UN Goal of Gender Equality – AIU courses

UN Goal of Gender Equality – AIU courses

November 17, 2021

At AIU- you support the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals for 2030- because they are fundamental for your survival and for ensuring a better life for future generations. These goals will create a world where you live an abundant life. You are challenged to study them and to contribute to at least one of them when you graduate.

AIU holds dearly the right of women to have equality in the world. Every person- men and women- have rights to develop their talents and work to earn money for their families. However- around the world women have had to fight for their right to vote and earn equal wages. AIU defends the rights of women with strong conviction.

This course presents the UN goal of Gender Equality globally. AIU breaks paradigms to advance the rights of women globally. It is economically important for families around the world that mothers- daughters and sisters earn proper wages to support them.

Course Name:
Gender Equality Globally

Due date of assignment:
Within 3 days of receiving course.

Description of Course:
This course will focus on the UN’s 5th Sustainable Development Goal- which is “Gender Equality” globally by 2030. How will education help to achieve this goal? What steps can we take as global citizens to ensure this goal is reached? These courses on the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals are important to understand the most important issues of our lifetime and to see a plan for solving them in our communities.

You will study the following video and answer the questions given below.

Study Materials:
Video: 2030- SDG 5- Gender Equality- Ted talks

Click here to watch video:


Answer these questions: (4 to 8 paragraphs for each question)
1. Why is the UN’s goal of Gender Equality important- in your opinion?
2. How would you describe the current state of Gender Equality in the world?
3. What changes need to happen to achieve Gender Equality?
4. Do you think it is possible to achieve Gender Equality around the world? Why or Why not?
5. How can education lead to a world with Gender Equality?
6. What objectives- principles and teaching techniques are used in education to improve Gender Equality around the world?
7. How can education improve in your community so that the next generation has the tools and mindset to improve Gender Equality?

The assignment will include a cover page- introduction to the subject- conclusion and a bibliography of any sources used.

Click here for information on completing and submitting assignments:

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