Online University

Online University

01 University of the Future

Freedom to Achieve Your Dreams

The University of the Future is an institution that frees its students to discover their passion in life and find their purpose while contributing to solving the world’s problems sustainably and respecting human rights. Such a university recognizes the strength that is found in bringing to light and championing what makes each university participant Unique and Unrepeatable. Energized and inspired by finding their true purpose (dharma), academic progress becomes effortless and flows naturally from the individual to the creation and manifestation of their vision and goals.

In inspiring students to achieve their optimal self we ask them to take the AIU pledge of giving back to their families, community, country, and the world. To consider what they wish their legacy to be and their purpose in life. One option is to integrate the 17 UNESCO 2030 goals into their work and projects, seeking out synergies that will help them and also work towards or contribute towards those goals.

02 Become a University of One

Be Unique and Unrepeatable

The University of the Future recognizes that learning is a lifelong process and that individuals must be equipped with the tools to do so autonomously and gain expertise in many areas (omniology). Omniologists, those who bring to bear multidisciplinary knowledge and skills can become poles for growth and opportunity for others as they bring together the people and technology to present sustainable solutions and innovation. AIU’s andragogic open learning programs instill in each participant the confidence and skills to become a University of One, capable of thriving in today’s fast changing borderless globalized world and taking leadership in innovation and megatrends without the need to go back to school or college.

03 Open non-standardized Academic Curriculum

There is no standardized one-fits-all curriculum at AIU. You will not find a course curriculum or text book to follow. Time is not a limiting factor to your academic journey at AIU, neither are semesters or quarters. AIU brings forth an asynchronous, andragogic open learning playground where you can become your optimal self by tapping into what makes you unique and unrepeatable. To solve the problems our society faces today each of us needs to contribute. One way is by learning about the UNESCO 2030 and identifying how your special talents can be deployed to contribute to one or more of the 17 goals. All disciplines, majors and areas of study can find a home in one or more of the sustainable development goals, joining this critical mission synchronizes you with a strong current of global efforts underway and in need participants to succeed. You will become a University of One and take a leading role in the determination of the content of the program to generate deep learning, emotional involvement and a real desire to learn. The AIU Virtual Campus and its more than 25 tools to facilitate student advancement and engagement is one of the four pillars supporting your optimal development.

Personalized Academic Programs

AIU brings forth an asynchronous, andragogic open learning playground where you can become your optimal self by tapping into what makes you unique and unrepeatable.

Change the world

Identify how your special talents can be deployed to contribute to one or more of the 17 goals.

+25 Tools

The AIU Virtual Campus and its more than 25 tools to facilitate student advancement and engagement is one of the four pillars supporting your optimal development

Founded in 1998

Pioneers in the evolution of higher education

Empowering students to create their own opportunities in their countries

04 Sustainable Model for Higher Education as a Human right

The ethos described is not a new concept for AIU or its participants. Since 1998 more than ten thousand graduates have changed their lives and contribute meaningfully to their communities, country and the world. The Mission and vision statements of the university have remained constant and unchanged, counterintuitively gaining relevance over the passage of time. AIU offers a sustainable educational design based on Andragogy and Omniology seeking to empower students to create opportunities in their countries and communities while acknowledging what makes them unique.

This unique ethos and educational philosophy pioneered by AIU has gained momentum in the past decade with mainstream academia. Open learning is now offered by select top institutions worldwide along with AIU. Microlearning, gamification, personalized curriculum, deep and practical learning options have exploded, giving participant’s skills that are in demand and part of megatrends that they are hungry to acquire. Those are the characteristics of the AIU online university program. Standing in stark contrast to the theoretical, antiquated one fits all approach that is the gold standard followed by the vast majority of the more than twenty-five thousand universities in existence worldwide. We are proud to be pioneers in this evolution of higher education and in providing the tools, environment and support for the success of our students.

