Ogbonna, Chinonyerem Anwuacha, Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

Ogbonna, Chinonyerem Anwuacha, Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

Ogbonna, Chinonyerem Anwuacha, Bachelor of Science in Computer Science
April 16, 2011


I am pleased to write on my experience during my program at Atlantic International University.

My name is OGBONNA, CHINONYEREM ANWUACHA a Bachelor Degree undergraduate majoring in Computer Science in the School of Science and Engineering.

It was seemingly a skeptical venture at first considering the authenticity of the program, the reliability of staff and unflawful financial up-to-date capability of the Finance Department of Atlantic International University. However, the institution disproved every negative assertions and has remained distinct in-as-much as online program is concerned.

The approach of the staff of Atlantic International University to issues was the first obvious conviction and assurance that motivated me towards staking financially to obtain my degree and aspiring for more in years ahead of time.

Basically, the user-friendly nature of the student section created an enabling environment for students’ updates and possibility of ascertaining your progress and viewing your transcript at any point in time.

Suffice it to say that the turnithin facility is a trapping technique of the Atlantic International University to forecast or predict the exact score a student should have at every assignment (if utilized) before finally submitting same. And this rules out the possibility of one scoring below average unknowingly, but encourages greater performance.

The online program of the Atlantic International University is designed in such a way that a student controls his pace of assignments, payment plan (on agreement) and possibly, courses indicated in the curriculum.

My experience at Atlantic International University is a desired one and as such spurs me to aspiring for more programs and convincing others on the need to enroll with the institution.

Interestingly, I developed personal confidence in myself attending to my assignments timely and quite assiduously.

To this end, the ability of the institution to authenticate its diplomas by appending a seal internationally recognized is a worthy and welcome development.

Thank you Sirs.

Yours faithfully,


Atlantic International University

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