Severin Mbuyu Ngoie Munga, Bachelor of Busines Administration

Severin Mbuyu Ngoie Munga, Bachelor of Busines Administration

Severin Mbuyu Ngoie Munga, Bachelor of Busines Administration
June 24, 2020

The Atlantic International University was the first big opportunity I had to catch up. I was chasing a dream to be a part of an international university and people I found there, their ability to assist, their kindness and their patient made me be a big dreamer and a hard worker. No long back, I learnt from Cindy Dominguez one thing extremely important talking about how to materialize one’s goal: ’Your words and thoughts are seeds that you plant, the energy you manifest onto them is like watering your thoughts and to make them grow,…” My first year was not easy, because I had to combine both my work and my studies. But it was worth it because no one could accept that I apply to a higher position with my low degree, though I acquired experience already, I had to show them that I worked hard at school and got a diploma. Until I was called by Mr. Mejia from Atlantic international university to announce me that I was enrolled as an AIU student.

Walking along phases, I discovered that the potential in me which was sleeping woke up and the light shined again. Thesis after thesis, Courses after courses, I finally took taste to online learning. I could not look far to find what I wanted. A large library, experienced teachers, good advisors were already there to assist me on my personal and educational development. As I liked to become a manager, the position I was inspired of, I jumped on Business administration with management on basis. Nothing could stop me as I was already walking. If I could have one thing to say about my success, I would tell AIU staff to be proud of themselves. Making a simple man like me rich of educational foundations was the best present I got from them. As a worker, It was easy for me to understand the parallelism between what I learnt and what I practiced, thus I could rely myself on the key standard tasks to achieve. Investing on education paid me in the spot. And the chance I had to grow professionally started growing.

I am much obliged because from the day I got my transcript from my AIU, It opened doors and gave me strength to apply to millions of job announcements all over the world. What I knew was that though the time might not be right, I would finally show School of business and economics Bachelors of Business administration Option: Management. Ambitious and fast learner, I am convinced that the more I learn and the more I acquire, the more I become valued. And education is the key to multiple goals to achieve. Don’t let time steal your dreams. Make them your dreams !!

My AIU diploma and be accepted as an international worker. The energy I got to walk on such conviction was 70 percent spread by the Atlantic international University.

People I meet at AIU, tutors, advisors, directors were always near me as if I was in Florida or Hawaii every time I wanted. Their ability to quick responsiveness was for me incredible gesture I have never found before. Student satisfaction was the foundation of their educational system. Courses fitting to the international program and methodology was based on andragogy. So, I learnt from courses, from thesis and from myself. How great was the moment I spent!

Learning online will remain the last resort to people who want to increase their experience in life and at work. AIU has given me all necessary tools to work with. Flexible program and good moments. Being a hard worker and an ambitious person lead I to make sure my experience at AIU was a fruit of what the University gave. To those who plan to study online, here is my time to recommend you the Atlantic international university as the best and suitable educational device to acquire. It’s never too late as long as you breathe. No matter your age, you still have chance to go further. Learning online will surely bring the following advantages: ?
-Graduated from your home or your office ?
-Saving travelling cost ?
-Opportunity to good positions ?
-International diploma with international connections ?
-And more
You might have been disappointed, but let my experience at Atlantic International University boosts you once again and renew the strength you missed to study online. Just after the 3 years spent at Atlantic international university I was particularly excited about studying online as an ambitious leaner. As I entered the university, the first thing I noticed was the prompt attraction I felt to the environment regardless where I was from and who I am. The next thing was the various racial and ethnic mix of people all over the world. The interaction with AIU student was also something which brought me energy.
Topics to discuss about were interesting and inspiring as well. On my AIU, there was group of about 13 persons or more chatting about one topic, from which I discovered people from my country, from other countries and those I knew in another way.

I won’t miss Atlantic International University because I will always be a part of it, I will always have the stamp of AIU on my Curriculum Vitae and this is one thing that people cannot steal.

Thanks to my beautiful wife for supporting me in my journey and thanks to God for giving me strength to go further till I achieved my goal. This is not a goodbye, it is simply my story, my experience at Atlantic international university.
Severin Mbuyu Ngoie Munga

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