Peter Kusi, Doctor of Accounting

Peter Kusi, Doctor of Accounting

Peter Kusi, Doctor of Accounting
September 21, 2022

The journey with AIU is worth talking about. The correspondence with AIU started as far back as 2018. Having been convinced by the various correspondences with the University, I put in an application and was admitted in December 2019. The journey has not been easy but by God’s grace, I am almost through. The journey at AIU has really enlightened and enhanced my capabilities in all fields of study. It has been eye-opening to me. This is because offering a Doctorate in Accounting does not mean you have to concentrate on only the field of accounting but study other areas of life development. As an institution that advocates for the achievement of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals by 2030, I have learned a lot so far as these goals are concerned. It has further enhanced my technology level, especially in the area of research. I can now make critical and analytical thinking in the field of research. In the field of accounting, my experience with the institution has enabled me to have command over accounting techniques. It has further enhanced my skills in accounting, especially in the area of the preparation of monthly reports, quarterly financial statements, and annual financial statements for management and other stakeholders. My confidence level has aroused due to the skills and techniques acquired.I have been empowered by the University to help in human and material development for the benefit of humanity. It is within my plans to help embark on Education at all levels of the economy, especially in the Education Sector where I find myself. The objective is to educate people to change their mindset to accept positive change for the benefit of all/majority of the people in the economy.Fight Corruption! Empower Youth!Peter Kusi.

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