow us to think so it is of the utmost importance not to add to the concern or fear because this will take away our strength and at the same time we will lower the defenses of our organism. Everything will be and it’s possible if we want it to be. And it is in this way that thinking of all this- in the life- customs and habits of people- that I realized that it was necessary to support this important transition- from an area as important as I consider to be the field of personal development.


And it was then that I decided to write this “Manual Guide to return to work after a pandemic and have been quarantined”- so that more people could benefit from having this guide and be able to more easily assume the return to their source of work- as well as everything this experience left him as a human being for his own growth and personal evolution. 

You can find the published book in Kindle or Paperback version at the following link:



Esther Coronel of Iberkleid has completed a Doctorate program in Business Project Management- Education and Personal Development at Atlantic International University.

We wish you the best in all your future projects and congratulate you on all your achievements!

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