We want to congratulate our AIU graduate for one of his latest achievements…

We want to congratulate our AIU graduate for one of his latest achievements…

June 14, 2019


We want to congratulate our AIU graduate for one of his latest achievements. Dixie State University in St. George- Utah has approved of the class that our graduate- Russell Cashin- has created and that is based on the graduate thesis he completed at AIU. This is huge news since the topic is so new and cutting edge.

The actual course name will be “Introduction to Medical Cannabis and the Endocannabinoid System” and will be taught over four weeks through DSU’s Continuing Education department.  The course will begin Sept. 19- 2019 and will run through Oct. 10- 2019.  The course will be repeated based on student demand and classroom availability (this will be a live course). You can find more information regarding the course below:


Course Name: Intro to Medical Cannabis and the Endocannabinoid System

Course Description: The endocannabinoid system (ECS) may be the largest neurotransmitter system in humans and helps to regulate important processes that maintain an individual’s homoeostasis. This course will introduce the adult student to the ECS- the history and science of cannabis- and cover the potential restoration of this homoeostasis through the process of eating a healthy diet- receiving sufficient sleep- exercising- and the proper use of medical cannabis.


Russell Cashin has completed a Doctor of Philosophy- PhD program in Nutritional Psychology at Atlantic International University.

We wish you the best on all your future projects and we congratulate you for all of your achievements!

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