The Virtual Campus integrates the community at Atlantic International University with more than 25 unique tools to ensure the development, growth, motivation and inspiration to reach each student’s full potential. While we develop students to become a University of One, students are not isolated. They are part of a community brought together via technologies and collaborative tools such as MYAIU, AIULink, AIUTV, Curriculum Builder Tool, Merlin Media Center, CampusAPP, Live and archived Webinars, Virtual Conferences, Live Chats, Virtual Laboratories, the Language Center and a support system of Tutors, Academic Advisors, staff and fellow AIU Alumni. For example, on AIULink, our “on campus” social media platform, one can connect with AIU colleagues based on their location, major, research areas, industry, skills, place of work etc. Access over 105,000 AIU created academic contents on Merlin Media Center. Access your University program and resources on the go on the AIU Campus APP available in Android and iOS. Share your unique story with others and learn the 13 elements beyond academics that contribute to the improvement of the human condition and personal growth. These and other tools and resources enhance the student experience and make the AIU distance learning university program into one of the best university degree programs for professionals.

The AIU Virtual Campus and its embedded Technologies facilitate student advancement and form the first of four pillars supporting the institutional manifest. The Academic Department and student support team members who guide, motivate and mentor students provide the second. The third pillar is the innovative structure of the program, in particular Phase 1 and 2 which transforms students into a University of One during the first 3 months of the academic journey. Here, students take a leading role in the determination of the content of the program because it will increase deep learning, emotional involvement and a real desire to learn. The clear definition of their personal and professional aspirations during the start of the program is vital so that their educational journey can become a bridge to those aspirations. There is an ongoing de-emphasis of the need for a degree to prosper and advance professionally; instead skills, abilities and practical knowledge are gaining greater value and Phase 1 & 2 of the AIU degree program address these tendencies through an open curriculum design that is unique to each student. Finally, the fourth pillar is a commitment to human rights and to contribute positively to society which is the purpose of the AIU Pledge. There is a need to have inspired motivated students that contribute to society and to solve its many challenges. Little emphasis is given to this in a traditional curriculum as there is no place for it or overarching link between courses. AIU’s innovative academic programs seek to provide the conditions in which its students can fill that need.

Over the past 40 years an accelerating trend towards the democratization of knowledge, omniology, open learning, personalization of the curriculum as a part of andragogy has persisted.  In 1979 a group of educators, business men, and human resource professionals witnessing the lack of hands-on relevant experience in their employees formulated the vision to fill this void in adult education. Through andragogy they created a university that allows the student to develop the skills they need, not an obsolete curriculum that is imposed. 

Since its incorporation in 1998 Atlantic International University has pioneered an innovative and disruptive yet sustainable approach to higher education programs, recognizing that: education is a human right, each student is unique and unrepeatable as should be their academic journey, technology and innovation are key for a sustainable model of higher education, and that individuals seek empowerment, happiness, fulfillment, and purpose yet in general lack a mechanism to pursue it.

Today, AIU has more than ten thousand alumni from over one-hundred eighty countries making it one of the most diverse networks of international alumni. Notable alumni range from two presidents to university directors to UN representatives to senior executives in the private & public sectors as well as fortune 500 companies. The university’s educational philosophy and methods have received international recognition and earned it Premier status with ASIC, an international accrediting agency that evaluates hundreds of universities and educational institutions worldwide. AIU’s various partnerships and academic collaborations have helped transform educational methodologies at other colleges and universities. By bringing innovation, technology and modernizing the educational methodology delivered to adult students we are helping to transform higher education beyond our own institution. AIU’s goal remains focused on creating innovative thinkers through andragogy, who uphold human rights and sustainable development initiatives to create a world full of life, opportunities and wealth in all aspects of our lives. All of AIU’s Directors, Staff and Academic Advisors are devoted to their student’s exponential growth through AIU to create a life full of abundance for themselves, their families, communities, country and the world.

AIU Success Stories


Albert Einstein

Intellectual growth must begin at birth and cease only at death.

Mahatma Gandhi

There are two days in the year that we can't do anything, yesterday and tomorrow
Everything we know about Elon Musk's brain chip

Elon Musk

Traditional schools are useless because they do not teach how to solve problems and focus only on teaching about the tools necessary to solve a problem.


A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step

Cicero Roman

Advice is judged by results, not by intentions


Being does not mean accepting what one is, it means creating another self that does not exist


Our greatest glory is not in never failing, but in getting up every time we do

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